Cinderella 99 – Cindy 99 Grow Journal In Coco Beds

This will be a new Cinderella 99 grow inside my newly set up grow closet. I have been growing Cindy 99 for a while and I love this girl so this seems a fitting strain to christen a new grow room.

Bros Grimm were Canadian/American breeders who created C99, Apollo and many others. The original Cinderella 99 strain  no longer exists as F1 seeds. My plants came from selections from Mosca Seeds C99 BX1 so they are F2s. The breeder cubed his original line and made it very uniform so there is not a lot of variation in the F2 lines. From what I understand Mosca’s line combines several of the original phenos and is the best rendition of this strain.

Cinderella 99 was a cubed version of Princess. The seeds came from bag seed found in Sensi Jack Herer bought from a Dutch coffee shop. You can read the Cinderella story here. You can also read about the original genetics here. Cindy is fast, under 7 weeks in aero or hydro. She has a creeper sativa high like Jack Herer but she grows like an indica. It is certain she is not pure Jack Herer because of her fast maturity. She likely was accidentally pollinated by Sensi Skunk#1 which has about a 45 day maturity.

New Grow Room Set Up


My new grow room or grow closet measures 2′ x 8′ x 8′. I call it my super closet, full details at  Super Closet Grow Room Set Up. I am using a Solis Tek 1000w digital ballast paired with a medium Adjust A Wing Avenger hood and a 1000w Eye Hortilux HPS bulb.

Ventilation intake is passive. My room has double sliding doors that allow plenty of fresh air in. Exhaust is handled by an 8  inch 530 cfm Soler&Pilau TD 200S fan. Not installed yet, but coming soon is a 6×24 Phresh filter to handle any odors.

Soler&Pilau TD-200s 8 inch exhaust fan

There is so much air coming in my leaves are dancing even without a wall fan. Temps are cool at about 72 degrees. Light coverage from the Avenger reflector is excellent and very uniform. I thought I would need to run 2 600w hoods to cover the area because of the 8′ length but it isn’t needed. I have the hood set at its widest with the bulb all the way up.

Plants are being raised in coco beds. The containers are 3 x 2 mixing tubs from Home Depot. The mix is about 70/30 coco to coarse perlite. Clones were set into the beds and these pictures  below were taken on day 3 of 12/12.

In the past I have had a very hard time cloning C99. I have tried just about every method imaginable but clones took well over a month to root, if at all. My new method gives me healthy clones in about 3 weeks. It is very simple and back to basics.

I use party cups filled with coco, dip my cuttings in Clonex and stick them in the coco. That’s it, I don’t even use a domed hood or mist them. I think keeping them too wet was the problem. They wanted to grow tops and not roots. By keeping things fairly dry the plants are forced into having to grow roots to survive.

Cinderella 99 Grow Journal Day 3

cinderella 99 strain in coco bed Cindy 99 strain clones growing in coco bedAbove are pictures of my 2 coco beds. These clones have been under 12/12 lighting for 3 days. They have not been fed yet but were watered in with a weak 300 ppm cal/mag mix. Old C99 mother plants in RainForestThese are my original c99 moms. They have been in my RainForest over a year and have been replaced and will be flowered. There is also a Sugar Punch mom hiding in back. view of grow room set up

A long view of the grow closet. Can’t fit it all in one pic. 3 foot coco beds with young Cindy clonesThe 2 beds again. Everything “just” fits like it was custom.

Week 2 And Cinderella 99 Is Starting To Flower

These girls have been in my grow closet for 2 weeks now and have just started to flower. They have been fed once at 800 ppm with Dutch Master flower and given supplemental cal/mag at 5 ml per gallon at day 7. Initially leaves were pale green because coco tends to bind calcium and magnesium. Things are greening up and they have just got a 2nd feeding of the same mix but at 1000 ppm.

So far I am very happy with this grow room. Temps have been very easy to control, much better than in my other grow closet. I have installed a variac to control fan speed and will be writing more about that. The temperatures were only 70 degrees above the canopy. There is a lot of air coming in and outside temps have been fairly cool.

I have noticed the temp inside is about the same as the temps of the room it is in. By controlling fan speed I can move more air when its warm and less when its cool. So by cutting fan speed down I was able to get canopy temps to 79 degrees which is just about perfect.

The plants look good but there are a few stragglers. Some of them did not root as well as others and those are smaller. It can be hard to get everything exactly the same because these are living things and they have a mind of their own. Anyway here are some pics from week 2.

