Humboldts Secret Golden Tree Review

When I first heard about Golden Tree I was a bit skeptical but I decided to give it a try and so here is my Humboldts Secret Golden Tree Review. I don’t know if the story about this product being an old school growers secret family recipe is true or not. Stories sell shit so … Read more


Power Si Bloom is a patented silicic acid matrix which is much more bioavailable than the standard potassium silicate products on the market today. Only monosilicic acid is readily absorbed by roots. Sometimes also used to describe soluble silicates or used as a synonym for soluble silicon. Monosilicic acid (MSA). Synonym: orthosilicic acid (OSA). MSA … Read more

Dutch Master Nutrients Review

Here is my Dutch Master Nutrients review and I will be running a new grow testing these nutrients out.  I used their Gold Line with great success when I was growing with aeroponics but they became increasingly hard to find. With so many nutrient lines out there you may be asking why I am choosing … Read more