Hells Angel OG – Karma Genetics Biker Kush Grow Report

This is my Hells Angel OG – Karma Genetics Biker Kush grow. Biker Kush is almost pure HA OG. I am grateful Karma Genetics is working this strain and he deserves credit for his work, but at the same time part of the problem with OG Kush is all the renaming that goes on.

Hells Angel OG History


However in this case, at least one dispensary in Socal was threatened with a lawsuit for using the Hells Angel name for a strain they were selling. Apparently the Angels feel it is their “brand” and have sole rights to use it.

I wouldn’t want to argue the point with them, so maybe Karma’s HA OG would have been more accurate but not possible either. Read more OG Kush – True OG Kush Genetics And History

Hells Angel OG - Karma Genetics Biker Kush GrowThe genetics and origin of the Hells Angel cut is unclear. It is believed it may be a hybrid of the Larry cut crossed with Blackberry, but this is uncertain.

This appears to be the most likely account of her genetics:

Wick got the HA cut from a grower who grew for HA. It was just labeled OG kush, and wick labeled it HA OGK to differentiate it from all the other OG cuts he had.

Its just a straight OGK. There is no blackberry, or blueberry or anything like that. I dont believe it came from the same person/crew that Wick got the Larry from. But both the HA and Larry were brought onto the ‘scene’ and given those tags by Wick. https://www.thcfarmer.com/community/threads/hells-angels-og-kush.54402/

Personally I believe Hells Angel OG is straight OG. In fact, I believe all these original OG cuts are the same plant. They were selfed by various growers and that accounts for the differences between cuts but they are all from the same original genetics.

The story goes that this cut came from a Hells Angels grow op in Orange County. Hells Angels are known for making speed and not weed so this story may not be true.

Another story floating around is that a long time grower stepped on some toes and had to cough the cut up to the Hells Angels as reparation. Again there is no real proof.

I am no math wiz but Biker Kush Version 1 was 75% with 25% SFV OG the genetics are  HA-OG X (HA-OG X SFV OG Kush BX2) .

Version 2 is  HA-OG X (Ha-OG X (HA-OG X SFV OG Kush BX2) At this point the second backcross would make it about 88% Hells Angel OG. If Karma does any further generations it would be 90-99% pure.

The Hells Angel OG is also in the genetics of Jesus OG from TGA genetics as Hells OG X Jacks Cleaner X Space Queen  They say they decided to call it Jesus OG because it sounded nicer than Hell OG.

We may never know the true origins of this strain but it sounds like a great strain and I can’t wait to grow it out. I like the fact that Karma tried to use all OG genes in their cross because I am looking for a true OG in seed form.

Here is the breeder’s strain description:

Biker Kush V2.0 is a second backcross of the HA-OG and one of my personal favorites.  This is one heavy OG Kush as well, on yield, flavor, and strength! Like a good red wine with a pure kush flavor and growing style.  Perhaps a bit viny and stretchy, might need staking during flower.  This fine lady makes rock hard kush buds with a great smell and flavor; full pinesol-lemon kush with an earthy undertone.

Genetics: HA-OG X (Ha-OG X (HA-OG X SFV OG Kush BX2)
Type: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 9-11 Weeks
Height: Medium to High
Yield: Average/High
Release Year: 2013
Credits: Karma Genetics

OG Pheno Search

True OGs including SFV OG are cut only because there are no males in the line. Even hermies or selfing would only produce female seeds. Since Biker Kush has both male and females there is another strain in the genetics that carries the male chromosomes. They say it is blackberry in the Hells Angel OG .

Since I want a pure OG in seed form I will be searching for phenos that exhibit OG traits. Smell will be taken into account, but the real proof of  true OG genetics is the 3 blade fan leaves it pushes out at the base of each node.

This is much more likely to happen with the SFV OG dominant phenotypes.  No other strain that I know of does this so I consider it a genetic marker.

SFV OG showing 3 blade fan leaves

I will be choosing  keepers that show this trait. I wish I had the Biker Kush V1 because it has more SFVOG in its genetics, unfortunately the original 50/50 V1 male was lost from what I have heard.

Still, if I get lucky and can find a male that shows the 3 leaf pattern I will be able to do some breeding with this strain.

Biker Kush/Hells Angel OG Grow Information

I will be growing these straight 12/12 from seed so there will be no veg. The grow will be in my DIY aeroponic totes and I will be testing out Heavy 16’s Bud A&B.

