Sannies Seeds Sugar Punch Grow In Recirculating Coco

I really like Sannies Seeds Sugar Punch which is one of his best strains. Luckily I got a hold of some seeds a while back because this strain seems to almost always be sold out. Sannie is a true breeder who works his lines and not just a pollen chucker like so many others.

sannies seeds sugar punch from my last grow

Sugar Punch is a cross of 2 elite clones, one a Super Silver Haze and the other called The One which has a lot of blueberry genetics along with Killa Queen (C99 x G13) x NYCD. With genetics like that she is pure fire.

She is a tall plant with long internodes and she yields well. She takes between 8 and 10 weeks but some of the more haze dominant phenos look like they could flower even longer if you let them. You can check out my last Sugar Punch grow report  for more details.

She also is one of the few plants from Sannie’s Seeds has that is only available as fem seeds. Because of this there is a lot less uniformity and more variation between plants. But there are gems waiting to be found and I can guarantee you will find at least one keeper in every pack.

This will be my Sannies Seeds Sugar Punch Grow In Recirculating Coco and I am growing from clones using a selection of 2 plants. Cut #2 is a haze leaning pheno and has been the heaviest yielder and has longer sativa like buds. Cut #5 is more indica dominant with slightly shorter internodes and more compact colas. Both have a sweet berry kind of smell and are the stickiest plants I have ever grown.

Sannies Seeds Sugar Punch Week 4 Of Flower

I didn’t take pictures of these girls early on. So I am starting at week 4 after about a 2 week veg. The plants are stretching and showing white pistils and they are just starting to flower.

Plants are growing in my recirculating coco bed system under 1200w HPS. Feeding has been with Dutch Master flower and CaliMagic at 800 ppm and was just raised to 1200 ppm at pH 5.8.

Plants are set 4 to a bed. There are 11 Sugar Punch and one DelaHaze freebie from Paradise Seeds located bottom right in the middle pic. She is shorter than the others and not sure what she will do but have heard good things about her.

Sannies Seeds - Sugar Punch Grow In Recirculating Coco Sannies Sugar Punch Grow In Recirculating Coco

Sannies Seeds Sugar Punch Week 5 Of Flower

The Sugar Punch is flowering now but the plants are very uneven with some above the screen and some still below it. I am a bit surprised as these are all clones and all were topped. Some have stayed bushy and some are just shooting straight up.

Although they are growing they don’t look happy to me. I have just flushed them because they are showing leaf burn on lower leaves. It isn’t a deficiency although it looks like it. It is actually a burn caused by too much potassium. Coco holds on to potash and can create a toxicity which is why coco nutrients have lower potassium levels than regular nutes.

Actually you can see the start of the burn in last weeks pics but I was really busy this week and for some reason didn’t pick up on it right away.

I will probably be giving them another flush and may be changing nutrients. I am considering giving Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur a try along with Big Bud and Overdrive. I am pretty familiar with this strain so it would be interesting to see if the plants perform better with AN than my Dutch Masters.

Here are some pics for week 5:

height differencesSome difference in height as some are easily a foot taller than others.

cleaning up undergrowthTime to get rid of some undergrowth that probably wont make it through the screen.

burned leaf edges turned out to be root aphid damageThe burnt leaf edges are caused by too much potassium.

getting through the scrog screenSome will make it through the screen in the next few days.

something definitely wrong, turned out to be root aphid damageThey don’t look too bad but they don’t look great either.

Here is the start of some nice budHere is the start of some nice bud.

Some lower shoots will never make it through the screenSome lower shoots will never make it through the screen.

big differences in limb and plant sizeUnderside again showing difference in limb size.

lots of growth under scrog because of stuntingIt has become a small jungle underneath.

I thought this was nute burnAnother look at the nute burn.

a few plants handled the stress better than othersThis girl is headed for the sky.

Sugar Punch Week 6 Now On Advanced Nutrients

This week I made a change in nutes to Advanced Nutrients. Although it is fairly late in this grow I just wasn’t happy with the way these girls looked. So I decided to go with Connoisseur A and B and Big Bud and Overdrive.

