Sugar Punch Grow Journal

This will be my Sugar Punch grow journal. This strain comes from Sannies Seeds and is only available as feminized seeds.

I have been hearing a lot about this strain and its potency. I have seen some awesome pics from Open Grow and other grow reports around the web. So I wanted to give it a try.
Sannies Seeds Sugar Punch Grow Journal

This will be my third grow of Sannie Seeds and I have been very happy with his products. The guy is a true breeder and not just a pollen chucker. His descriptions tend to be very accurate and so lets see what the breeder has to say about Sugar Punch. But first a quick video guide to the Sugar Punch strain.

Sannies Sugar Punch Grow Report Video

And now from the site:

Extreme sweet feminized cross which has it all, good harvest, A+ quality smoking gear and a good yield. Super Silver Haze sweetened up and enhanced by The One. There are green and pink/purple pheno’s to find covered in a layer of sugar.

Type: Sativa dominante hybrid
Flowering time 9-10 weeks
Harvest: Upto 600 gram/m2(indoor)
Taste: Sweet combi of caramel, grapefruit and lemon
Effect: Strong almost narcotic stoned/high
Flowers: Medium long sativa like buds
THC: Percentage up to 24%

My Updated Grow Room Setup

Over the summer I have been updating my grow room set up. I was using a single 1000W HPS in a cheap wing reflector. Wasn’t really happy with the coverage or light penetration. My room is just a large closet grow that is 6 feet long and 32 inches wide.

I decided to go with 2 600W and 2 reflectors for better coverage. I am now using 2 Blockbuster 6″ air cooled reflectors with I Power 600W Super HPS bulbs. They put out 85,000 lumens each and are supposed to provide more red for flowering. I don’t know if that’s true but the price was right and I am not going to shell out a ton of extra cash just because the name Hortilux is on the box.

I am using 2 Phantom 600W digital ballasts. I wanted to go digital because you get 30-40% more light than with comparable magnetic ballasts. If I gotta pay for electricity I want the most bang for my buck.

I was a bit nervous to switch from magnetic to digital ballasts after reading some negative reviews particularly about Lumatec which was supposed to be top of the line. After making a first wrong choice going with Quantum and after reading up on the Phantoms I think these Phantom Ballasts are bullet proof and I am very happy with them.

I am running my Soler & Palau TD 150 rated at 293/218 cfm (high/low). Love these fans, quiet and compact.

I am running my DIY high pressure aeroponic system with three totes. You can build one of these yourself for under $300 if interested go to

If you are interested in buying any of this gear you can get it on Amazon.

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 Growing Sugar Punch 12/12 From Seed

Sugar Punch is a cross of Super Silver Haze and The One which is a clone only in house strain of Sannies. She is a cross of F1 Blueberry Sativa X Killa Queen/NYCD. These plants seem to take after the haze genetics because they can grow quite tall.

The reason for the 12/12 grow is an effort to help keep plant height down. I only have about 4.5 feet before things hit the glass. I may have to do some tying or break some necks to control things.

I thought about scrogging Sugar Punch and think she would do well in a scrog. But I really want to get a look at the individual plants and maybe find a keeper. She has some C99 in her from her Killa Queen genetics but I have some good Cinderella 99 on hand and a cross might bring down the height and the maturity.

So 10 Sugar Punch were sown directly into rock wool cubes. I usually soak and germ on a paper towel and then transplant into RapidRooters. But I have not been that happy with them. They don’t stand up, unless you use them upside down. The seedlings seem to push themselves up and out of them too.

So rock wool is way cheaper to use and will stay where I put it in my net pots. So far its been 24 hours and although there’s nothing to really take a picture of, I can see that all 10 seeds have cracked and are starting to send roots down. I should have some pics in the next day or two.

Sugar Punch Seedlings

So it has been 5 days since I dropped seeds into my rock wool cubes. It looks like I will have 8 plants to work with. They all came up, but one didn’t seem to know which way was up and couldn’t break free of its seed shell.  All the other seedlings were up at 3 days except this one, which upon further examination had grown like a cork screw and screwed itself back into the media twice. So I destroyed this one.

Sugar Punch SeedlingsI also had another seedling with a broken stem. Really not sure how this happened because I don’t recall dropping anything on it or anything. So I buried the stem back in the rooting media but it is very doubtful that it can reroot itself. It’s kind of like a preemie clone. So that leaves me with 8 Sugar Punch at this point.