Cindy 99 week 2 tote 1 Cindy 99 week 2 tote 2 Cindy 99 week 2 RainForest

Starting Week 3 Of Flower For Cinderella 99

The girls are growing well and flowering is in full force. I have been hand watering every 3 days or so and these ladies are due for another feeding. I will probably raise their nutes to 1200 ppm now that they are in full flower.

Cinderella 99 is a fast flowering girl with super potent sativa creeper smoke. The Cinderella 99 strain is not a heavy yielder, but then most early varieties aren’t and few can match the quality and potency of Cinderella 99 weed at any maturity date.

Temperatures have been easy to control and never go above the outside rooms temperature. Most of the time temps have been about 70 – 72. That is a bit low so I added a variac fan speed controller and now am running about 79 to 82 with voltage throttled back to about 90 volts. It also makes my fan almost inaudible which I like.

Here are some pics for this week:

Cinderella 99 tote 1Here is the first tote complete with runt in the lower right corner. Inside the rainforest are Cindy #7 left #3 rear and a sugar punchfront right.A view of the RainForest with old mother plants and some nice budding going on. tote #2 showing smaller Cindy pheno #3

Second tote. I have 2 cuts of Cinderella 99 in this grow and there is quite a size difference between them.tote #2 showing height difference between clones

Tote #2 againbig mother plants being floweredThe mothers in my RainForest are getting pretty large. long shot of grow closet

A view down the rabbit hole Cinderella 99 in flower inside my RainForestYoung Cinderella bud shot C99 in flowerAnd another C99 in flower.

Cinderella 99 – Day 28

It’s been 4 weeks and the plants are doing well. They have a nice open structure and are getting good light even on lower branches so I haven’t removed any fan leaves. Buds are starting to stack nicely. I have been feeding twice a week with a mix of Dutch Master Flower and 5 ml gallon CaliMagic at 1200 ppm. Cindy isn’t a heavy feeder but she does like her cal/mag levels high. Here are some pics taken on day 28:

Cindy 99 #7 in my RainForestCut #7 in the RainForest This Cindy is a beautyHere is a beauty rainforest againRainForest mothers looking good looking down the grow closetLooking down the grow closet Good stuff is starting to happenNice stacking is starting on these Cinderella 99  girlsover view of 2nd tote of cindyQuite a difference in size between my two cuts. The smaller cut yields less but is more potent. overview of first tote of cindyNice group shot of the girls Cinderella starting to stackGrowing and stacking has started Cindy 99 at 28 daysNice girl RainForest with C99 and Sugar PunchThere are 3 plants here. Sugar Punch is bottom right and being overshadowed by the 2 Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99 – Day 35 – Sizing Up

This is day 35 for my Cindy girls. Growth has been good and these ladies continue to stack and size up. Still feeding at the same rate.

Temperatures have remained in the 70s for the most part but we had a few hot days where they got to about 82 – 84. Light penetration has been very good so I haven’t bothered removing any fan leaves and probably wont.

I don’t have a bottom drain so I have only been feeding once a week and also watering once a week to keep salt from building up. But I may go to 2 feedings to boost bud size now that they have less than 20 days to go. Then the last week they will just get water. Here are some bud shots taken at 35 days of 12/12:

Old mother plants in rainforest with nice bud sizeThese mother plants in the Rainforest are looking really good. Mother plant bud shotClose up shot of a bud on my old mother plants. Nice cola forming on this girlNice cola forming on this girlMy Cindy #3 phenos are way smaller than my #7sMy #3 phenos are way smaller than my #7 another nice cola formingNice cola starting to size up. This Cinderella girl is a beautyThis Cinderella girl is a beauty for sure. The first tub of Cinderella 99Here is a shot of the first tubmore young colasSome more young colas And some more Cindy 99And some more The RainForest living up to its nameThe RainForest living up to its name and producing a jungle.Another shot of the old mother plants in the RainForestAnother shot of the old mother plants in the RainForest Top view of the second tub of CinderellaTop view of the second tub of Cinderella First tub againFirst tub again Second tub againSecond tub again.

Looking forward to these girls finishing. My supply is getting low. Also am going to be scrapping the coco and going back to growing aeroponic again. So I am kind of stoked to get my new gear set up and running.

Nothing wrong with coco. Wanted to try something new and see if my quality was better. But so far I think yield is about the same but plants grow faster in aeroponics and I get more resin and smell with it.

Cinderella 99 – Day 42 – Almost Done!

My Cinderella 99 is almost done. It is week 6 or day 42 and I could actually chop it now but I will give it another week. I have harvested from seed in 50 days before but this grow is from clones so I think it is maturing faster.

