Karma Genetics White OG And Headbanger Grow Report

This will be my Karma Genetics White OG And Headbanger grow journal. I will be growing in my new high pressure aeroponics system and am looking forward to testing out these strains. I had great results with his Biker Kush and he definitely has the touch when it comes to breeding.

There is a pretty cool story behind this grow and I want to thank Karma for making it possible. I wanted to grow some White OG but was having trouble finding seeds. When I finally did they turned out to be old and only 2 of 12 made it. The seed house wouldn’t replace them so I contacted Karma because I know he cares about the quality of his seeds.

Karma not only replaced the White OG but sent along a pack of Headbanger seeds too! I am happy to say germination was 100% on this batch and now I have 2 of his strains to grow.

Anyway here is the rundown on these two strains from the breeder.

White OG V2.0 Finally, we are ready to release The White OG V2.0. Already very loved in the online cannabis scene, this is a true power house. Good to very good yields that are easy to grow plants.

Expect a medium stretch that makes rock-hard, rounded buds covered in sugar. This is one of the stronger hybrids in our gardens. Flavors go from hash to lemon, with a Kushy kick in the back. A true winner!

Karma Genetics White OG And Headbanger Grow Journal - White-OG-V2.0

Genetics: The White x Triple Kush

Type: Mostly Indica

Flowering Time: 9-11 weeks

Height: Medium/Tall

Yield: Medium/High

Release Year: 2012

Awards: 1st Place at Zaragoza’s 2015 Fresh Cup, in Spain. 1st Place in the Indoor category at the Herbes del Dimoni 2015 Balearic Cup, in Spain. 1st Place in the Indoor category at the 2015 Copa THC Valencia. 1st Place in the Indica category at the 2014 Oilhunters Cup, in Spain. 1st Place in the Indica category at the 2014 Elite Cup, in Spain.

Credits: Karma Genetics

By all accounts the Headbanger is some of the stinkiest weed on earth. I am ready for it though. I just installed an 8″ x 24″ Phresh filter in my Super Closet with this strain in mind. It is oversized for my fan but that just means it will last longer.

Headbanger is a Sour Diesel OG Kush hybrid, extreme smelly sour lime OG. The Headbanger is Karma’s remake of a Headband-type hybrid. The Sour Diesel IBL mom delivers extremely sour offspring that are less diesel and more sour.

The well proven Biker Kush V2.0 male gives it more body and made the bud structure more tight resulting in very impressive yields.

Karma Genetics White OG And Headbanger Grow Journal - Headbanger

Genetics: Sour Diesel IBL x Biker Kush V2.0

Type: Mostly Sativa

Flowering Time: 10-12 weeks

Height: Medium to Tall

Yield: Medium to High

Release Year: 2013

Awards: 2nd Place in the Sativa category at the 2015 IC420 Growers Cup in Amsterdam. 1st Place overall at the 2015 Secret Cup (in Barcelona, Spain) Headbanger Shatter. 3rd Place in the Sativa Seed Company category at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

Credits: Karma Genetics

Headbanger THC Test

I found this test online. By all accounts the Headbanger is some strong smoke at over 29%. Some people have actually said it’s too strong. I think they just need to smoke less of it, ha ha. But with that said, this probably isn’t a good strain for first time smokers or newbies.

Headbanger THC TestOf course there is more to evaluating the potency of a strain than just THC levels alone. I think the other cannabinoids and terpenes and how they combine with THC have a lot to do with strain potency and the type of high it produces.

Karma is straight up about his descriptions. He lists it at 20% and I think he means it will be at least that. I saw another lab report at 24%, so it’s refreshing to see a breeder who doesn’t over exaggerate his claims.

Karma Genetics White OG And Headbanger Day 1 Of Flower

There isn’t too much to see right now. Seeds were started in Rapid Rooters and given about a week of veg time before being placed in their new homes.

They are now getting a total 500 ppm of Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur and CaliMagic. I want to test out Advanced Nutrients. This company inspires so much controversy that I wanted to try them for myself.

I wont be using their full line any time soon. I am going to use their base nutes along with Big Bud and Overdrive. That will be all these girls will get besides some CaliMagic.