Not really much to look at right now. These babies got some extra light the first few days, but will be on a 12/12 schedule from now on. They are under a 600w HPS bulb running at 65% and the light is about 30 inches away.

They are being lightly fed at 250 ppm with Dutch Master flowering nutes. I will increase the level over the next few days as the leaves begin to grow a bit more.

One thing I noticed about this strain upon emergence, is that the stems of this strain seem to be thin and leggy compared to others I have grown, even though these plants are getting plenty of light.

Sugar Punch Seedlings At 12 Days

Sugar Punch Seedlings 12 days Here are my plants at 12 days. They have grown a bit since the last picture. They are under a 600w HPS at 100% now and about 2 feet above them. Being fed Dutch Master flower at 450 ppm. Room temps have been about 82 with lights on and about 68 with them off which is just about perfect. Humidity has been low, in the 20s and 40s.

Plants have begun pushing roots into the totes this week and I will begin to gradually raising the ppms this week. Plants look good but still seem kind of spindly and delicate despite all the light they get. Hopefully they will start to beef up this coming week.

My plants are working on their second set of true leaves but you can see that there are about 3 plants that are a few days behind the others.

Sugar Punch Day 19 The Girls Are Showing Some Growth

Well it is now 19 days since I dropped my seeds. I should probably call this week two because its been 14 days since they germinated.

As you can see from the pics below the girls have made some decent growth in the last week. I have been gradually raising the ppms of my nutes and they are at about 750 right now. I will raise them to about 1000 this week.

Sugar Punch at 2 weeks I have noticed a size difference in the 8 plants I have. All are very healthy but a couple are smaller. I don’t know if this is related to phenotype or just the fact they may have germinated a day or two later than the larger plants.

I have one mutant plant that you can kind of see in the upper left corner. The main stem simply ends in a cluster of leaves and some of the leaves have an irregular shape like two have grown together and merged into one.

Not really sure if this is genetic or some kind of environmental thing. In any case, I have two strong, healthy side branches developing just below this weird leaf cluster.

The next pic is some aeroponic roots. The Sugar Punch has really long roots compared to some other strains. They are already hitting the bottom of my tote.

Actually you can see at the end of the roots where the fish boning stops and regular roots form.

Sugar Punch showing aeroponic roots

Wanted to take some more pics but my camera’s batteries crapped out on me so that’s it for week two. Soon these girls will be spread out into the adjoining totes so they can grow without shading each other. I will probably remove some lower branches in about a week and take some clones.

Week 3 And Sugar Punch Is Looking Good

So it has now been three weeks of 12/12 and the girls are continuing to grow and look really healthy. They have beefed up quite a bit from the leggy start they had. They are at 6 nodes now or better and so far growth has been pretty compact. From what I had read about the strain I expected them to be taller, not that I am complaining.

Temps have been about 82-84 with lights on and mid 603 with them off. PPM are about 950 right now. No signs of any tip burn so I know they can take more. I am not pushing them hard because I want to try and keep them manageable. I don’t know this strain, but I would expect to see flowering start in the next week or two. At that point I will start raising nutrient levels again.

If you look at the pics you can see that Sugar Punch has some really big fan leaves with large saw blade edges on them. I have some variation in plant size which may be related to phenotype. Also there are some purple phenos out there and a few of my plants are showing a tinge of purple in the leaves but its still too early to tell much about the different pheno types.

Sugar Punch showing off her big saw toothed fan leaves bi

I can’t get a full pic the length of my grow room unfortunately because of where the door and equipment is placed but here are a couple of pics to give you an idea what it looks like when you peek through the door.

Sugar Punch Week 3

Sugar Punch at week 3

These girls are about due for their first hair cut. I will probably thin out the lower branches this week and take some cuttings from them. So that’s it for this week and now I am looking forward to the start of flowering, hopefully by the end of week 4.

Sugar Punch Week 4 – Not Flowering Yet But Close

It’s week 4 for my Sugar Punch girls but so far no flowers are showing. It looks like they are pretty close though so maybe by next week there will be some more interesting pics.

Everything is going well. Temps have been low to mid 80s with lights on and mid 60s with them off. I have raised the ppms to a bit over 1100 and there is no sign of any tip burn anywhere. I removed some large fan leaves earlier this week but you would never know it by looking at the pictures.

So far I have held off on removing any lower branches. I am new to this strain and using a new lighting system. When I removed some large fan leaves the light penetration was very good throughout the canopy and the plants seem to have a fairly open bushy structure. I don’t know how much stretch there will be once flowering starts but right now things are pretty manageable without any major pruning.