I  can see a difference after 4 days on this combo. Plants are a healthier, darker green already. I don’t plan on stopping the use of my pH or TDS meters but I have to say this pH Perfect formula works. After mixing my first batch as per directions at 4ml per liter for base and 2 ml for the additives I took a reading. My mix was 1200 ppm and pH was 6.0 which is just about where I want it. So I have to say this stuff works and pH was still around 6 a few days later.

The undergrowth was cleaned up this week and some plants still haven’t made it through the screen and a few were leaning and got tied up to the screen. This grow looks really scraggly because of the height differences and the fact that Sugar Punch has extremely long internodes but I think it will start looking better over the next few weeks as buds fatten and stretch stops. Here are this weeks pictures:

tall but lacking vigorI had to super crop the big girl before she hit the lights. The upper stems were extremely solid and I couldn’t get a good bend without breaking them but further down bending was much easier. Sugar Punch growing all different heightsStarting to peek through the screen and a few girls tied up. Sugar Punch scrog looks sick and unevenThere will be some nice buds on this grow as things fill out. Tallest plant just wants to grow upTallest girl was bent about 5 times before I finally cracked the stem lower down. Even now she is still growing upwards. Tallest Sugar Punch showing bent stemHere is where I bent her over. You can see that Sugar Punch has very long internodes thanks to her Haze heritage. young Sugar Punch budHere is a young bud and already there is some frost showing on the leaves.

Week 7 Stretch Is Over On Sannies Seeds Sugar Punch

Stretch has stopped and buds are starting to stack up and enlarge. A fair number of tops did not make it through the screen and in retrospect I am thinking maybe I shouldn’t have topped these girls. It is a pretty scraggly canopy for sure especially with Sannies Seeds Sugar Punch long internode spacing.

The plants have greened up from the Advanced Nutrients. I am still having problems with these plants because of high potassium levels and AN has fairly high levels which doesn’t really help the situation much. I also think part of the problem is that this coco has been used before. Even though it was flushed before this grow it was probably still holding a lot of K.

Most of this week I have just been using plain water to help flush some of it out. This wont be one of my better grows but hopefully the buds will size up OK and give me a decent yield. Oh well, guess every grow cant be perfect.

This will probably be my last grow in coco. When these girls come out I will be putting in a new high pressure aeroponic system. Here are some pics for this week:

Some of the taller Sugar Punch girlsSome of the taller Sugar Punch girls. quite a difference in height in these Sugar PunchBack of the screen, quite a difference in height  Not looking too bad in spite of height differencesNot looking too bad in spite of height differences. the middle of the screenThis is the middle of the screen.  the tallest plants, cut #2 is a very haze leaning pheno with long internodesAnother view of the tallest plants. Cut #2 is a very haze leaning pheno with long internodes. even with super cropping she is still headed back up for the lightsThis one is recovering from a broken neck but even with super cropping she is still headed back up for the lights. Here is a nice Sugar Punch bud showing some frost alreadyHere is a nice Sannies Seeds Sugar Punch bud showing some frost already. Another nice bud stacking up wellAnother nice bud stacking up well. Sannies Sugar Punch buds Sugar Punch bud shot

Week 8 Sannies Seeds Sugar Punch Things Are Looking Up

With the stretch over these Sugar Punch girls are starting to fatten up a bit. There is already some nice trichomes on these ladies and they will get even stickier as time goes on. This grow looks like crap because of the uneven canopy but I think it will turn out OK. There is lots of light even to the lower buds so I think there won’t be much larf.

I am feeding them at 1000 ppm with just the Connoisseur base, Big Bud and Overdrive. I don’t think they need any additional cal/mag at this point. Here are this weeks pictures:

Skinny Sugar Punch headed for the lightsThere is a big difference in height on these girls as you can see from this picture. Tallest Sugar Punch is still undersized and lacks vigorThis is the tallest girl, good thing she was super cropped. Long node spacing on these girls because of the Super Silver Haze in the crossLong node spacing on these girls because of the Super Silver Haze in the cross.Showing different heights on Sugar Punch againSome are much shorter. All of them were topped early and at the same time but it seems to have less effect on some. Bud candyBud candy. some fat buds alreadyThis one is already showing some fat buds. Sugar Punch cola more haze dominantStill a ways to go on most of these girls but this will be a nice cola. Young cola nice but not up to parYoung cola.

