Goji OG HPA COB LED Grow Journal Report

About Bodhi Seeds Goji OG Strain

I have heard a lot of good things about the Bodhi Seeds Goji OG strain and definitely wanted to give it a try. It is one of his most  popular crosses and is supposed to be dank, good yielding and very tasty. I also have not grown any of Bodhi’s seeds and wanted to give them a shot. Here’s what Leafly says:

“Goji OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Bodhi Seeds crossed between Nepali OG and Snow Lotus. The flavor is as unique as the berry it’s named after, offering a dynamic aroma including red berry, black cherry, strawberry, hawaiian punch, and licorice. Indoor or outdoor grows offer high yields with a flowering time of around 9 weeks.” https://www.leafly.com/hybrid/goji-og

Starting Goji OG Seeds

Here are some Goji OG seeds 7 days after soaking them for 24 hours. I had 22 seeds and germination was 100%.  I broke the top on one and 2 others were very slow growing. So I will probably scrap them. They will be a week behind the others and not likely to compete.

So I have 19 strong, healthy seedlings as the picture shows. They will be going into net pots this week and likely get a 3 week veg before flowering. Now I am just hoping for a good female/male ratio.

Goji OG Seeds 7 Days

Goji OG Seeds In Early Veg

About 2 weeks has passed since the pic above and the girls have grown. Most of them look pretty good but compared to some other strains I have grow they seem slow.

The seeds took a few days longer to germinate than most although germination was 100%. The plants seem to be growing slower too. Maybe it’s just me being impatient but they seem to be slower on root development and over all growth.

They are in my aeroponic totes and mostly under a 250w COB LED from Pacific Light Concepts. Along side them are some Hells Angel OG cuttings under a Platinum P600 LED so the purple you see is spill over.

dscn4952 dscn4953 dscn4954 dscn4955

Want to try aeroponics find out how here: https://420dotcom.com/diy-aeroponics-new-high-pressure-aeroponics-diy-plans.html

I am down to 18 seedlings now. As you can see there is quite a bit of size difference between plants. According to Bodhi:

There’s two main phenos in the goji og line a big yielding og smelling totem pole maker of infinite delight, and a smaller strawberry pheno that looks like a super frosty og, but has the super narco high of the snowlotus. http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Goji_OG/Bodhi_Seeds/

My guess is the smaller plants are the strawberry pheno and the larger ones are the more OG leaning pheno. I Should start to see some signs of sex showing in a couple of weeks.

I may be moving these in a few days to there permanent home but right now it looks like they will need 2 more weeks of veg before flowering. I plan on taking cuts of these so I do need some size and branches to work with.

Goji At 3 Weeks Veg

Here are the girls a week later. Still too young to sex although they are getting close to hitting the 7th node so they should be showing soon.

dscn4956 dscn4957 dscn4958 dscn4959

I did remove the lowest and largest fan leaves from these girls. I want to get more light to the lowest nodes so I can take clones once I can sex them.

Week 4 Goji  Veg

My girls are almost through week 4 and are starting to show preflowers. Hopefully this coming week the males will start showing themselves.

I have moved the girls to the closet they will be flowered in under 500w of COB LEDs. I needed to make room for flowering my Hells Angel OG in there. Here are a few pics:

dscn4960 dscn4961 dscn4962 dscn4963 dscn4964

Week 5 – New Cobs Added Getting Ready For 12/12

This has been a busy week and I now have 700w of COB LED lighting. I have taken par readings around the plants and they were a bit low on one end. Although my screen is 48 inches long my totes are 58 inches so there were always a couple of girls with lower light. The 250s from Pacific Light Concepts are made to cover 4 feet so I added a 200w 4 COB kit from Timber Grow Lights to extend the length of my lighting.

I am very happy with both sets of lights and would recommend them to anyone. I am getting par readings of 800 or more over the entire canopy and these girls are ready to rock.

I also discovered that I apparently have Pythium in this grow. The plants are being treated with H2O2 and are growing nice new roots. You would never know from looking at them from above. I am planning on using Dutch Master Zone for the rest of this grow because it is longer lasting.

It looks like I may have lost 1 plant to collar rot from this because of stem breakage. I have cool res temps and plenty of aeration so not sure how they picked this up. They were healthy going in and the totes were disinfected before hand. I have had some issues with stems breaking so I suspect it was there but not really showing up otherwise. I am guessing reusing my neoprene inserts may be part of the problem so everything will be replaced after this grow.