These plants have a nice smell to them. It’s not strong right now but it is definitely noticeable. and it’s kind of hard to describe but it makes me think of caramel. Anyway here’s a few pics of week 4.

Sugar Punch Week 4 Sugar Punch Week 4 Getting Close To Flowering Sugar Punch Week 4 Nice And Bushy

Sugar Punch Week 5 – Stretching Like Crazy

Week 5 and Sugar Punch is definitely in the stretch. I have had to raise my lights 3 times this week. Flowers are just beginning to appear. I can see a few white pistols peeking out so there should be flowers showing very soon.

I have had good luck with these girls so far. Temps and humidity are good. I am feeding them at about 1200 ppm. There’s no tip burn anywhere and I know these girls could take higher nute levels. I have been holding back during the stretch because these girls are plenty vigorous as it is. Once flowering really gets going I will probably raise them higher.

I pruned off a bunch of lower branches earlier this week and took some clones. You would never know they were pruned at all a few days later. I will go back in and prune some more branches if I can’t get good light to them. So far the structure has been pretty open and vase shaped.

I may have an issue with plant height. I seem to have 2 basic phenotypes. One is fairly short and I am guessing takes after The One and is more indica dominant. The other pheno is  very tall and obviously takes after the SSH. The shorter version seems to be the dominant pheno in this group.

I took pics with lights out this time. I have noticed that these plants get kind of droopy when the lights go off and perk right back up when they go on.

sugar punch week 5There is a definite difference in plant heights in this grow

Sugar Punch Side By Side PhenotypesHere is a side by side. That’s the shorter pheno on the left and one of the big girls on the right.

Sugar Punch stretching towards the lightReaching for the light

Sugar Punch Close To FloweringAny day now there will be flowers everywhere

Week 6 Total Insanity Flowering And Stretching

It is totally insane inside my grow room. My Sugar Punch girls are flowering and stretching like crazy. I have had to raise the lights every day and do a bit of neck breaking too. My lights are now as high as they will go on one side and pretty close to the top on the other. Thankfully it looks like the stretch is slowing down and they will settle into flower production now.

I have thinned out lower branches and removed some fan leaves a couple of days ago but you would never know it from my pictures. There is a lot of variation in these plants as far as size goes. Two are monsters and are over 4 feet tall. If I hadn’t grown these girls 12/12 from seed I am sure they would be 6 feet tall by now. Some are shorter at 3 to 3 1/2 feet tall and one is only a bit over two feet.  They all have a nice open growth habit but they do have long internodes.

I am guessing the tall ones are haze/sativa dominant and the shorter ones take after The One which has more indica in it. There is some smell but it is not overpowering. It is hard to describe but it reminds me of how brown sugar smells. It doesn’t really smell like weed to me but the smell may change as flowering progresses.

Temps and humidity have been good and right now I have been bumping up the nutes. They are at about 1300 today and there is no sign of tip burn anywhere so I will take them to about 1500 and see how they do. I think they could actually go quite a bit higher but with the way they are growing they probably don’t need it. They are drinking a lot and now I have to top my reservoir everyday. They are taking about 4 gallons a day right now.

Sugar Punch 10/17/14 its a jungle

One of these plants has decided to take over the end of my grow closet where my reservoir and ballasts are.

Sugar Punch 10-17 002 stretching like crazy

Reach for the sky

Sugar Punch 10-17 003 big mama

This is the tallest girl and she’s just about hitting the glass even after bending her neck.

Sugar Punch 10-17 004 young buds

Here’s some young buds starting to grow.

Sugar Punch 10-17 005 zig zagged stem

I bent this one way down twice but you almost cant tell. The stems on these are really hollow so supercropping is pretty easy.

Sugar Punch 10-17 006 headed down the homestretch

Another shot of the back of the room. The lights are now as far up as they will go on that side and there is only about 3 inches headroom left. Luckily these blockbusters work really well and the glass is only slightly warm so no cooked buds.

Sugar Punch 10-17 007 big size difference

Another shot of the biggest girl. Look at the plant on the left and you can see there is really a big size difference between these girls.

Sugar Punch 10-17 008 supercropped

This is my second tallest girl and I gave her a full bend yesterday but it wont slow her down much.

Well that’s it for this week. I will probably go in and do some more pruning and training this week and watch the flowers grow.

