Dark Plasma Ocean Grown Seeds Grow Journal Report

Dark Plasma is a new offering from Ocean Grown Seeds. It is a cross of the Forum Cut of  Girl Scout Cookies and Obi Wan OG Kush which is a cross of Ghost OG and Alien Rift. I am still waiting for Obi Wan OG to be released again but in the meantime I am looking forward to growing out the Dark Plasma.

Dark Plasma Ocean Grown Seeds Grow Journal

Here is the breeders description of the Dark Plasma strain:

Lineage ( Forum Girl Scout Cookies x Obi Wan OG Kush )
Flowering Time 52-60 days
Stretch ~60 Percent
Yield/Quantity Moderate
Dark plasma combines Forum Girl Scout Cookies and Obi Wan OG Kush in a new release for 2016.

Growers can expect colorful flowers with higher than average trichome production and the sweet smells of cookies and fuel, reminiscent of transmission fluid.

Dark plasma tends to reach maturity after eight weeks of a flowering http://www.oceangrownseeds.com/strain-guide/true-breed/dark-plasma/

I am not a great Girl Scout Cookies fan, it doesn’t yield well and the smoke is good but not great, but what it does have is some of the best bag appeal I have ever seen. Properly grown this GSC strain has some of the prettiest nugs ever. I am an OG nut and love growing OG and OG hybrids so I am hoping this cross will give me those pretty buds and a higher yield.

Dark Plasma video shots start at 5 minutes into this video.

Germinating Dark Plasma Seeds

I got lucky when I scored these seeds because instead of normal 11 seeds per pack I received 12. Seeds were soaked in a shot glass for about 12 hours at which time they had all sunk and were starting to crack and show tails. They were placed in moist paper towels for another 2 days at which point all 12 had nice tails and many were out of their shells so they were transplanted into rockwool plugs.

Dark Plasma @ 5 daysHere are the Dark Plasma seedlings at 5 days in their new homes. One seedling needs another day to open fully. To me the leaves seem smaller than some other strains but they are also much stockier. Next step will be moving them into my veg tent in a few days and giving them some nutes.

Dark Plasma @10 Days Ready For My Aeroponic Veg And Clone Tent

Here are the Dark Plasma after 10 days. There are roots coming out of the rock wool so it is time to move these girls(hopefully) into net pots. All 12 seeds made it through but 1 is very small because it was last to pop. Thought about just killing it but decided to give it a chance.

dscn5086 dscn5088

Plants were all transferred to net pots in an aeroponic tote successfully although 1 plant got dropped and had some stem damage as a result. Will have to wait and see how that one does. Meanwhile I am pretty happy with these Ocean Grown seeds. They seem to be fast growers, especially when compared with my Jawa Kush which is healthy but seems to be a slow vegger.

[email protected] Days

Here are the Dark Plasma @14 days in my aeroponics system. They are short and stocky and just barely peek through the top of the inserts. I had to use thinner inserts on a few, especially the smallest one top left. Leaves showing on the right are from my Jawa Kush which is starting to take off finally.


Dark Plasma @21 Days

Just a quick update on my Dark Plasma on day 21. Everything moving along nicely. These plants have about doubled in size this week.

Dark Plasma Ocean Grown Seeds @21 daysThe Jawa Kush has been moved into my flowering room so there is a bit of room to spread them out as they grow. I think these plants are about ready to really start taking off.

Dark Plasma Explosion Day 28

I got kind of involved setting up a new reef tank so forgot to look at my Dark Plasma for a few days. They have just exploded with new growth. I would almost bet the big one in this group is a male, but who knows?

Dark Plasma Ocean Grown Seeds @28 days

Very healthy looking plants. I definitely need to do some rearranging. The partial tote on the right you see is a bunch of Hells Angel OG seedlings I started. They are fem seeds I made earlier.Ocean Grown Seeds Dark Plasma 28 days I will probably move the DP to one of my flowering closets and spread the HA out a bit because they are still pretty small to flower but soon too big for that flat.

Day 30 Dark Plasma Moved To Start Flowering

Today is day 30 for my 12 DP and they needed to come out of my starter tent. So I guess it is also day 1 of flower.