I want a short veg because I know these girls can get tall and I need to get them sexed. There is no sense wasting time growing and vegging males. I will take cuttings from the girls once they are sexed. I have had good luck taking clones even late in flower and letting them reveg.

White Og seedlings day 1

Headbanger seedlings day 1The top image are White OG and the bottom one is the Headbanger. Right now I have 11 of each strain but 1 White OG is a runt and may get culled.

I am redoing my entire grow set up so these seedlings got moved around a lot their first week and I lost a few seedlings from stems breaking unfortunately. I am hoping they show sex in the next 2 weeks and then I can spread them out more evenly in my grow closet.

Karma Genetics White OG with aeroponic roots

These girls are off to a good start. Here is a White OG with aeroponic roots. Nice fish boning has started already and these plants have been in my aeroponic system less than a week.

Week 1 Karma Genetics White OG And Headbanger

Growth has been impressive this week. Compare today’s pics with those taken only 6 days ago and you can see these girls have quadrupled in size.

White OG after 1 week in my aeroponic systemThese are the White OG. I have 10 and culled 1 that was really a runt. Still have 1 small one in the center though. Should be able to start sexing these pretty soon. Wish they were all girls. Headbanger seedlings after 1 week in aeroponicsHere is the Headbanger. There are 11 of these. Headbanger aeroponic rootsHeadbanger aeroponic roots. Plants are looking good, top and bottom.

These girls are up to 600 ppm now with base nutes and some cal/mag. I noticed the start of some interveinal chlorosis which is a sure sign of magnesium deficiency so I upped the nutes by adding CaliMagic and symptoms were gone in less than 24 hours.

Week 2 Almost – Karma Genetics White OG And Headbanger

It is day 12 for my White OG and Headbangers and growth has been impressive once again. I have had to spread these girls out across the room. Some of the lower fan leaves are quite large too. I will probably be removing them soon because they are shading some lower branches that I want to develop.

I have spotted what I believe are 3 or 4 males but will give things a few more days before pulling anything.

I have been looking for the traditional ball on a stick at each node but have not found any. Instead it looks like these girls are sending up a male top bud first. Sad in a way to kill them because they look so nice and healthy.

I haven’t decided yet if I want to keep any of them for future breeding projects. I have a Biker Kush male that I have kept going from cuttings and I may do the same with some of these if I see anything that is special.

I have used a Biker Kush male and crossed it to my Cinderella 99. Karma made a limited edition of this cross in collaboration with Mosca Seeds, but I couldn’t find any seeds still available so decided to do my own.

This weeks pictures were taken at the start of day 12 so week 2 isn’t fully over yet. I probably wont be showing any more root shots after this because they are starting to intertwine with each other.

Unfortunately I can’t fit a full length picture of these girls on my camera screen. I also have 2 sliding doors on this grow closet that prevent taking that kind shot from a distance.

These are HeadbangersThese are Headbangers in the tote on the left and middle tote. The middle tote is half and half. These are White OGThese are White OG in the right tote and right half of the middle tote. Close up of left tote HeadbangersClose up of left tote Headbangers White OGWhite OG

group shotMiddle section is a combo of both Looking down the grow roomLooking down the grow room The other end of the room with WOG ladiesThe other end with WOG ladies suspected male White OGSuspected male WOG Pretty aeroponic rootsPretty aeroponic roots  some aeroponic roots on a White OGAnother shot of some aeroponic roots on a White OG.

This coming week will see a trim of some lower leaves and removal of some males. I want to get these girls into their final places before the roots start growing together and make it difficult.

Week 3 – Training, Cloning And Getting Rid Of The Males

I started this week removing large water leaves and some other fan leaves and spreading the plants out in the grow room. I needed to see the plants and their structure and be on the look out for male plants.

The grow room looks much emptier today. I hate killing healthy plants but the males have to go. I saved cuttings from a few Headbangers though.

So I started this week with 21 plants and now I have only 11 left. That is about right usually females have a slight edge in numbers. But I had a disproportionate number of male Headbangers.