I also have some Cinderella 99 going. I am familiar with this strain so it will help me gauge the Heavy 16 Bud’s performance.

Lighting is 2 Blockbuster hoods and 2 Phantom 600W digital ballasts. The grow area itself is about 2 x 4 feet and total closet size is 32 inches w by 6 feet long.

Ventilation is a 6″ Soler & Palau TD-150 at 293 CFM. I also use a smaller 4″ TD 100X rated at 135 CFM for additional air movement and a 10″ Ozeri Brezza.

Karma Genetics Biker Kush Seeds Are Here!

My seeds came today and were immediately soaked on a paper towel. There are supposed to be 12 seeds but I actually got 13. Within 24 hours all seeds had cracked and 10 were already showing tails. They were dropped in rock wool cubes that had been presoaked in pH 5.6 water.

It has been 48 hours since dropping the seeds into rock wool cubes. 12 0f 13 seeds are up and 3 have already shucked their husks and are showing small dark green seedling leaves. Once they start showing their true leaves I will post some pics but right now there really isn’t much to see.

They are getting 20 hours of light right now but once true leaves appear and they are tall enough to put in a net pot and stick through the neoprene collar they will go into my totes under 12/12 lighting. I am guessing that will be in a week.

Hells Angel OG /Biker Kush Seedlings 13 For 13

HAOG/Biker Kush seedlings at 4 days

Here are my HAOG/Biker Kush seedlings at 4 days. All 13 seeds germinated for a 100% germination rate. From what I have read I knew Karma made some good seeds and I guess this proves it.

The only problem I have had is that the tap roots are so vigorous they are pushing the seedlings up out of the rock wool cubes.

So I have been breaking the cubes in half carefully and resetting them deeper. Kind of scary to do but so far so good. These have already hit the bottom of the cubes so they should be ready for net pots real soon.

It has now been 7 days since I received my seeds and they all have their first set of true leaves appearing. They have been put into my aeroponic totes and will start their 12/12 lighting.

They are still very small. But their roots were coming out of the rockwool so I decided to put them in net pots now and avoid untangling and damaging them.

They are only getting about 350 ppm and as they get a bit bigger I will add more nutes. This strain is new to me and I wanted to avoid burning them when they are so young. I should have some pics this weekend when they are a bit larger.

Swerve a well known breeder and OG grower from Cali Connection and he says:

“og is a food whore.. shit i give them 750ppm of nitrogen and calmag right when they root and go into my dwc system… then it gets bumped real fast to 1000ppm… when i switched this last run to 12/12 i was at shit i dunno 1250-1300ppm before even going into flower.

and i will top them off at 2000ppm of bloom calmag and kool bloom. before my 3 weeks flush. and not a burn anywhere on the leaves or in the buds.. and let me tell you i got og kolas right now that are just under arms length and they are a true 3 weeks into flower.

im talking insane og dank….hahahahahaa i take all my og at 70-75 days nothing earlier i like the weight it puts on those last 2 weeks. you can go from a 2 ounce plant to a 4 ounce plant in those last 2-3 weeks. trust me on that… rock hard dense as all hell lemon pledge pinesol kerosine smelling and tasting buds.” https://www.thcfarmer.com/community/threads/tips-on-growing-sfv-og-kush.21595/

Boy was he right! These little ladies started showing Cal Mag deficiency right after going to 12 hour lighting. They barely have any roots pushed into my tote so I kept ppm at about 400 so I wouldn’t burn them.

Heavy 16 already has high amounts of calcium and magnesium but apparently not enough for the plants to take up with a limited root system. So I added a 100 ppm Cali Magic and the next morning they have greened up considerably. I guess I will begin to gradually raise the nute levels this week.

Biker Kush Seedlings At 10 Days

Here are my 13 biker kush seedlings at 10 days old. Still pretty small and just starting to get their roots down into the tote. They are starting on their second set of true leaves. They have been under 12/12 lighting for 5 days at this point. I will consider that a “veg” and will start counting flowering weeks from today.

Biker Kush Seedlings At 10 Days

I have raised the nutes to 550 ppm and will bring it up gradually to about 750 ppm over this week. I have not been adding any more base nutrients but have been adding CaliMagic which contains some nitrogen and iron along with the cal/mag.