So right now nothing too exciting to look at. Hoping for a lot of girls.

dscn5160I have covered my totes with some spare panda film because I found some real healthy algae growth on the lids. Never had much of a problem before. I am not sure if  LEDs make it grow more or penetrate the lids better. dscn5161Plants are smaller under LED lighting and more light falls on the lids. When I was using HPS lighting there was no problem but the larger canopy shaded the lids pretty fast. I could have painted the lids but I was concerned about chips flaking off and getting in the reservoir.

Day 45 Dark Plasma Showing Sex And Pythium Root Rot

My Dark Plasma has started to preflower. So far I have 5 definite girls a couple of maybes and the rest definite males.

I have been fighting pythium or something similar and have been unable to get rid of it. Zone and H2O2 have helped but not eliminated it. This is not the usual slime people get, instead the roots turn gray and die back and occasionally there is some slight browning in spots. So I decided not to continue to flower these plants.

I am going to take cuts from the girls and start over. Fortunately the pythium does not infect the tops so I will be making a clean start.

This disease is very hard to get rid of and apparently it makes spores that can remain viable for some time. I am going to disinfect the room and bring in all new equipment.

I am going to be running top fed drip coco for a while because it is less susceptible to this disease and because I can add things like rhizotonic or other bacteria to fight it.

So I will be rerunning the Dark Plasma after it roots and revegs itself probably in the next 4-6 weeks and will update this grow then.

Dark Plasma Returns!!!

So after my experience with root rot I have switched over to coco. I like the switch because it gives me a chance to learn different growing methods. But I miss my aeroponics! It is so much faster and IMO easier, especially to automate.

I was able to reveg most of the Dark Plasma but I found it takes quite a while for cuttings to root. Although pythium attacks the roots and not the tops I think it stresses the plant to a point where it does not root easily.

My goal has been to replace all my genetics with fresh cuttings grown in coco and it definitely took some time to get plants healthy again. For the Dark Plasma this was a double whammy because in addition to rerooting they also had to reveg.

I was able to save 4 out of 5 females. One girl is pretty small and still has a way to go but the other 3 look nice and healthy. They already are pretty stinky even in early veg and have a definite OG smell to them.

I have moved 8 plants (2 of each pheno) into my flood tray. They are in 2 gallon smart pots and will probably not be repotted. I am just wanting to evaluate the different phenos at this point. I have back up clones of all 4 phenos.

I have also added 2 Jawa Kush plants to the tray. I only found one girl from that batch of seeds. Not sure if that was related to stress from the pythium or just luck of the draw. So I want to get a look at them. If they show promise I will grab more when Vader reups.

The plan now is to give these girls a bit more veg time so they can totally reveg. Some are still showing those gnarly twisty leaves in a few places and one pheno is small and needs time to catch up.

They are under 700+ watts of COB LED lighting. They were fed with some Cal/Mag and a bit of Jacks but have been flushed for the next phase.

I am going to be testing Cyco Platinum Nutrients on these ladies. I have the full line, not something I usually do but I think it is the best way to evaluate them.

So I wont be using anything else with the exception of Recharge for beneficials instead of Cyco Ryzofuel. It isn’t in the box and is only used for 1 week and basically it is a kelp product. May try it later if I like the product line.

So here are some pics of the girls in their new home:

Dark Plasma In Veg With Cyco Nutrients

The Dark Plasma is ready to be fed and today my Cyco Platinum Pro Starter Kit arrived so I mixed up a bunch to start feeding. These plants had been flushed out and only receiving water with the exception of a top feed of Recharge to get the micros established.

Right now the mix is at 900 ppm and pH is at 6.1 so I will be bringing it down a bit. I am only planning on giving these girls 2 more weeks of veg so I added the Cyco Grow XL. It definitely will raise ppms and drop your pH so if you use it during a feed cycle check your readings.

The Dark Plasma girls are getting a 5 minute feed every 4 hours to get the nutes into the pots ASAP. I am going to feed 6 hours apart soon.

