White Truffle Grow Report

DSCN0474 1

I wanted to do a White Truffle grow report. I was planning on doing a full closet of it. It turned out my clone was infected with mites. That explains why I lost so many clones. I always get close to 100% takes but not this time. Turns out because mites make the plant unhealthy … Read more

Coronavirus Weed And You 2020

https://420dotcom.com/hlg-650r-review.htmlCoronavirus Weed And You. So are you ready? Covid 19 is going to change how we live our lives for some time. Coronavirus spreading rapidly. Things are changing for us all and that includes weed lovers. We need to practice social distancing and sorry but passing a joint from 6 feet away does not qualify. … Read more

Xtrasun Wing Reflector

Xtrasun Wing Reflector

If you don’t have a lot to spend but are looking for a great affordable reflector get yourself a Xtrasun Wing Reflector. The Xtrasun Wing is an inexpensive reflector that provides big value. It is a very lightweight reflector that gives really uniform light and good penetration. The Xtrasun Wing Reflector Is The Best Reflector … Read more

Growing Weed

Growing Weed - Biker Kush at 70 days

I  love growing weed and I document all my marijuana grows here on 420 Dot Com. The picture above is one of my Biker Kush girls grown in my high pressure aeroponics system. Most of my grows use my diy high pressure aeroponic system for which I have provided some basic building instructions. Although I … Read more