It also appears that I have a good number of females. So far I have only found 1 definite male and 9 definite females(confirmed by finding white pistils on the preflowers) with the other plants looking like they will mostly be female.

Here are some pics of the new cobs:


Here are some pic of the girls under these lights:


Above are the girls at 5 weeks. Below are the girls a few days before.dscn4992dscn4991dscn4990dscn4989dscn4988dscn4987dscn4986dscn4985dscn4984dscn4983dscn4982 Flipping Goji OG – Day 7 Of Flower

Goji girls are growing like crazy! Beautiful lush plants. First flowers started to appear on day 6-7 of 12/12. They had a 5 week veg before being flipped. I heard Goji goes 60 -63 days to maturity but it may finish faster in an aeroponic system.

They are getting 800 ppm of Dutch Master Flower A&B and kept at a pretty stable pH of 5.8. I am giving them a cup of 3% H2O2 every other day to dealt with Fusarium or whatever is causing stem rot and browning roots. Also I am using Dutch Master Zone because it is longer lasting than the peroxide. I believe it is chloramine with added copper sulfate.

Roots are healthy and white again and the plants themselves are so healthy you could never tell there are any issues at all.

I have been looking for males but have not found any. Last week I thought I had found one but it turned out to be a girl. It looks like I might have all 17 remaining females.

Started with 22 seedlings. Of these, 3 were small and late germinating and were destroyed. I broke the stem on one seedling and so started with 18 plants. Removed a female with a broken stem last week so now I have 17 left.

Not sure what the ones I killed were and maybe there still is a male hiding in there but unlikely. The only way I can see getting that many girls is it someone in the breeding room threw a nanner.

I am not complaining really but I am going to have to move some plants. I expected to end up with 10-12 girls and not 17. There really isn’t enough room in my grow closet to do a good job with 17. Luckily there is some room in my other grow closet where I am flowering some Biker Kush.

dscn4995 dscn4998 dscn4999 dscn5000 dscn5001 dscn5002 dscn5003 dscn5004 dscn5005 dscn5006 dscn5007

Thinning And Trim Time

Here is an end of day 7 update. All the girls were trimmed. I removed a lot of large fan leaves, some lower branches and nodes too.

I also had to remove 5 nice plants to my other grow closet. They are a few of the smaller plants and look like they may be a different pheno. So they will have to share space with my Biker Kush. Wish I could keep them all together but they would be too crowded. I hate breaking up a family!

I am not sure how much these will stretch. Because of their OG side I expected more upright, taller plants. But the Goji seems to have a more bushy spreading growth pattern so they need more space than a straight OG.

dscn5008 dscn5009 dscn5010 dscn5011

So now there are 12 plants, 6 per tote under 700w of COB LED lighting. In a few days will not be able to tell there are less plants or any leaves were ever removed.  Getting ready for these ladies to rock out!

Day 14 – Dude Looks Like A Lady

Well this week brought a lot of surprises. Originally when I checked preflowers I found only 1 male and 4 I couldn’t tell definitely and 12 females.

Once flowering started plants started to show their true selves. In the end I wound up with only 6 girls. Some of the females that I confirmed by their white pistils turned into males. These were not hermies, they were pure male once flowering began.

These plants started as females but turned male and I did some research to see WTF was going on. What I found out is plants can change sex. The first thing I learned is science is still pretty much in the dark on how plants determine sex.

It has been reported females can turn male and vice versa. In fact DJ Short talked about resinous males throwing female flowers and having breeding potential.

Goji OG is a strange strain in some ways. Most preflowers were elongated like female flowers and there was only one male with the more rounded ball on a stick. And like I said a few plants had preflowers with white pistils at first.

Terpenes are very different too. While the males were in the room smelled like a vanilla milk shake. It was intoxicating and I found myself sticking my head in there quite a few times just to get a whiff. Now that the males are gone the smell is different. It is definitely sweet but that is about all I can pick up at this point. I am sure once flower production picks up there will be new smells.

Plant structure is very sturdy with wide branching down low. But some plants are showing more upright OG type growth now. All and all I am happy with the plants but not with the shitty m/f ratio I got.

Here are some pics of young flowering at day 14. Things should get more interesting soon.

dscn5018 dscn5019 dscn5020 dscn5021 dscn5023 dscn5024

Here are some group shots

dscn5013 dscn5014 dscn5015

Day 21 Of Flower

My Goji girls are in flower mode now and looking and smelling very good. They smell like sweet dairy, remind me of a vanilla milkshake. I am not really picking up any berry yet.