Week 7 My Closet Is Exploding

This is week 7 for Sugar Punch. Stretching has slowed but not entirely stopped yet. The flowers are starting to grow and expand. Even at this early stage they are rock hard when I squeeze them. Also notice the leaves are getting sticky and the smell is changing.

Opening the closet door the view is overwhelming. These plants are incredibly vigorous and there are flowers everywhere. I am out of head space now and a few plants are hitting the glass. I accidentally broke one top trying to bend it down. Up until now they have been easy to bend because the stems are hollow but this time I hit a solid spot and the stem snapped with very little pressure on it.

Right now my ppm are about 1700 and there still is no sign of any tip burn. I think Sugar Punch could take a lot more nutes and is a heavy feeder but she is growing very well at this level.

One thing that I learned as a conventional farmer is that there is what is called luxury consumption in plants. Some plants will take nitrogen and potassium in particular at far higher levels than they need for maximum yield. In fact too much can hurt yields rather than boost them. Too much nitrogen will promote leafy growth at the expense of flowering and can delay maturity. So more is not always better.

Sugar Punch 10-25 001 Nice young budsNice young buds and they are solid even at this early stage. I’m getting excited about these girls.
Sugar Punch 10-25 002 Nice girlNice!!
Sugar Punch 10-25 003 it's a jungleThe jungle. It’s hard to believe I pruned and thinned just 2 days ago. Incredible vigor in this strain.
Sugar Punch 10-25 004 back end of my closetAnother shot of the back end of my closet.
Sugar Punch 10-25 005 Back and middle of closetBack and middle.
Sugar Punch 10-25 006 Sugar Punch invasionTaking over the opposite end.
Sugar Punch 10-25 007 looking yummyYum Yum
Sugar Punch 10-25 008 Back door girlsBack door girls.

I think if I grow these Sugar Punch girls again it will be in a scrog. I could probably fill it with just one of these big ladies. But there is quite a difference in size between these ladies and it is possible that some of the shorter ones could yield as much as the really tall ones. I will have to wait and see which yield best and which smoke the best but I have a feeling there could be a real keeper in this mix.

Week 8 Explosive Bud Growth

It is totally crazy inside my grow room now. There are buds everywhere and they are sizing up fast. I was beginning to wonder about the 10 week maturity days that Sannie gives but not anymore.

Because of the fact that this is a 2 way cross and The One is clone only there is quite a bit of variation between plants. Usually everything Sannie produces is very uniform. But this cross naturally produces a lot of variation and since there is no true Sugar Punch male it’s really not possible to make it more uniform.

That’s OK though because there are some really good keepers in each pack of seeds. Right now I have 3 that I am probably going to keep for the next round. Until I actually weigh them and smoke them I wont know for sure. Right now it looks like my #5 plant is the all round winner. She’s the 2nd tallest and fits under my lights. She smells just like Hawaiian Punch. The tallest girl in the corner has a similar smell but it’s different, there are some other smells that I cant really identify but it reminds me of my C99 evil pineapple smell.

Two of these girls wont produce much. One is the mutant and the shortest the other is a bit taller. Both grew slower and had to struggle to get enough light and compete with the big girls. There a few medium sized ones that may have potential but right now I am thinking #5 all the way.

Everything is going well for these girls. Temps have been in the 80s for highs and lows in the 60s. They are using about 4 gallons of water a day although showing some signs of slowing down. They are at 2000 ppm right now and I will probably keep them there. They definitely could take more but with the way they are growing they don’t really need it.

I smoked some immature buds from my pruning efforts and the results were quite promising. I was surprised by the high actually. It wasn’t the most potent weed but then again the flowers were just forming. The high had a very clear head along with a very nice warm all over body feeling. The body high did not feel heavy and there was no couch lock. At this point I would call Sugar Punch a neutral smoke good for days or nights. But I know when its done it will be much stronger. If it keeps that nice body buzz people will really love this weed.

Sugar Punch 11-1 Buds filling out nicelyFilling out nicely

Sugar Punch 11-1 002This is #5

Sugar Punch 11-1 #5 she's a beautyShe’s so nice I wanted to see her twice

Sugar Punch 11-1 big girl # 2 hogging the lightBig girl #2 just can’t stop reaching for my lights

Sugar Punch 11-1 006Just crazy bud towers – The 2 on the right are #5 and #2 is in the back corner

Sugar Punch 11-1 Bud TowersLower growth

Sugar Punch 11-1 some lower branch growthMiddle of the grow room #5 left and #6 on the right

Sugar Punch 11-1 middle grow room shotTaking over the far end. Lucky they are tall so I can get under and fill my reservoir.