Out of 11 plants 7 were males. I was hoping to have more females to choose a mother from but at least what is left looks good.

Plant growth is good and several of the WOG are pretty tall already. They seem more vigorous than the Headbangers over all. Several were supercropped to keep the tops down and allow the some of the smaller lower branches a chance to catch up.

All the females were cloned in rockwool cubes and a couple of shorter Headbanger males also got cloned. I did not save any White OG males.

Aeroponic Roots Day 15

Here is some aeroponic roots porn for those who are interested. If you look at the bottom pic you can see the mist swirling around inside the tote. These roots are pure white but the HPS lighting makes them look a bit yellow.

nice aeroponic roots aeroponic root candy Headbanger aeroponic roots surrounded by mist.

Trim Time

Here are a bunch of plants after being cleaned up a bit. The WOG has some big tall girls in back and some shorter ones to the front.

White OG after some fan leaf romovalWhite OG  Headbanger to the left of center and White OG on the rightHeadbanger left WOG right This tote is all HeadbangerThese are all Headbangers.

More pics to come now that the males are gone. My cam’s batteries died.

Week 3 – Karma Genetics White OG And Headbanger The Ladies

Here are pictures of what is left after the male genocide. Both the Headbanger and the White OG are a mix of short and tall plants with the WOG having the largest plants.

First the 4 Headbanger Girls

Headbanger girls at 3 weeksThe 4 Headbanger girls at the end of 3 weeks. young headbanger flowers headbanger girl starting to flower early flower development on the HeadbangersSome early flower development on the Headbangers

The 7 White OG Girls

the biggest girl in the roomI call this one Long Tall Sally. She is the biggest girl in the room. I broke her neck twice to slow her down, but she didn’t seem to notice. Some smaller WOGs with the runt in the backgroundA couple of smaller WOGs with the runt in the background Tall and short WOG ladiesTall and short WOG ladies. Flowering has begunFlowering has begun. Tall White OG girl starting to flowerTall White OG girl starting to flower Another shot of my tallest girl. Here is another shot of my tallest girl. If you look at the main stem you can see where she was supercropped. Stems were bent all the way down but each time within a day they were back up again.

Week 4 – Doing Some Training And Thinning

Week 4 has come to an end and the girls are all doing well. Even my runt White OG is looking pretty decent. This week I removed some large water leaves that were blocking the light from lower branches.

Also lower branches were cleaned up of small shoots and buds that wont amount to much. I have continued super cropping these plants to try and keep the canopy even.

Headbanger Pictures Day 28

I will start with pics of my 4 Headbanger girls. These ladies are shorter than the White OG and a couple are pretty compact considering their genetics. I am a bit surprised and expected them to stretch a lot more than they did.

2tall headbangers and 2 short onesTallest 2 Headbangers back, shorter 2 front and right. Nice buds on this oneNice buds on this one. Second tallest HeadbangerSecond tallest Headbanger I really like this stocky Headbanger in the frontI really like this stocky Headbanger in the front.

Tall girlTall girl Headbanger bud Headbanger bud Young Headbanger flowerYoung Headbanger flower.

White OG Day 28

These girls are growing well. Most of them are pretty tall and I have been supercropping the main leaders to try and keep them even with the lower branches.

For the most part it has been working. I don’t like to prune much on a first time grow because I want to see what the plants do naturally.Super cropped WOGSuper cropped WOG More super croppingMore super cropping Nice bud development startingNice bud development starting Big fan leaves and this is after removing the largestBig fan leaves and this is after removing the largest. Young White OG flowerYoung White OG flower Young White OG flowers developing nicely Young White OG flowers developing nicely Another young flowerAnother young flower. Love those bare legged ladiesLove those bare legged ladies. There will be a heavy harvest on this oneLooks like there will be a heavy harvest on this one. Trying to keep the canopy nice and evenTrying to keep the canopy nice and even My little runt WOG (center) is a lot less runtyMy little runt WOG  (center) is a lot less runty. Here is a shot of the WOG canopy down the rabbit hole so to speak

Here is a shot of the WOG canopy down the rabbit hole so to speak.

That’s it for week 4. Stretch is pretty much over and I need to get some netting in there, hopefully in the next few days.