These ladies seem to have a very fine root structure and I have heard they can be hard to clone. Once the roots get larger I expect to see some rapid growth from these girls. Until then I will go slow and easy with the nutes. They don’t show any signs of burning but with plants this small I want to be careful.

Biker Kush Week 1 Flowering

These girls have made some nice growth the past couple of days. They still have pretty small root systems compared to other strains I have grown. That may partly account for their slow growth. They have not been vigorous and had a pale yellow green color even with nutes pushed up to 1000 ppm and cal/mag supplement. So I decided to try switching out my nutes to see if that would make a difference.

Goodbye Heavy 16 – Hello Dutch Master

Because of slow growth and poor color I decided to drain the reservoir of Heavy 16 and replace it with the Dutch Master nutrients I usually use. The pictures may not show it but within 12 hours of making the change the plants were noticeably greener.

By the next day the growth points were turning a healthy dark green and starting to grow. Unfortunately under HPS lighting colors take a yellowish tint, so it may be hard to see this, but they are much darker and healthier than before.

I think the Heavy 16 is not a good choice for aeroponics and probably not for regular hydro either. It is an excellent formula, but I think it works best for soil or soiless mixes. The pH wants to stay at 6.2 or a bit higher which is fine for soil but not for hydro.

I would bring it down to 5.5 – 5.8 and it would creep back up  soon after. I think that at 6.2 in hydro you are looking at potential lock outs. This may account for the poor color and growth.

Biker Kush on Heavy16This is my Biker Kush on Heavy 16 Bud A&B. Pale yellow green with slow growth.

Biker Kush 12 hours after switching to Dutch MasterBiker Kush after 12 hours on Dutch Master. Still kind of yellow but if you look at the growth point you can see it is darker green.

Biker Kush 24 hours after nute changeBiker Kush after 24 hours on Dutch Master Flower A&B. HPS lights yellowed this pic but trust me they are much greener than before.

Biker Kush 36 hours after switchBiker Kush 36 hours after switching flowering nutes. Plants are larger and growing well with healthy color. You can see new growth is darker green.

Final Thoughts On Changing Nutrients

I am really sold on Dutch Master. I saw significant improvement in appearance and yield when I first switched. But I think we should try new things because that’s how we learn. Unfortunately Heavy 16 isn’t for my growing style.

I like the fact D M is full of cal/mag to start so I don’t need to add any in most cases. Also its manufacturer recommends not using bloom boosters with it because there is no need for them.

I know people spend a ton of money on Big Bud, Overdrive and similar products. To me this means their base nutes aren’t complete so I don’t buy them.

Because I am in aeroponics I can not really use Heavy 16’s full line so I understand someone who uses it all may see different results than mine.

Clogging and settling would definitely be an issue and there really isn’t a base for all these microorganisms to live on with the roots hanging in the air.

Hells Angel OG /Biker Kush Showing Aeroponic Roots At 17 Days

Biker Kush Aeroponic Roots At 1 Week 12/12

I am a bit disappointed because I was looking forward to giving Heavy 16 a full trial and could not. But if you are growing in soil, soiless or maybe even coco you still may want to give them a go because some folks are getting extraordinary results with this nutrient line.

Aptus Fasilitor Trial

Aptus Believer PackSo I also wanted to test Aptus Fasilitor on this grow. The original plan was to use it with the Heavy 16 nutes but that isn’t going to happen. Probably better to test 1 thing at a time anyway.

Fasilitor is supposed to be a new bioavailable silicone supplement that strengthens plants, increases nutrient uptake and can shorten node spacing. I have never used a silicon supplement before so don’t really have any comparisons to go by.

All I know is this stuff is probably the most expensive additive on the market at around $140 a bottle. I got a sample size Aptus Believer Pack for this trial. I will only be using the Fasilitor because the StartBoost is totally incompatible with aeroponic systems. Read my Aptus Fasilitor Review for more info.

Here is a picture at 18 days before use. The girls are starting to take off so I spread them out over 2 totes. There is a 3rd tote of C99 that will be done soon and some will get moved there too.

Biker Kush 18 days from seedIt looks like these ladies are getting ready to spread their wings and start stretching any day now. It was recommended on the box, but not their website, to cut base nutes in half when adding Fasilitor. But I only cut back from 11 to 800 ppm. So far no signs of burning so I will probably bring levels up again.