I have 2 Jawa Kush in the tray that will probably be coming out because I don’t think there will be enough room for them. I have 2 Dark Plasma girls that are much smaller and hoping they will catch up. So I have been topping and pinching the others to hold their height down. So here is a pic of the girls right after they started getting fed. Probably my imagination, but I think they look a bit greener already.

Dark Plasma in veg starting Cyco Nutrients

Dark Plasma Veg Ending And New Grow Setup

I am going to flip these Dark Plasma girls soon. I was going to veg another week but may cut that short. Most of these ladies have very good branch structure and are ready to go.

I have one smaller pheno and I have been trying to hold the others back while they catch up. But  I don’t think they will and I really don’t want to trim the larger ones back. They have had lots of pinching, topping and some fimming.

I have been using coco in 2 gallon smart pots in flood and drain but have updated to a top feed drip. I think small pots and frequent feedings are the way to go in coco. I also found that I really need to lower my nutrient levels with coco. Going from aeroponics to coco definitely has a learning curve!

So I am working on a drip schedule now. I am using 15 seconds on and 1 hour off to start and will adjust accordingly.

For my setup all I did was adapt an Octa Bubbler up to 3/4″ and screw it in to the feed on my tray. I am using 1/4″ drip line with a barbed tee on the end.

I removed the rubber disc inside the bubbler. It seemed like there was not enough pressure and it was designed for a slow steady drip. But what I wanted was a stronger flow so there would not be any clogging. I have been using a top feed like this on my other grow for about 2 months without any problems.

Different phenos and different sizes for sure. Growth has been good with the Cyco nutrients. No sign of any deficiencies and no tip burn even though they were being fed at fairly high levels at 800 ppm. Also I did not need to add any cal/mag which I like. These plants would be much larger if I hadn’t been pinching,fimming and deleafing them.

Dark Plasma Going To 12/12

I decided it was time to flip these girls. They want to grow and I don’t want to hold them back so if some are shorter so be it. April Fools Day seemed like as good a time to do it as any. Here are my Dark Plasma girls 3 days into 12/12:

Dark Plasma @3 days 12/12

The 4 plants on the right are showing some nice purple tints in the leaves but it doesn’t show up well in the picture. Medgrower1 had a run of Dark Plasma with some really purple plants so it is in the genetics and not a deficiency.

These plants are in 2 rows numbered 1-4 from left to right. Pheno #4 on the far right looks like it is the best plant so far. Vigorous, healthy and showing the most purple right now.

Jawa Kush Added

I just decided to add a Jawa Kush to my tray. Dark Plasma #1 is the smallest pheno and I had 2 of them. One looks like it will catch up but one was just too small. It would just get buried by the taller girls.

So I removed it and replaced it with a Jawa Kush girl. I only had one girl from those seeds so no pheno selection and I want to see if it is worth keeping. If not I will get another pack of seeds when they become available.

Jawa Kush GirlsI have been short on space so these Jawa Kush girls have been jammed in a corner and look kind of ragged but they will bounce back.

Jawa KushHere is the Jawa Kush after some thinning. Along side her is the Dark Plasma #1 that I kept. The one I removed was half her size and you can see the Jawa Kush is much larger than her.

DP Day 7

So now it has been a week of 12/12. Still not much happening but I am starting to see some white pistils showing up. So probably flowers will start showing up this next week.

Been running these girls at about 650 ppm and trying to keep the pH down below 6.0 but it keeps rising. I think it may be because of the silica which can raise pH in fact I heard some growers use it as a pH up.

Going to be changing the res soon so I will try using less this time and see if that helps.

Dark Plasma Day 7Here are the girls on day 7. Healthy and no deficiency symptoms anywhere. Cant wait to see some flowers!

Dark Plasma Day 14 – Flowering Begins!

This is day 14 of flower. Flowering actually began around day 10 but they are more noticeable now.

On day 8 these girls got a major leaf stripping and had a lot of side branches removed. I am doing a modified one node and strip on them but some had more top nodes retained.

I got rid of anything that looks like it wont make it into prime lighting, removed all large fan leaves and most smaller ones too. Trying to grow bud and not leaf so I see no point in letting this stuff grow only to be removed later by lollypopping.