Sugar Punch 11-1 invasive growthNice lower branches

Sugar Punch 11-1 very nice lower branchesFar end with #5 and #6

Week 9 – Everything Is Sticky And Harvest Is Not Far Off

I  think Sugar Punch is living up to her name. It’s week 9 and everything is super sticky like it was sprayed with some kind of sugar goo. I had to wash my hands with alcohol to get the goo off just from removing some fan leaves. She smells fruity and a lot like fruit punch.

She was using about 4 gallons of water a day but that has now slowed down to about a gallon. This is a sure sign that active growth is over and she is finishing up. There is a lot of plant variation and this will likely be a delayed harvest. I have one big girl in the corner that has typical haze type buds and she looks like she is going to take a bit longer to finish. All the buds are fattening up now.

The next grow will be much more uniform because I will be using clones. It will probably be in a scrog and because of the size of these girls I could fill it with just one plant but will probably use 3 because I want to test several phenos. Harvest looks about a week away for some of these girls.

So far I think my #5 plant is the best. She has nice hard colas and is short enough to fit under my lights but just barely. I am guessing she will be the best yielder followed by #2. That #1 plant with the haze buds may turn out to be the best smoke in the bunch although it wont yield anywhere near what the other 2 do. There is also plant #6 which is medium size and looks nice but she wont be a top yielder.

This strain will always have a lot of variation between plants because of the fact it is all female. But that means you can find some real keepers too. I think there is at least 1 in every pack of Sugar Punch. There are also some purples in the mix but I didn’t get any of those in my 2 packs.

P1000688The back with the hazey one actually #1 on the left and the big kahuna #2 in the corner right. The low hanging buds in front are from #2 as well. She is not only very tall but very wide.

P1000689Another pic of plants #1 and #2

P1000690Plant #5 has the biggest and fattest colas

P1000691Plant #6 on the opposite end

P1000693#6 close up

P1000694The shallow end of the gene pool. #6 to the left with #7 and #8 overshadowed on the right.

P1000695#5 is getting hard and fat.

P1000696#5 again, the cola behind it is from the same plant.

P1000697#5 tower of power.

P1000698Hazey Daze Ahead

P1000699#5 looking yummy. Very sticky and smells like fruit punch.

P1000700#6 not looking to shabby either.

P1000701#5 again Just cant stop looking at this girl.

Week Ten – Harvest Time

This is week 10 and it’s harvest time. It will most likely be a delayed harvest because there are different phenos in this group. Most of the top colas are ready but some lower buds could probably benefit from a bit more light and extra time. So I will start selectively harvesting upper colas this week and hopefully lower down buds will finish up.

Most of the trichomes are now cloudy and I have seen an amber one here and there. This is how I like to harvest at clear going to cloudy. I think once trichs show amber your weed has already gone downhill because the THC is already degrading. Besides I prefer a head high to a body high but it looks like Sugar Punch will be a neutral mix. Some plants look very hazey with long running buds and others look more indica dominant with more traditional colas. I am pretty sure the phenos will smoke different too.

So here are some good bye pictures in no particular order. I probably wont be publishing any more pics of this grow but will be back with some after harvest shots and final weights.




















 Sugar Punch Harvest Is Over

All the girls were cut earlier this week and are now drying. It will be a few days before I have a final weight but I think it will be pretty good considering it was a mix of pheno types. 2 of the 8 were buried by much taller and more vigorous plants and really didn’t produce much at all. One of them turned out to have purple flowers. Purple looks cool but usually purple weed isn’t the most potent in a strain.

Most of the plants were easy to trim except for the 2 with haze buds which took forever to trim. I think I have 2 potential keepers. #2 was the biggest plant with long haze type buds. I really had to do some serious neck breaking to keep her tops off the glass. #5 was just a bit smaller but she fit under my lights. Her buds were thicker and more indica like but certainly not rock hard.

All the plants had a sweet fruity smell to them. They were sticky as hell and covered in trichomes. They glistened like diamonds in the sunlight.

Early Sugar Punch Smoke Report

I sampled a bit of bud and it was devastating even with a pretty fast dry and no cure. When it comes to taste and smell I am definitely no connoisseur. But boy did I get messed up. This stuff is extremely strong, maybe even stronger than my C99 if that is possible.