Pistils are turning orange on some plants and everything is extremely sticky with a sweet fruity smell kind of like Hawaiian Punch. Buds are nice and fat. The quality of this crop looks superb and this may be my best C99 grow to date.

Yield probably won’t be super high, I am guessing it at about a pound, but it will be great smoke. There is not a burnt or discolored leaf anywhere in the coco bed grow and the plants all look vibrant and super healthy.

I did spot a few brown leaf tips in the RainForest but the plants in there are fine and will actually be the heaviest yielders because they were larger being flowered mother plants.

I removed some lower fan leaves this week to get more light in to the lower buds and these plants are sticky as hell all the way to the bottom. I  think they like my new grow closet. I was concerned about light spread because this room is 8 x 2 but the plants have stayed stocky and short. Temps have been very stable for this grow thanks to good ventilation and my large 8″ Soler & Pilau fan. I haven’t even needed to run it full speed even though it is a warmer than normal summer here.

Here are some lights out pictures of my Cindy 99 ladies:

Cinderella 99 8-22-15 Nice and frosty view from aboveNice and frosty view from above. Cindy 99 8-22-15 The Rainforest plants are heavy and falling overThe Rainforest, plants are heavy and falling over. RainForest with 2 C99 mothers and a Sugar Punch that just got buried by them. Cindy 99 8-22-15 RainForest with 2 C99 mothersCindy 99 8-22-15 These girls are readyThese girls are ready. The smaller ones are a different cut. It’s a lower yielder but I think it’s stronger. Cindy 99 8-22-15 Beautiful sativa dominant plants but short like an indicaBeautiful sativa dominant plants but short like an indica. Cindy 99 8-22-15 This girl looks awesome and pistils are turning red orange on herThis girl looks awesome and pistils are turning red orange on her. Cindy 99 8-22-15 Fat frosty buds on this Cindy for sureFat frosty buds on this Cindy for sure. Cindy 99 8-22-15 Nice stacking in this side viewNice stacking in this side view. Cindy 99 8-22-15 Same girl, different poseSame girl, different pose. Cindy 99 8-22-15 Side shot of first coco bedSide shot of first coco bed.Cindy 99 8-22-15 RainForest budRainForest bud. Cindy 99 8-22-15 More RainForest shotsMore RainForest shots.Cindy 99 8-22-15 One of the bigger colasOne of the bigger colas. Cindy 99 8-22-15 Big buds in the RainForest mother plantsBig buds in the RainForest mother plants.

Cinderella 99 Weeks 5 And 6 Video

Day 49 Harvest Time

The Cinderella 99 girls are ready for harvest. Plants were given 48 hours of darkness before chopping on day 51. The top buds are nice and fat and sticky with cloudy trichomes. I prefer to harvest just before they start turning amber because that is when the THC is highest. You do give up some yield by harvesting on the early side but the smoke is better.

Here are some shots taken just before chopping:

Cinderella 99 in RainForest is ready to come downThe Cindy in RainForest is ready to come down, in fact these girls were so heavy they kept falling over. Some C99 girls in the right mixing tubSome Cinderella 99 girls in the right mixing tub. Group shot of the ladiesGroup shot of the ladies. Here is a shot of the C99 in the left mixing tubHere is a shot of the Cinderella 99 in the left mixing tub.Cinderella centralCinderella central, here is the middle from above. Nice C99 colaNice C99 cola Another side view with some nice colasAnother side view with some nice colas. Another shot of some of the girlsAnother shot of some of the girls. Bud porn!Bud porn! More eye candy!More eye candy! cindy lookin goodAgain. cinderella againAgain! cindy againAgain! Did I say these buds were falling over?Did I say these were falling over? Harvest Time for CindyAnother nice Cinderella 99 girl. She's ready it's harvest time for CindyShe’s ready. Biggest bud in the bunchProbably the biggest top from my RainForest. Another beautiful CinderellaAnother beauty. RainForest buds falling overRainForest buds falling over.

Here are the Cinderella 99 girls hanging around waiting to be trimmed. I am in the process of setting this room up for high pressure aeroponics and have been very busy building my new units so I decided to cut and hang them leaves and all. By the time everything is set up and ready for my next grow they will be ready to come out for the final trim.