The trellis was added a day ago and so far one girl has grown through and the rest should not be far behind. I have not grown the Dark Plasma or the Jawa Kush so I am not sure what their final height will be.

Growth has been good and I am pretty happy with the job Cyco nutes are doing. No deficiencies and I have not needed to add ant cal/mag. I am feeding at 800 ppm and trying to keep pH in the 5.8 to 6.0 range.

Bud development seems to be pretty tight even though the girls are stretching now and I am hoping for some nice colas.

Here are some pics:

 Day 21 Dark Plasma Grow Things Are Starting To Pop

Things are starting to pop in this Dark Plasma grow. It is day 21 and the screen is starting to fill in.

Buds are small but already getting sticky and starting to smell. Many have made it through the trellis and there are a lot of lower buds that look like they will fill it in completely.

I have 2 smaller plants on the far left side, a Jawa Kush and a smaller Dark Plasma that is starting to fill out nicely and is looking much thicker and beefier than the larger phenos.

Dark Plasma Is Getting A Heavier Feeding Of Cyco Nutrients Now

I am using the full Cyco Nutrients line for this grow and the only additive I used was some Recharge which is a kelp/molasses/beneficials mix. I used it in place of the Ryzofuel which is a similar product.

Previously I was feeding at 750-800 ppm. Plants looked healthy and there were no deficiencies but they seemed a bit hungry. My only problem was that pH was swinging up to 6.2-6.3 which is higher than I want for coco.

So with flowering started I decided to up the nutes and follow the Cyco feeding schedule instead. I ended up at 1300 ppm and a pH of 5.7 and the pH only rose when nutes were consumed.

The plants responded very well and there was no nute burn. Buds are stacking and some are pretty tight but I know there are some stretchy phenos in this strain.

I was actually feeding at the same levels I used in aeroponics and it is just to low for the plants to express their full potential. I know some guys get good grows running low ppm, never going above 800 ppm.

I thought it would work for me since I am running a continuous drip feed, but it really didn’t. I am all about giving plants what they need and not over fertilizing. No doubt I would have got some decent bud at the lower levels but I think the plants are happier and will do better this way.

I have noticed at lower feed levels even buds with decent light don’t always fill out as solid as they should and I think lower larf is as much a product of not enough nutes as it is lower light levels. I am definitely not trying to save money on nutes!

Here are some Dark Plasma pics taken on day 21 of flower:

Day 28 Dark Plasma Stretch Is Over

It is day 28 for my Dark Plasma and stretch is pretty much over. I am seeing some nice node spacing and buds should begin sizing up soon.

Being that it’s a Girl Scout Cookie and OG cross I am not expecting large buds on these girls as neither parent makes large buds. So I have been cleaning out the lowers and getting rid of small sucker branches so all energy can go to the buds up top.

My Cyco nutes seem to be working well and there are no deficiencies or any tip burn. I have been feeding at 12-1300 ppm and pH has been pretty stable at 6.0.

Drip Feed Watering Schedule

I am still trying to dial in my drip feed watering schedule. I was watering 15 seconds on and 1 hour off 24/7. I was getting a slight amount of run off each feeding.

They say you cant over water coco but I felt the pots were just too heavy. I did not see any symptoms of over watering but it doesn’t seem like there could be much room for air in a waterlogged pot.

So the first thing I did was only water when lights were on but pots still seemed too heavy. I was expecting them to be somewhat lighter at lights on but they weren’t. I am still doing 15 seconds on but every 3 hours now.

Pots are a bit lighter now but still not where I want to be. I may need to change pumps or dial mine back. I think its a 800 gph model made for an EZ Cloner. It puts out a lot of water but the flow is adjustable to a point.

I want to do continuous light waterings and feedings but find that happy place where the pots are lighter and plants get what they need but they’re not drying out. Not even sure if that is possible but that is my goal.

Some Phenos

I have been noticing the difference between some phenos now. There have been some surprises along the way too. Dark Plasma 2, 3 and 4 seem pretty similar except for smells.

