White Truffle Strain [Worth The Wait]

White Truffle Strain

I regrew my White Truffle strain and it was definitely worth waiting for. The first cut I received was infected with HPLV White Truffle Grow Report – How To Grow Weed Indoors (420dotcom.com) But this one was healthy. This strain is spectacular. It turns dark purple and that dark color makes the trichomes stand out … Read more

White Truffle Grow Report

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I wanted to do a White Truffle grow report. I was planning on doing a full closet of it. It turned out my clone was infected with mites. That explains why I lost so many clones. I always get close to 100% takes but not this time. Turns out because mites make the plant unhealthy … Read more

5 Marijuana Leaf Symptoms and How To Solve Them

Leaves play vital roles in cannabis plant physiology. First, they serve as biological solar panels. The pigment that gives them a vibrant green appearance, chlorophyll, works to absorb sunlight that plants then convert into energy. Cannabis leaves also feature many tiny pores (stomata) that open and close on demand to allow water and oxygen to … Read more