If this stuff can help reduce stretch I think that would be great. Honestly, I am not expecting much here. Both Aptus and Heavy 16 are really designed to be used in soil or coco and not hydro and definitely not aeroponics. Still, it’s always good to try something new. Even if it doesn’t work you can always learn something from the experience.

Biker Kush Week 2 Of Flower

Everything is going well. The girls have put on a lot of new growth and size. I have them at 1200 ppm right now. They are being run with base nutes at 1000 and I am adding CaliMagic to bring them up to 1200. They really are magnesium whores. They just chew through this stuff and if levels start to drop they lose their healthy green color. I have had to add more every 2 days or so. Dutch Master already has high levels of cal/mag to start with. So my advice is to use cal mag supplements on the OGs no matter what base nutes you are using.

I have noticed purpling in this strain as a result of the BlackBerry genetics. It is mostly noticeable between leaf veins and on edges of new growth. The stems also are showing purple stripes. This is not caused by a deficiency, but is genetic.

Hells Angel OG is definitely a hybrid of OG kush and blackberry in my opinion. There are several blackberry strains and cuts so I am not really sure what was used in the HA OG. Supposedly it is Nebu’s BlackBerry which it supposed to be a great looking plant with great trichome development but one that lacks potency so I am not sure why they would use it in the original cross.

So far I have seen purple in all the plants. They appear very uniform in growth and appearance and I think Karma did a great job on breeding these. I would like to find a SFV OG leaning pheno but I don’t think there will be any in this batch. I am planning on making some seeds so I may find one there.

Also these plants are getting ready to show sex which is good because things are starting to get crowded. Today I spotted my first male so I am sure within the next week or so they will show sex and flowering is about to start.

Aptus Fasilitor Test Week 1

I added Fasilitor to my res according to directions at 3ml per 5 gallons about 5 days ago and have not seen any significant difference in my plants. It looks like it precipitated out to the bottom of my res. So I decided to use it as a foliar spray at the recommended rate of 1ml per liter and apply once a week.

I am spraying only one tote so I can see if there is a difference between treated and non treated plants and will be doing a res change this week using just base nutes and cal/mag. So far I have not seen any difference between plants but it has only been a few days since I sprayed.

HA OG 3-15Plants have really grown this week. They are healthy green now thanks to cal/mag.

P1000816Very happy with these girls so far. Everything is looking really good and stretch is on.

HA OG 3-15 - nice uniform plantsBiker Kush is very uniform considering it’s a seed run. Karma did a good job on these.

HA OG 3-15 - Male Biker KushBalls said the queen, if I had em I’d be king! One confirmed male so far.

HA OG 3-15 - Nice Biker Kush plantsAnother shot of the plants. Love those big fat fan leaves but they gotta go.

HA OG 3-15 Some soon to finish C99 in this growA few C99 that should be done in a few weeks. Good thing too because these biker girls are going to need the space.

HA OG 3-15 - Male plant showing off his rootsThe offending male is removed and shows off his roots. He will go into my RainForest and may be used for future seed production.

So right now my grow is down to 12 plants. I must admit that I am surprised to only find 1 male so far, but I am keeping my eyes out for others. I should know how many more by the end of this coming week.

Some lower fan leaves will be removed so light can get to the lower branches. I will also take some cuttings once everything is sexed. It takes a bit longer to make clones this way because they have to grow roots and reveg at the same time. But I am limited on space and don’t want to end up cloning a bunch of males.

Biker Kush Video Week 1&2

I made a video for you all with a quick recap of weeks 1 and 2 of my Biker Kush grow.

Biker Kush Week 3 Time For Biker Girls To Get A Trim

Starting on week 3 and my biker girls need a trim. I have been finding some wet areas where leaves touch. Even though my humidity is fairly low I don’t like to see that.

So I snapped off most of the fan leaves. This will give more light to the almost hidden lower branches and give them a chance to catch up to the tops. I will probably take clones from these lower branches once I am sure everything is sexed.

So far I have not seen any more males appear and actually saw the start of some female flowers. I can’t imagine having 13 plants with only 1 male because that defies all odds, but who knows maybe I hit the jackpot.

Now that I can see these girls it looks like there are 2 basic phenos. One is tall with very upright branches and one is shorter with a bit wider branching. These plants are still very young so this could change.