There is a energetic and clear head high just like a good haze but there is also a strong body thing going on. I wasn’t sleepy and didn’t get couch locked. I was able to do stuff but boy was I stoned, like bumping into things and kind of drunk stoned. I was definitely not going to drive anywhere. The high was long lasting too.

Generally I go for weed that is more cerebral than physical and there is a lot more body stone in the Sugar Punch than I am used to. But I enjoyed it and would almost call it a neutral smoke except for the fact that it takes very little to put your dick in the dirt. Unfortunately (just kidding) I will have to do further smoke tests as it cures. I am not really sure what plant the bud I sampled was from because I just reached into the thicket of weed and pulled a small lower bud off.

Here are a few pics of my best 2 girls just before they are chopped.

Sugar Punch Harvest 1This is #5 and I think she will be the heaviest yielder.

Sugar Punch Harvest 2This is #1 on the left and #2 on the right. Both have very hazelike sativa buds. But #2 is definitely the heaviest yielder of the 2

Sugar Punch Harvest 3#2 again with a bit of #5 showing on lower right side of photo.

Sugar Punch Harvest 4#5 the heaviest yielder with a bit of #2 showing in upper left corner.

Will be back with some final weights soon.

Sugar Punch Yield

OK so everything is dried and bagged now and the final yield was 21.3 ounces or 596 grams. This is the best yield I have had to date and it will get even better. Not bad for 12/12 from seed. It’s hard to imagine giving these girls much veg time anyway because they are so vigorous.

2 small plants produced nothing at at all really. They couldn’t keep up and got lost in the shadows pretty much. I didn’t even bother to weigh them and threw them in with the trim to make some hash. The highest yielder was #2 the hazey monster in the corner at 7.3 ounces or 205 grams. Next was #5 at 170 grams or 6 ounces. The balance of about 7 ounces came from the other 4 plants with #s 1 and 6 each giving 75 grams or 2.6 ounces.

I really thought plant #5 was going to outyield #2 and I think if the plants were equal in size and the number of branches it might.

I plan on only keeping #2 and #5 for now but #5 really is the better plant. It was smaller and its buds were twice as dense. All these plants were just covered in sticky goodness. Even the stems were covered and I am sure you would get high if you wanted to smoke them.

I am planning on growing Sugar Punch again and will do them in a scrog with it. I think I can double my yields and my goal now is to pull a kilo out of my next grow. I am toying with revegging these girls because I want to get more cuttings going for the top 2 plants.

I also have some C99 that is begging to be flowered and since it’s so fast I may do a mixed grow. Eventually I would like to cross the Sugar Punch with a C99 male. I may get plants that are a bit smaller and faster flowering and with denser buds.

If you had any doubts that you could grow large plants with aeroponics you can put them out of your mind. These girls were monsters and in truth I could fill my grow room with just one plant. My next grow will probably only have 3 plants, one per tote.

Sugar Punch Final

Sugar Punch Final 21.3 ounce yieldHere is what 21.3 ounces of Sugar Punch looks like. It’s in 2 gallon bags to allow it to breath and cure. Bag on left is from #5. Bag on right is from #2. Bag in rear is from the rest of the 6 plants. Pretty obvious that #2 and 5 are the keeper plants.

Sugar Punch bud sample with #5 on the left and #2 on the leftSugar Punch bud sample with #5 on the left and #2 on the left. Plant #2 has more typical haze type buds while #5 is a more compact and denser indica leaning structure. Both are extremely frosty.

Sugar Punch Plant #5 bud closeupSugar Punch Plant #5 bud closeup

Sugar Punch Plant #2 bud closeupSugar Punch Plant #2 bud closeup

I have started a scrog with Sugar Punch and some C99 that needed to be flowered. I kept my #5 girl and reveged her and she came along nicely. didn’t leave lower branches on the others so I am using cuttings for them.

Meanwhile I am waiting for my Sugar Punch to cure and hoping it mellows a bit. They are very potent and have a mixed head and body high. It is heavier on #5 which is more indica dominant but it’s there on the hazey ones too. The main thing is the smoke is very strong and it will make you cough. It hits you right on the back of the throat. I am hoping this goes away and it seems to be lessening in later samples. The buds have a sweet fruity smell which is very nice. I really suck at taste and smell when I’m smoking so to me it just taste like weed, resiny and hashlike.

I will probably cross these girls with my C99. Hopefully this will result in more compact plants that mature a bit earlier and maybe Cindy’s smooth smoke will come through too.

Here’s where I will be posting my Sugar Punch And C99 Scrog

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