Cindy 99 HarvestThese ladies on the right came out of the RainForest and there are some nice buds hiding under all those leaves. Some Cindy from the coco bedsSome of the Cinderella 99 from the coco beds has nice top colas. More coco bed Cinderella 99More coco bed Cinderella 99. RainForest plantsNot expecting a super yield off this grow. Lower branches are not that well developed even though the top colas were ready. It takes time to prepare things and so this grow was put in to use the space in my new grow area while the permanent system was being put together.

Will have the yield info in about a week to 10 days and will post it then.

Cinderella 99 Yield Update

Well it took a while for everything to dry. Weather here has been humid and these were air dried without heat. The yield was really not that great but this was a quick grow that went in while my new aeroponic system was under construction.

I got 228 grams or a half pound of bud. Most was fairly small so a lot of bud went into the trim pile for bubble hash. I ended up with 142 grams or 5 ounces of small buds and sugar leaf trim.

The quality of the smoke is excellent but this certainly wasn’t one of my better grows. I am not that surprised by the low yield though, maybe just a bit embarrassed to post such a low final weight. Cinderella 99 is always a fast grower and devastatingly potent but she really needs some veg time to yield decently.

4 thoughts on “Cinderella 99 – Cindy 99 Grow Journal In Coco Beds”

  1. Could you post some tips on drying buds . I have trouble getting the smell out . while growing great loud smell but after drying I have no smell . just like a home grown weak smell .bits so weird . I want the smell like it had while growing

    • Hey Justin,
      My plants are dank in grow and in cure. Even sealed in zip locks they stink my closet up. Some of that may be my genetics.The smells do change as plants cure too. As plants cure the smell and taste changes. What I do is green trim my plants. I don’t hang whole plants any more. Space is an issue for me. Besides I don’t see the point in drying stems. I don’t really want to pull in what is in the stalk when I dry. I just want to dry what is in my buds because that’s where the goodness is.

      So I take my trimmed buds and put them in 5 gallon paper grocery sacks. Single layer is best unless you are willing to stir them several times every day. I will sometimes set them on their sides in front of a fan to speed things up. When the are about 50% moisture I put them in plastic 1 gallon zips and open them once or twice a day. This gets the moisture evened up. I do this until they feel dry enough to smoke well and stop opening the bags after that.

      The thing is I like to dry my weed fast but I don’t let any light at them and no heat. If I do use a fan it is moving room temperature air. I always keep the buds in the dark too. Usually my whole drying time is about 5-7 days. Then they age for a while in sealed bags.

      I hope this helps. I know it isn’t what most people do but it’s what works for me. Try it you might like it.

      Stay Green

  2. dude..blown away with ya pics.and vid .got a few questions .a mate gave me some cin 99 seeds that are quite old. only got 1 seed too germ.. i am growing in potting mix and pearlite 60/40 under 4 t5 6500k tubes that came with a tent from ebay .i wanted to try led. slower .. at 3 weeks look like yours did at 2 weeks .my question was the bottom fan leaves have a purple line along the stem .was told potassium is lacking…but the rest look fine….and having never use tubes or led before dont know if i should have the red and blue led light panels on ..just tubes at the moment.hope to clone this plant cos good seeds are near impossible to get hear in Australia .its short .fat trunk .skunk looking fat leaves .and did not mind being tipped..seems to love the 30 degree heat and 30 /40 percent humidity its getting my hot water system cupboard ..being winter i thought it was more safe to start hear .i plan to move her into the tent i a week or so..but was wanting to put her in a big pot first .she is in a 1 liter container now..has had 25 hr light since day dot,,,ph my water at 6.4 . have not used any nutritionists but some stuff call gogo juice for seedlings..has potassium in it .ive got bottles of grow lush a and b that came with the kit . mate any tips would be great…but am just going to follow your set up next time…peaceout from oz

    • Wow! Don’t know where to start. First off have you sexed your plant? I guess you called it her so I guess it is a girl. If you haven’t Cindy 99 isn’t femmed so it could be a boy. Purple lines on the stems are not a deficiency. Lots of strains have purple coloring in them naturally. I actually look for that trait because it seems my dankest cuts have purple in the stems. Without pics it’s hard to day though. Not familiar with gogo juice or that line of nutes but if you are going to flower you need good base nutes like Dutch Master. If you are going to use LEDS you need red and blue but more red. LEDS are tricky. I am looking at switching but so far I am doing a half and half grow and am not that impressed. You didn’t say what size tent you have or how powerful your LEDS are. I am looking at trying white cobs next. Google a guy named growmau5 and he has kits at Cutter Electronics which is in Oz but so far I still think HPS is the easiest, cheapest and best way to flower. Good luck with your grow. Hope this helped.

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