Dark Plasma #1 was the runt, half the size of the others, but she caught up. Maybe she’s a slower vegger. She is my best Dark Plasma girl so far. Way stickier than her sisters. Great smell and larger buds on a strong stocky frame. Her branches are noticeably thicker.

I thought DP #4 was going to be the winner but she doesn’t have much smell to her. DP 2 and 3 seem to be best smelling but different so cant pick one over the other.

I have one Jawa Kush that has also been a surprise. Probably the biggest plant going in she is the shortest of the bunch, barely making it to the trellis.. Surprising considering her daddy is a stretchy OG. She smells good and she is definitely the stickiest girl in the room. She is in a corner and hard to get at with a camera but I can see heavy frost on her leaves.

Jawa Kush and Dark Plasma #1 are the stickiest girls in the room, but the Jawa wins so far.

Here are some pics from this week:

Day 32 Night Shots

Plants are stacking nice and leaves are starting to show frost. The room smells great. Cant really describe it but it is a sweet smell.

I am starting to lower their nute levels. They went from 1200 to 750 ppm this week and will probably drop them to about 5oo – 600 in a few days and will probably continue to drop them because flush is not that far off. I think these will run about 60 to 65 days. So flushing should start around day 49 at 7 weeks.

Dark Plasma Day 35

Day 35 for my Dark Plasma and the plants are getting really sticky. Trichome development is really taking off. They look good and smell fantastic. Sorry but I really cant describe the smell.

These were being run at about 1200 ppm last 10 days or so when flowering started but I have backed off to 700 ppm about 5 days ago and will probably go to 600 this week and half that next week because flush should not be far off

The buds seem really small to me at this point. This is not supposed to be a late strain, maybe 8 or 9 weeks. I sure hope they start to swell up soon.

There is one Dark Plasma, pheno#1, in the corner that is much thicker stemmed and seems to be stacking better and has larger buds than the rest. Funny, because she was the runt of the litter so to speak. I had 2 of her but one was removed because it was so much smaller that I thought she would get buried. Kind of wish I had left her in now.

Day 37 WTF? Replacing Some Dark Plasma

Have you ever walked into your grow room and had a WTF moment? I just had one. These ladies are not right. They have a great lemony smell, lots of trichs and sticky AF but…

There is no bud swell instead buds are small and hairs are turning brown. I read that could be a sign of pollination.

There could have been a hermie in there but I have been through those girls so many times I think I would have seen a nanner.

But what ever is going on is not normal. So I decided to pull the pin on a bunch of these girls. I happened to have replacements for them. Same strain, same phenos and about a week into flower already.

I love my girls but, sometimes it is not worth trying to save a plant. You spend more time and get nothing back. You need to know when to quit. So these girls went into a holding area. A couple look like they may do something but a few look like they are headed to the hash pile.

Dark Plasma Day 37 And Day 17 Reset

There now is one remaining Dark Plasma at 37 days and 4 resets that are at day 17. Pheno #1 is a GSC leaner for sure and seems to be doing well.

She was the smallest going in but is now stocky and probably the best plant of the bunch. She is stacking nice but small buds and they are pretty tight so she will likely be my keeper.

Pheno #4 was the most vigorous and I think she may have hermied because she has very small nugs with a lot of brown hairs. Cookies is notorious for hermies and a lot of people find seeds in finished nugs. I don’t really want to keep any strain that consistently hermies no matter how good it is. It will take a while for seeds to develop if indeed there are any but I will know for sure in two weeks or less.

I definitely over fed these girls before. When you look at the pics you can see the difference in color between identical #1 pheno cuts. So what I have are the same 4 phenos as before but grown with lower ppms and light.

The Dark Plasma resets are in 1 gallon grow bags. They are at 17 days of 12/12 and flowering. I decided it would be better to leave them as they are rather than mess with their roots while flowering.

They were under standard blurple leds at about 350μmol and since they are now under COB LED lighting I have dimmed my fixtures so the par is 350-400μmol and will gradually raise the intensity.