Also it looks like I am down to 11 plants. One plant snapped off right where it came out of the net pot. It was a weird plant to start with and was deformed. Somehow it grew 2 branches fused together and had a very short thick stem. Eventually it grew out of it and had 2 normal tops but I guess the stem wasn’t healthy or normal. It had nice roots so I left it in the tote and put the top in another pot. Maybe it will regrow but I doubt it and even if it does it will be weeks behind the others.

Biker Kush Week 3The dense canopy on these Biker Kush will definitely need some trimming.

Biker Kush Week 3 pretty thick canopyIt’s pretty thick in there with all those big fan leaves touching each other.

biker kush after the trimAfter the trim I can actually see my plants branching structure.

biker kush girls with their new haircutYou can actually see some upright branches now and some potential cloning material.

Biker kush after removing fan leavesIf you look you can see the top that broke in the middle row of the tote and a bit of the stump in the right row.

Taking Some Clones And Other Updates

I took some clones today. I took 2 cuttings from each plant. So far they all appear to be female. I have been looking every day and so far there are no balls to be found anywhere. The 1 male is being held in my RainForest for possible future breeding. I thought I would have several to choose from.

Cuttings were taken from the lower branches, dipped in Clonex and inserted into pHed rock wool cubes. I used an old rapid rooter tray to keep cuttings separate.

I will be happy with a 50% take. I have had some problems with cloning so am going back to basics and using a dome over my cuttings. My aeroponic totes work great for cloning but they are almost always in flower. The RainForest works well with a timer, but right now is running without one. Like that it takes forever to clone because the plants are so wet they don’t need to grow roots and grow tops instead.

This is the first time I am using Clonex. One thing I noticed after reading the label was that it has 3 times the amount of rooting hormone that the powder I was using had. So hopefully my results will be better and clones of Cinderella which has been very hard to root may be easier to make too.

Biker Kush clones

All these ladies means I will have a higher plant population so training will be more important. I thought I would only have 6 plants to work with not 11 and the one that broke looks like it is going to root too.  I was going to supercrop to spread these girls but I thought I would have half as many. So now it looks like soft topping and growing them more upright is the way to go instead. I am definitely not going to bitch about 12 of 13 plants being female.

Fasilitor Update

I have sprayed my left tote with Aptus Fasilitor again this week. So far I have not seen any difference between sprayed and unsprayed plants. I may double the dosage next week if there still is no change. Both the Aptus and Heavy 16 line are designed for soil or coco grows and I don’t think either of them really work for aeroponics, so I really am not expecting much change.

At the end of week 3 I have noticed that the sprayed plants do appear to be slightly shorter than the unsprayed ones. So I will continue with a weekly spraying for now. This is really not an ideal test because I am not familiar with this strain. The best scenario would be to use  identical clones and spray half and I may do this in my next HA OG grow which will be from clones.

End Of Week 3 Biker Kush Pics

If you look at these it doesn’t appear they have ever been trimmed but the have. I also have been removing some more fan leaves during the week to get light to the lower branches.

I have continued looking for male plants but barring some real surprises the remaining 11 plants are likely girls. I am seeing a few white pistils on the branches so flowering is pretty close.

So far I have not done any topping, fimming or super cropping because in most cases the lower branches are not much lower than the tops. My plants are ranging from 12 to 22 inches at this point.

HAOG/Biker Kush at end of week 3 in flowerHard to believe these are the same plants 5 days later!

HAOG/BikerSide shot of center tote.

HAOG/BikerThe left side.

HAOG/Biker Kush at end of week 3 in flower-tallest girl sticking her head upThe tallest girl sticking her head up.

HAOG/Biker Kush at end of week 3 in flower-my tallest Biker girlClose up of my tallest Biker girl

HAOG/Biker Kush at end of week 3 in flower-One of the shorter Biker Kush phenosOne of the shorter Biker Kush phenos.

HAOG/Biker Kush at end of week 3 in flower-Group shot of both totesGroup shot of both totes.

So this is the end of week 3. I have raised nute levels to 1400 ppm in anticipation of flowering. These biker girls eat like hogs, especially cal/mag and could probably go up to 2000 without any leaf burn at all, but I don’t want to raise nute levels much more until the stretch is over.