Not sure how far they will stretch but 1 girl is quite a bit taller than the others. 2 plants are very short and I decided to not take any cuttings from them.

These plants have some wide strong lowers that look like they will produce well. But up top the growth is very OG like with very upright branching.dscn5035Left to right are #s 9,2,11,1 and 2 short unnumbered phenos dscn5036#9dscn5037#2 dscn5038#11 dscn5039#1 dscn5040 dscn50412 shorter phenos I wont be keeping. dscn5042dscn5043 dscn5044 dscn5045Some pics looking down the barrel showing lowers developing a nice crop.dscn5046 dscn5047Some side canopy shots. I will be removing some lower fan leaves and probably doing some branch removal too.

Day 28 Goji Bringing On The Frost

My Goji girls have started bringing on the frost this week. They are growing well and I think the stretch is just about over. I have cleared out a lot of fan leaves so light gets to the lower buds.

Some of these ladies look like they are going to have some nice lower bud development. I noticed while removing fans and some smaller branches that things were getting sticky.

There are some really nice trichomes forming on these plants and it is still pretty early in flower so I am getting kind of excited about the Goji OG. Here are some pics taken at day 28 of flower:

dscn5062 dscn5063 dscn5064 dscn5065 dscn5066 dscn5067 dscn5068 dscn5069 dscn5070 dscn5071 dscn5072 dscn5073 dscn5075 dscn5076 dscn5077 dscn5079 dscn5080 dscn5081 dscn5082 dscn5083

Goji Day 35 Of Flower – WTF!

Shit happens! My system clogged. WTF is going on? Never had this happen before. Luckily damage wasn’t too severe because I caught it early but looks like I will lose 1 Goji girl. She was not destined to be one of the keepers but still I hate to lose a lady.

Lights are working great and below is an overview shot and you can see the wounded warrior on the far left.

Goji Day 35 Of Flower - WTF!Below is a close up of her (#9)  She’s hanging on but I am thinking about cutting her down in case she decides to hermie from the stress.

She was the smallest of my 4 potential keepers and when I checked her roots they were almost dry. None of the other girls seemed affected by the clog.

There is always a bit of water in my tote bottoms which I think helped the other ladies get through but this one had a smaller root system and did not reach it.dscn5090I’m not sure exactly what happened other than my misting heads clogging with a green black thick goo. None of the plants were wilted but #9 began showing some leaf discoloration on her upper fan leaves that looked more like a nutrient issue.

There are a few other things I have been trying. I have been running H2O2 and Zone this run and it is possible that goo was a build up of dead algae from that or some weird unknown chemical incompatibility problem caused by testing some Jack’s 10-30-20 Blossom Booster with my regular nutes.

Big difference this grow was not using a 50 micron poly filter bag over my intake. I swapped it out for a supposed 10 micron inline filter which obviously did not do its job. There was a 200 mesh filter in front of it too. It had some leaf crud in it but not enough to block flow. Not that much in the 10 micron either. So whatever it was passed through both and under pressure built up on the misting nozzles clogging everything with that black goo. It is kind of funny that even #2 which was right along side her never skipped a beat.

I busted the top on #9 getting her out to see her roots so there is a piece of black tape on the leader. Poor girl has been through a lot!dscn5091So here is #2 doing just fine on the right and #9 struggling.

On to better things here are some pics of the healthier ladies along with some nice trichome shots:dscn5092#11 dscn5093#1 dscn5094 dscn5095 dscn5096 dscn5097 dscn5098 dscn5099 dscn5100 dscn5101 dscn5102 dscn5103 dscn5104 dscn5105

This was not going to be a great grow with only 4 decent plants and 2 runts out of 22 seeds unless I was looking for a male. It looks empty in this closet.

Well that’s it for day 35. If you are running my system use the filter bag! Also clean it every grow because the pores will start to close. Rinse it out then just toss it in the washing machine or dishwasher without soap.

Goji OG Day 42 Of Flower – Now There Are 3

After last weeks mishap I have removed pheno #1. It was obvious after a week it would not recover. Although it was still alive I felt the risk of a possible hermie from the stress outweighed any yield.I have cuts so I can run any of these again if I want.

At this point the middle plant #11 is the likely keeper anyway. I am keeping my eye on #2 because it is showing some symptoms the clog. Apparently one tote was hit and one was spared. Still have 2 small girls that are growing nicely but wont produce much and will not be run again.

