Ocean Grown Seeds Jawa Kush Grow Journal Report

Going to be trying some Ocean Grown Seeds Jawa Kush this run. Waiting in the wings are are Jawa Pie, Dark Helmet and Dark Plasma. I am hoping to snag some more Ocean Grown Genetics Seeds like Alien Rift, Obi Wan OG and Vader OG too.

I grow all my plants in my DIY Aeroponics system and if you are interested here is a how to: DIY Aeroponics New High Pressure Aeroponics DIY Plans

Ocean Grown Genetics is a small So Cal breeding collective run by a guy who goes by Vader. They are not a large breeder and so only release small fresh batches of seed. What I have seen of their genetics looks like pure fire. You can check out their gear on the Vader OG YouTube channel called Vader Vision

Ocean Grown Seeds Jawa Kush description from Vader:

jawa kush
( Ghost OG x Jawa Pie )

Flowering Time
63 – 70 days

General Impression
Jawa Kush combines the infamous Ghost OG with the delightful flavors of Jawa Pie.

This cross yields highly desirable flavor profiles reminiscent of a ‘sugar cake’ with subtle notes of lemon gas.

Growers can expect large, frosty kolas when grown in ideal conditions.

Mine definitely don’t look like that yet but the picture motivated me to buy some. I am an OG freak so the Ghost OG genetics in this pulled me right in.

Multiple varieties in this first video but the Jawa Kush starts at 1:45 in the video. Smoke report and nug shots are in the second video

Young Ocean Grown Seeds Jawa Kush Seedlings

Here are some young Jawa Kush seedlings they are about 10 days from when they were dropped in a shot glass to soak.
Ocean Grown Seeds Jawa Kush Grow JournalSadly although I got 11 seeds that all cracked, only 8 made it. The seedlings that didn’t make it had a tough time breaking out of their shells. After a few extra days and a few failed attempts to help them I am down to 8 now.

Jawa Kush Seedlings 14 Days

dscn5033Jawa Kush was moved into my low pressure aeroponic cloner/early veg tote under some cheap 165w Chinese LEDs. These were actually made for growing coral in aquariums but have a great adjustable spectrum for veg.  dscn5034Young Ocean Grown Seeds Jawa Kush seedlings are putting out some nice healthy roots and will stay here for another week or 2. Then I will probably put them into flower even though they will still be pretty small. Space is limited and I don’t have any room for males. I also have a flower room about to be empty and just started a bunch of Dark Plasma, also from Ocean Grown Seeds.

Jawa Kush From Seed @21 Days

Things are going well for the Jawa kush and they are developing nicely. They do seem a bit slow in growth compared to some other strains I grow.

However they are in a semi heated room with temps in the low to mid 60s and I believe this is resulting in slower growth. Also the blue,white combo on the LEDs makes for stocky growth and short internodes. I have about 30 days to go before things finish off in my flowering rooms so there really isn’t much of a hurry to get them big.

Jawa Kush Seedlings 21 DaysThey do look nice and healthy and are now putting down some nice roots so growth should speed up over the next week or so. Jawa Kush Seedling Roots @ 21 Days

jawa kush aeroponic roots @21 days

Roots are looking nice, white and healthy with some nice fish tailing starting.

Jawa Kush From Seed @28 Days

The Jawa Kush has been a slow vegger as I have said but this week they really started to take off. It is interesting that there are 2 distinct sizes to these. I am not sure if I am looking at 2 different phenos or if it is the size difference between male and female plants.

dscn5109 dscn5110I need to move some clones out of the grow tent and into one of my grow closets so I can spread these Jawa Kush out a bit.

I seem to have a bad habit of wanting to keep too many cuts. Right now I am holding a bunch of Goji OG cuts while I wait to see who my keeper will be if  I even decide to grow it again. So far nothing I have tried comes close to my Hells Angel OG in taste, smell and potency except maybe my White OG. When I told friends I was looking for something better they all said that was going to be really tough. It is.

But I still want to grow some different strains just for variety and Ocean Grown Seeds genetics look very interesting and promising. Besides that I want to post new stuff to keep my readers interested.