I will probably have to tie some of these girls up to support their weight as they ripen. Because of the unevenness of plant height I don’t think its worth adding a top screen. These girls still have several weeks to go, even though this is week 8 I think they will go to week 11.

Week 9 Getting Closer To Harvest

This is week 9 for Sannies Seeds Sugar Punch and harvest is getting closer. Most of the buds still are not ready and the trichomes are all clear still. But the leaves have started to turn this week. I started flushing this week and have lowered the output on my lights a bit to 75%. I have heard this helps with resin production. The last time I tried this it seemed to work. I really think these girls will need 11 weeks to finish. Here are some pics for this week:

These buds would be twice the size if healthyThe tallest girl and haze phenos no meat on this girlHad to tie this one up this week. where's the beef? These girls are a shadow of their former selvesBig differences in height on these girls. Nice and frostyNice and frosty. Nice and frosty but undersizedSame girl. If I didn't know better I would think this is pretty good budsAnother nice one. shes a vigorous strain and trying her best to yield despite the root aphidsAnd another Sannies Seeds Sugar Punch not too bad but not up to snuffSpikey pistils and by them she doesn’t look at all ready. these sugar punch ladies have been through some tough timesA few taller girls in the back was really hoping for a record crop of sugar punchAnother shot showing the differences in height.

I have to admit this is a scraggly looking grow because of the way the screen filled out but I think the yield will still be decent and these buds should be easy to trim too.

Week 10 – Harvest – Thank God This Grow Is Over!

Well these Sannies Seeds Sugar Punch girls were harvested this week. Yield was very disappointing, only 12 ounces, about half my regular yield. The quality of the buds was good and there was no larf to speak of but clearly something was very wrong with this grow and I am glad it is over.

The room has been converted back to an aeroponic system and I am glad to kiss the coco good bye! I can only guess what went wrong but I believe it was reusing the coco. I know they say you can and it was well flushed and large roots removed although no Cannazyme or other enzyme was used to break things down further.

Coco holds or binds potassium and these girls clearly showed they were getting too much. Perhaps since it is bound by coco’s high CEC you can’t really flush it all out. I don’t know, these were healthy clones and coco was flushed repeatedly until water read 300 ppm.

These Sannies Seeds Sugar Punch did not want to grow, it was like they were on hold the first few weeks. When they did start growing they did not have the vigor that this strain normally shows. They grew less leaves, buds were smaller and they did not stack like they should have.

Here are some pics of the buds drying:

Sugar Punch Harvest 1 Sugar Punch Harvest pic 2 Sugar Punch Harvest Picture 3 Sugar Punch Harvest 4 bud close ups Sugar Punch Harvest 5 light harvest Sugar Punch Harvest 6 buds are half normal size for this strain

Update: These Sannies Seeds Sugar Punch Ladies Had Root Aphids

No one likes a shitty grow especially not me. When a grow with a known variety should produce 2 pounds and comes in at 12 ounces there is obviously something very wrong.

Since this grow I have had another couple of disappointing grows. Same symptoms even in different rooms. Poor growth, lock out symptoms, magnesium deficiency symptoms and burnt or fired leaves. Plants have reduced yield, smaller buds and die back prematurely.

I started doing research and discovered that I have root aphids. My plants had all the symptoms but I thought this couldn’t happen to me. I don’t bring in clones for reasons like this and I don’t visit other peoples gardens for fear of bringing in pests.

I haven’t seen any fliers but they look a lot like fungus gnats so I could have missed them. But I have definitely confirmed that I have them.

My guess is they came in on the coco. Can’t think of any other way other than a flyer coming in a 2nd floor window and getting through a closed door to my grow room.

So now it is time to fight them. Some people have had a very hard time getting rid of these nasty little bastards. I hope that wont be the case here.

I was starting to think I had forgotten how to grow but at least now I know what I am fighting

I am going to take this room down and spray and disinfect everything in it. I will do the same for my other room too. If I have to I will get rid of all my genetics and start over from seed again.

Here is how I finally got rid of root aphids

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