Smells on the buds are very complex. There is a definite OG smell to these girls and also a berry smell. I don’t know what Goji berries actually smell like, maybe I should buy some. But this smell reminds me of strawberry wine. I also noticed a distinct cleaner smell inside my grow closet.

Here are this weeks pics:

dscn5127 dscn5128 dscn5129 dscn5130 dscn5131 dscn5132 dscn5133 dscn5134 dscn5135 dscn5136 dscn5137 dscn5138 dscn5139 dscn5140

Goji OG Day 49 Harvest Is Getting Close

Day 49 and harvest is getting closer than ever. One pheno #2 will be cut down this week. The other 2 will go a bit longer.

These ladies are earlier than I expected. They are not drinking much any more and most trichomes are cloudy already. Bodhi lists around 63 days for the Goji strain but usually plants will mature faster in aeroponics.

Pheno #2 is dying back and I am not sure if she is just an early pheno or if this is a result of my earlier clog. A lot of the pistils have turned brown even on lower branches and the trichomes are almost all cloudy. Phenos #1 and #11 were in a different tote and seemed unaffected by the mishap. But even those are starting to fade.

I am kind of looking forward to emptying the tote #2 is in because I have 12 Jawa Kush I just started to flower along side her. They are growing fast and will soon need the extra space.

dscn5142 dscn5143 dscn5144 dscn5145 dscn5146 dscn5147 dscn5148 dscn5149 dscn5150 dscn5151 dscn5152 dscn5153 dscn5154 dscn5155 dscn5156 dscn5157


Going to harvest my Goji OG in the next day or so. A lot has gone wrong in this grow and the plants have been stressed. They are done and are slowly fading away. There is nothing to gain by waiting. They will not put on any more weight or size. They are not drinking and the trichomes are cloudy.

What Can Go Wrong Sometimes Will

I discovered that I had pythium or some kind of root rot early in the grow and was able to treat it with Dutch Master Zone and H2O2. I think I had it before but damage was minimal although some things like a power outage brought on a full outbreak in my clone/veg area. The plants brought it with them into the flowering room unfortunately.

I should note my res temps are low and in the mid 60s so there shouldn’t have been a problem with it, but shit happens. I had been noticing some stem breakage on my clones though I did not really know the cause until now.

Finally I had a blockage in my misters mid grow and that was really what hurt them the most. I now know algae is what plugged them up. I never had much algae growth in my totes even though the tops are not solid. The canopy always covered them so it was kept in check.

But LED plants are smaller and this run never developed a full canopy so there was a lot of light hitting the totes. My res treatments killed a lot of it but it still got into the system. I had dispensed with my filter sock and went with a 10 micron inline filter which did not do its job obviously.

So it is time for a complete tear down and disinfection. Sad thing is I was short on space and moved my Jawa Kush in there. It had beautiful roots going in but soon started to show signs of wilting. It was removed and root pruned and given a Zone and peroxide dip. I am hoping I can save it. So tear down time is here and the tote tops will be made light proof.

Looks like in spite of everything the Goji OG will still produce some nice buds and I have clones started so I will give these another go. Here are some preharvest pics:

dscn5162 dscn5163 dscn5164 dscn5165 dscn5166 dscn5167 dscn5168 dscn5169 dscn5170 dscn5171 dscn5172 dscn5173 dscn5174 dscn5175 dscn5176 dscn5177

Final Thoughts On Goji

So the Goji was all harvested and final yield for all plants was a few grams short of  8 ounces. Not a great yield but considering what these plants went through not bad. I think this strain has a lot of potential and would be a high yielder if healthy.

The smoke is very smooth and taste good. I am not great at flavors but there was definitely an underlying strawberry or berry wine gas taste. Not sweet but like dry wine.

It was potent and long lasting. Definitely day time smoke and very sativa dominant. Great for wake and bake or days when you have activities planned or need to get stuff done. I ended up cleaning my house after smoking. I would not recommend this as before bedtime smoke as it will likely keep you awake.

I managed to save a few cuts including #11 which was the heaviest producer and will run her again. What I found was it is very hard to root clones of any infected plants. The disease is in the roots but I think it weakens the plant so much overall that it is very hard to get cuts to root.

Still not sure what I had because not getting typical pythium brown roots or slime and no smell. Roots turn gray and get soft and mushy. I have only been able to partially control it with Zone and H2O2

So I have decided to give my aeroponic systems a rest for a while. So right now I am trying to get healthy clones for my system and then I will be growing in coco for a while.

It is a lot more work than aeroponics for sure but it also is resistant to pythium and there are biological controls like trichoderma that eat pythium for lunch.

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