30 Days Jawa Kush Update

My Jawa Kush was dropped in a shot glass about 30 days ago and they are coming along very nicely. There are definitely some size differences between plants but they have pretty much outgrown the space I have available to them.

They are being raised in one of my DIY Aeroponic totes and have developed some really nice root systems and they are ready to boogie.

I have 12 Dark Plasma also from Ocean Grown Seeds and they are going to be needing more room and the rest of my sites are filled with various clones. So these Jawa Kush will be going in to 12/12 very soon.

Here are a few pics:

30 Days Jawa Kush Update Ocean Grow Seeds 30 Days Jawa Kush Update Ocean Grow Seeds 30 Days Jawa Kush Update aeroponic roots Aeroponic root porn Ocean Grow Seeds 30 Days Jawa Kush Update

Pythium Rears Its Ugly Head

As you can see from above my plants all had really nice well developed roots. Well not any more unfortunately thanks to pythium. Frustrating because my res temps are cool and it should not be there.

I had an outbreak in my Goji OG and was able to to eek out a harvest using Zone and peroxide but even though I disinfected my other totes for the Jawa Kush they became infected again. Probably caused by not sterilizing my meters. At any rate the beautiful roots became infected.

Out of 8 plants only 1 was a female. I have taken clones from her and will be running them soon. In the mean time I am tearing everything down and trying to get ready for another run.

Fortunately pythium  doesn’t get into the plants themselves so cuttings are clean. Two things I have noticed is that cuttings seem to take longer to root probably because the plants they came from were stressed. The other thing is the really high percentage of males in infected plants. 6 girls out of 22 in the Goji and 1 out of 8 in the Jawa Kush.

My guess is the plants know they are dying and try to reproduce. The Jawa flowered really early. Maybe since males tend to flower first that’s the way they decided to go. Making pollen is easier than ripening buds. At any rate I will have to update this grow journal when the cuts take. Hopefully by then the pythium will be gone.


So it really took quite a while to get these Ocean Grown Seeds Jawa Kush clones rooted and healthy again but. But now I am ready to flower these ladies.

I don’t know what I will get because I am only flowering one pheno, so lets hope it’s a good one!

So since my pythium outbreak I have decided to switch to coco for a while. I am growing in 2 gallon smart pots filled with straight Canna Coco. They are being fed with a top feed drip system.

For nutes I am running the full Cyco Nutrients line. It seems Dutch Master Gold, which was my go to nutes are no longer being made. The company was bought out I hear and their new 3 part line is not available locally.

So far I am happy with the Cyco Nutes and the plants are happy too. I ran the full Canna line and was not that impressed so trying something new.

You can check out Cyco nutes and reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

For lighting I am using 700+watts of Cree 3590 COB LEDs. 2 fixtures are CXP 250s from Pacific Light Concepts and one is a 200w DIY COB LED from Timber. I don’t have the exact wattage but I know the 250s pull a bit more than 250 watts so my guess is about 750 watts total. They are all 3500k COBs.

Here are some pics of the Jawa Kush:

Ocean Grown Seeds Jawa Kush clones These girls look a bit ragged because I was short on space and they were jammed in a corner but I am sure they will recover nicely. Ocean Grown Seeds Jawa Kush clone trimmed and day 1 of 12/12Here is one of the Jawa Kush girls trimmed up and in day 1 of flower. She is sharing space with some Dark Plasma, also from Ocean Grown. The other will be flowered in my other grow closet.

You can check out my Dark Plasma grow journal here: https://420dotcom.com/dark-plasma-ocean-grown-seeds-grow-journal.html

Jawa Kush Day 60 Almost Done

This girl was really neglected because unfortunately she was way in back and hard to reach. I only had the 1 girl so I don’t really know if this pheno is representative of the lot.

I can tell you she was the stickiest and stankiest girl in the room. She never really put on any height. The screen is about 24 inches from the top of her pot and she just grew like a bush, nothing like an OG which is what I expected.

Luckily her branches were pretty limber so they just drooped from the bud weight and did not break. I think she is ready now but she is getting flushed now and once she fades she will be chopped.

Based on the smell and stickiness and bud shape I would really like to grow her again when I have some phenos to select from.

If this is her normal height and growth pattern she would be ideal for a scrog or someone growing in a cabinet or other area without a lot of height.

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