I want to do everything possible to eliminate any stress that might cause hermies from lighting,feeding or temperature. Then I will have a better idea if this strain is stable and just needs to be treated gently or if it should be tossed. Here are some pics for you:

Girl Scout Cookie Forum Cut Leaner Day 46

So I may have jumped the gun pulling those plants. It doesn’t look like they were seeded at this point. These buds are just small. My Girl Scout Cookie Forum Cut leaner pheno is the only one with larger buds. Even though they look nice they are small.

Dark Plasma Girl Scout Cookie Forum Cut Leaner Day 46

The original plants probably have 10 days left and I have started flushing them. Right now the trichomes are mostly cloudy.

Can hardly wait to trim all these suckers. To be honest the smell was awesome when I removed those plants and they were super sticky. But the buds are just too small. Not even cookie sized more like gum drop size.

They probably wont get grown again because of the bud size. I don’t care how good they smell or anything else. There are too many good strains out there. My Hells Angel smells similar, the buds are bigger and after growing her for 3 years I still have not found anything that beats her in potency or smell.

So I will probably be saying goodbye to Dark Plasma and I may even end up pulling the replacements. Not something I like to do but I have better projects waiting in the wings.

Dark Plasma Days 35 And 56 Looking Good

Well I just might have to change my mind about these girls. My GSC pheno is at day 56 and she looks ready but I have noticed more bud swell the last few days so I may take her to day 60. Also she is just starting to fade after being over fed early on.

I have to admit she is pretty. Bag appeal is off the charts. A friend who does not grow looked at her and said wow she has knuckles. He was impressed and it is a good description.

The reset plants are growing well and look much better than the ones I removed, but even those started to swell late and look better.

These Dark Plasma do have small buds but they are very upright and don’t stretch a whole lot so you could grow a fair amount of plants in a tray and yields may be decent. They also look like an easy trim.

I haven’t smoked them yet but if the resin production and smell are any indication, they should be a pretty decent smoke. So I will be keeping the GSC leaner around for a while and one of the others looks like it may also have some potential. Here are pics on day 55:

Day 42 Dark Plasma Reset And Smoke Report

So its day 42 for my reset Dark Plasmas. I wont be taking them past day 56 so I have started to flush them. Nutes were dropped from 600 to 450 ppm last week. This week they have been brought down to 300 ppm and from there next week will be just pHed water.

The Cyco Nutrients have continued to perform well with no deficiencies or lock outs. Plant resin production is good and these girls are all very sticky. Smells are also strong.

I was able to smoke some of the first Dark Plasma run but it is still curing. The smoke was good but not exceptional. Pretty indica leaning. The GSC pheno was weaker than the other phenos but much prettier.

They all had a minty taste on inhale and exhale. There was also some woodsy forest undertones that reminded me of tree moss. The other plants were more gassy than the Cookie pheno.

Dried bud of the Girl Scout Cookies leaner actually smelled a bit like cookies. It reminded me of baking chocolate chip cookies on a cookie sheet and letting them go a bit too long. Not a burnt smell at all but just a bit over baked. The other phenos had a similar smell but were much gassier.

All made small very sticky buds and pheno #4 seemed to have a bit more OG in her judging by bud shape and smell. She has the largest buds but they are by no means large.

The GSC pheno yielded a bit over an ounce of nice looking hard buds and it looks like #4 might yield a bit more.

I don’t think I will be keeping these girls because the yield is very low and none of the smoke is exceptional enough to justify keeping a low yielding strain like this.

Dark Plasma Day 50 Harvest

I harvested these girls on day 50. They were done with cloudy trichomes and a few amber.

I am not sure I will grow this strain again. I like its earliness and the bud quality is good. Hard solid buds all the way down and great bag appeal. It is easy to trim too.

But the yield is pretty low and although the smoke is tasty and fairly potent it is not anything exceptional. Honestly I think GSC is one of the most over hyped strains around.

Still, with the plants early maturity and narrow upright growth it is possible to pack them in pretty tight and pull a half decent yield from them.

So as an early fast maturing strain I might run them again at some point. With limited space there isn’t room for keeping everything and it would be a while before I can run them again so I may let them go.

FWIW I think Vader did a great job on these.

Here is another strain from Ocean Grown Seeds that I flowered: https://420dotcom.com/alien-rift-by-ocean-grown-seeds.html

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