Week 5 Karma Genetics Grow – Halfway There

Week 5 already! Netting went in although I am not sure all these girls will need it. If nothing else it will keep the net pots from tipping.

The Headbanger and White OG are both stockier than a traditional OG with its long thin branches. This seems to especially be true for the Headbanger, in fact 2 of them hardly have any branching. There are some lower branches on the white that wont make it through the net and may need tying.

The white is a 9 – 10 week strain but the headbanger can go 11 weeks and from what I have heard from Karma they put most of their weight on at the end.

These girls are drinking a lot and being fed at about 8 – 900 ppm. They get 5 ml gallon of CaliMagic and the Connoisseur A&B plus Big Bud. I do not rely on pH Perfect as I am finding the finished pH is too high at over 6.2.

So I use pH down to get it to about 5.8. No big deal. From what I understand the idea is to keep everything available and avoid lock outs. Well no lockouts but I am not about to stop using my pH pen either.

Here are some pics taken on day 35:

Headbangers First

Headbanger group shotHeadbanger group shot with 2 tall girls and 2 shorter stocky ones.One of the shorter girls putting up a nice colaOne of the shorter girls putting up a nice cola. This is my favorite girl so far. this small Headbanger looks like it will have a nice cola to itEven this small Headbanger looks like it will have a nice cola to it. tall headbanger 1 tall headbanger 2These taller girls look like they will finish later than the shorties.

Headbanger Bud Shots Day 35

Early frost warningEarly frost warningheadbanger bud day 35 already getting frosty

White OG – Taller and More Branchy

These girls will finish at least a week ahead of the HeadbangersTallest white og made me have to raise the lightsThis one is the biggest. Had to raise the lights because top leaves on her main cola got a bit crispy. Another tall oneAnother tall one I call this White OG Long Tall Sally I call this White OG Long Tall Sally and here is a close up This one is stacking nicelyThis one is stacking nicely On the left rear is the runt and although she's smaller she is looking pretty goodOn the left rear is the runt and although she’s smaller she is looking pretty good Another tall one chunking upAnother tall one chunking up.

White OG Bud Shots Day 35P1010485 P1010486 P1010487 P1010488 P1010489That is the end of week 5 for these ladies. The next 5 weeks should be really interesting.

White OG And Headbanger Grow Journal Week 6

Not believing it is already week 6 for these girls. Maybe because my supply is low and they don’t look ready yet! They are starting to chunk up more and pretty soon I will start adding Overdrive for a PK boost to the mix.

The White OG is supposed to be an earlier finisher and should finish a week or two before the Headbanger or around week 9 but I will have to wait and see. Right now I am guessing it will go 10 weeks.

Here are pics taken on day 42:

Some Headbangers

P1010501Tall ones This plant is bud on a stick special girlShort Ones – These are my favorite girls. The short plant in top pic is bud on a stick and this one directly above is something special. She’s well branched, but short and has big hard buds.

Some White OG

a look at the whitesA look down the closet at the whitesnice long cola on this white ogThis one will be a beauty when she’s done. P1010506 Nice and chunkyNice and chunky. And in this corner....And in this corner, weighing in at….

A Few White Og Bud Shots

P1010511 P1010512 P1010513

A Few More Headbanger Shots

P1010514 P1010515 P1010516 P1010517 P1010518 P1010519 P1010520I am not getting the powerful smell everyone talks about from these ladies. Maybe my filter is working well or maybe it is just early for it. They all have a burnt rubber smell on stem rub and there are other smells beginning to come out too.

At this point I am really in love with #5. She is only about 24 inches tall but has the biggest hardest buds of the bunch. I try not to get too attached to plants during a seed run because they are often different from clones. I am sure both her and my extra compact bud on a stick lady will grow at least slightly different from clone. But that is part of the fun and what makes growing weed exciting.

Week 7 Pics Taken On Day 41

Week 7 is about to end. Nothing really major to report. I have noticed some leaf burn and have backed the nutes off to about 750 ppm from 1000.

Some of the Whites look like they will finish soon so I should be reducing their nutes but some will need more time and the Headbangers will probably go a week longer than they will so I dont want to cut feeding too drastically.

A Few Headbangers

Headbanger group shot day 41Headbanger group shot The 2 shorter headbangersThe 2 shorter headbangers. My favorite headbanger girl, short and stocky with big buds on the right. This one has almost no branching at all but looks niceThis one has almost no branching at all but looks nice. The 2 taller headbanger girlsThe 2 taller headbanger girls

White OG

She's a rock star but looks like she will be a late finisherShe’s a rock star but looks like she will be a late finisher.Left my fave headbanger and a few white ogsBottom left top bud on my fave headbanger and right a few white ogs Headbanger rock star againHeadbanger rock star again Rock star girl and friendsRock star girl and friends This is the biggest White OG girl and looks like the heaviest yielderThis is the biggest White OG girl and looks like the heaviest yielder. Even with neck breaking she got too close to the light and got a bit crispy on top. Some of the lower branches on this big white ogSome  of the lower branches on this big white og center, couldn’t fit it all in one pic. Smaller but nice and chunkySmaller but nice and chunky Another nice chunky White OgAnother nice chunky White Og

White OG Close Up Bud Shots

P1010559 P1010560 P1010561 P1010562 P1010563

Over all I am pretty happy with this grow although I don’t think it will be a heavy yielder. Would like to see more frost too. So far I think my Biker Kush has both these strains beat.

Thing is I will have to run most of these from clone to decide if any are worth keeping around. They really can be very different the second grow from clone.

Week 8 Nearing Harvest Time

This is the end of week 8 on day 56. Some plants are very close to harvest and there are a few that look further out and maybe more than 10 weeks.

My nutes are at 500 ppm right now and things are starting to wind down but I don’t want to cut too hard because some girls need more time.

Leaves are turning yellow and purple so fall colors are showing on a few of these plants. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to show in my pictures. I have removed some fan leaves that are turning because I want to make sure light gets to the lower buds.

Timer Troubles

The plants look a bit droopy this morning and I am having issues with my timer for the 2nd time this week. The timer is close to 3 years old and I think the contacts are worn out.

It isn’t always turning on when it should and I have a new one on the way but I am really thankful these ladies are almost ready to harvest and not drinking too much.

I meant to buy a spare timer but forgot about it until now. I am going to see if I can build a spare timer. Timers are expensive for what they are and most have dials that are hard to set precisely. I really need a digital cycle timer. I found a component on Amazon that looks like it will do the job if I can wire it right. If it works I will post the info.

Here are some pics from day 56:

Headbangers First

Headbanger group shot day 56Headbanger group shot day 56 Tall headbanger 1Tall headbanger 1 Tall headbanger 2Tall headbanger 2My smallest headbanger is bud on a stickMy smallest headbanger is bud on a stick Nice short stocky headbangerNice short stocky headbanger. She is my fave and I think she will be highest yielding. All of them have rock hard buds but hers are really nice. Pics don’t do her justice.

White OG

One of my taller White OG phenosOne of my taller White OG phenos and she looks very close to harvest. White OG bud from a shorter girlWhite OG bud from a shorter girl This one is ready to chop now at 8 weeksThis one is ready to chop now at 8 weeks Another pic of herAnother pic of her My biggest White OG and probably heaviest yielderMy biggest White OG and probably heaviest yielder still has a way to go. A few more white og girlsA few more white og girls This white og looks to be the latest finisher but what a nice stack of buds she has!This white og looks to be the latest finisher but what a nice stack of buds she has!

That’s it for this week. I probably will let everything go at least 10 weeks even though a few look ready because these plants can pack on a lot of weight at the end.

Hopefully my timer can keep going a couple of more days until the replacement arrives. Worst case scenario is they will go on a regular timer with 15 on and 15 off for a couple of days.

Week 9 Harvest Time

Week 9 is almost over and it is harvest time for the White OG and some of the Headbangers. This has been a stressful couple of weeks for me.

My landlord has been around working here every day for the past 2 weeks right outside my door. I have had to turn my fans down and as a result one Headbanger got some bud rot and was harvested earlier than I would have liked.

My timer issues turned out not to be my timer at all. My intake line was pressed against the 50 micron filter bag I am using and was not getting enough water intake.

The fix was easy and I put a tee fitting on the end of the intake line. With 2 openings it will be unlikely both will be against the bag and it cant hit the bottom of the bag either.

I also recalibrated my pH pen and found out it was off by .7 which is why I was starting to see lockouts and leaf burn. All this stress makes for a less than stellar grow. The plants did OK but nowhere near their full potential . I decided to harvest a bit early before all this stress caused something to throw nanners.

I guess this means that the Connoisseur pH perfect works. When I was reading 6.3 it was actually 5.6 which is good for hydro but a bit low. But by the time I brought it down to what I thought was 5.8 it was actually 5.1 which is too acid. K becomes much more available which explains the burn from the booster.

I still want to use my pH pen and not rely on the nutes but I learned an important lesson about making sure it is properly calibrated.

White Og Harvest

The White Og was sticky to say the least. Trichomes were cloudy with a few amber. The smell was overwhelmingly fuel with some undertones. A few smelled a bit sweet, also picked up some garlic but really fuel describes them best.

I have a couple of stand outs but because this was a seed run and there were some issues I will run them all again.

Nice white og with open structure and nice budsNice white og with open structure and nice budsOne of the smaller girlsOne of the smaller girls This White OG is a beast and will be top yielderThis White OG is a beast and will be top yielder. She was the biggest plant of the bunch. The plant on the left was very nice. I call her Rock StarThe plant on the left was very nice. I call her Rock Star. Sorry I did not get a better pic. She has a different growth pattern and a bit different smell. She definitely could have gone longer but even still she had the hardest buds and they had a nice cone shape to them. She looks smaller than she is and yielded well. My runt plant turned out pretty good and is very similar and is in back center.


Headbanger family portraitHeadbanger family portrait. I decided to give the 2 headbangers in back a bit more time.  This stocky headbanger has large really hard budsThis stocky headbanger has large really hard buds and she is earlier than her sisters. Headbanger #2Headbanger #2 Headbanger #1Headbanger #1Headbanger #1 will get more timeHeadbanger #1 will get more time   Headbanger #2 will also get more time Headbanger #2 will also get more time This girl is bud on a stickThis girl is bud on a stick and got a bit of rot right on top Headbanger #1 bud shotHeadbanger #1 bud shotSome foxtailing going onSome foxtailing going on in this Headbanger #2 bud shotHeadbanger #1 bud pornHeadbanger #1 bud porn

The buds on these Headbangers are rock hard. They are very frosty but I noticed the trichomes on them are smaller than those on the White OG. These really look like they were sprinkled with sugar. They have a sour kind of burnt rubber kind of smell.

I will probably take these Headbangers another week or 2. By then I should also have weights on the White OG.

Week 10 – Surprise! Root Aphids!

Everything is harvested and my yields were disappointing due to a root aphid infestation. I am very careful and never bring in plants or clones but near as I can guess they came in on the coco I was using.

If you look closely at the leaves, actually you don’t even have to look closely, you can see their were problems with these ladies. They have lock out and magnesium deficiency symptoms and finished earlier than normal with smaller buds.

If you see symptoms like this and you know your nutes are right it is time to check your roots. They are small and you will need a loop to really see them on your roots but they also have a winged phase too.

If you have fungus gnats they may actually be winged aphids. It is not uncommon to have both at the same time.

There are some effective organic controls but they can take longer to work and now that I am back to aeroponics I really cant use them. So it will have to controlled with chemicals.

The problem is these things cycle fast and there is really nothing safe to use in flower. So if I cant take care of them as clones and in veg I will be screwed.

Total yield was just over a pound, 8 oz on the White OG and 4.4 oz on the headbanger. Yield should have been double or close to it. The buds are good quality however they are smaller.

The Headbanger produced rock hard buds but the White OG were a bit looser than I would have liked or expected from an OG.

Have been busy fighting these root aphids and really haven’t had time to smoke any yet. Those little shits can be very hard to get rid of for some people and I am hoping I wont be one of them.

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