Week 3 Biker Kush/HA OG Video

Week 4 The Girls Are Stretching And Starting To Flower

So at the end of day 28 of flower the HA OG/Biker Kush ladies have been stretching and starting to flower. Nothing to impressive yet just some white pistils. I have installed a trellis about 26 inches above the girls and may put a 2nd trellis above it if I need to. Still not sure how tall these ladies will get.

Biker Kush with trellis
This is what the trellis looked like at the start of the week.

P1000843Here is what it looked like 5 days later. Definitely some growth going on but some ladies have a way to go to reach the screen.

I have a few C99 girls at the very far end of the grow that will be coming out in about a week so I can spread the biker girls out a bit. It’s pretty easy to move even large plants around in these totes.

Pretty much everything below the trellis has been cleaned up. I don’t want any scrawny larfy buds. Anything that looks like it can’t make it that high will be removed. I have been removing fan leaves that block the light on the lower shoots to give them a better chance of making it.


HA OG 3-27 Biker Kush gets lollypopped

This strain is 75% Hells Angel OG and 25% SFV OG and my plants are a good reflection of this. Out of 12 females 9 (75%) are shorter and bushy and 3 (25%) are tall and upright. A few of the shorter group fall in between the 2 extremes. I am a bit worried some of these will just make it through the trellis. I thought OG was a more stretchy strain.

P1000840Still a ways to go but they are getting there. Thought they all would be taller.

As far as I can tell the taller ladies with very upright branching are more SFV leaning and these will likely be where my keepers will come from. One in particular seems about a week ahead of all the others so she’s the one I’m watching, but harvest is a long way off and a lot can happen. I won’t make a final decision until after I do a run with clones because I have seen big differences from the same plant from seed.


This is the biker girl I really have my eyes on. She’s the tallest and started to show flowers almost a week before the others.

P1000849Here is another shot of her.

P1000850This is her sister. She’s a few days behind but looking pretty sassy.

Aptus And Heavy 16

I have stopped my Aptus trial for now. At this point I can’t say I have really seen that much difference between the sprayed and unsprayed plants.

These girls were really a bunch of fussy bitches to get through their first few weeks. Things have gotten more dialed in and they look a lot better in flower too. But I am thinking I may have pulled the heavy 16 too soon.

Even now that they are on Dutch Master with regular CaliMagic supplements they still don’t look entirely happy to me. It is like there is something missing or something they are not getting quite enough of even though they are very healthy plants. Maybe they just don’t do as well in aeroponic systems. Don’t know but that leads me to….

Next Biker Run In Coco?

I am considering running my Biker clones in coco. I want to trial the Aptus products I have and give the Heavy 16 another run. But I really need to run in coco or soil to do this and to be honest growing in soil does not interest me at all.

But coco is really a hydro medium even though many use it like soil. So I am thinking about an automated coco drip grow with multiple feedings. Conventional wisdom says coco should be run drain to waste but I may try a recirculating coco run. I think it can be done if you monitor your run off carefully.

3 weeks in with Aptus shits blowing up around here..

If you haven’t heard of Jackmayoffer he is a commercial grower from Cali he runs over 100k with coco beds and crushes it with Heavy 16 and Aptus you should definitely check his thread out here. Unfortunately a lot of naysayers kinda ruined the thread but not before he dropped some great grow information. Amazes me how people can be down on something they never even tried! Lots of good stuff there and some of the most amazing grows I have ever seen! If you grow in coco or are thinking about it, it will definitely be worth your time even if you never touch Aptus. It was an inspiration to me and makes my 1# per light look puny.

Tomorrow starts week 5 but since these biker girls have started flowering I thought I would take a few more pics to end off week 4.

Biker Kush back view of trellis Biker Kush from the front of the trellis So far the nicest biker kush Another Biker Kush that looks really good

Week 4 Biker Kush Aeroponic Grow Video

Week 5 Biker Kush Is Flowering

Week five has been all about flowering for these Biker Kush ladies. Stretch has pretty much stopped and it looks like a few wont make it through the netting.

I am kind of surprised that some of these are as short as they are but this is a 12/12 seed run so they would probably be taller from clones and with a short veg period.

Also because they are from seed there will naturally be more variation in the plants. As the grow has progressed there is less uniformity than before as the different phenos begin to express themselves. I think I have a few good ladies to choose from and at least one that definitely wont be grown again because it is a runt.

Primordial Solutions Sea Green

Sea Green Nutrient Primordial Solutions ReviewI have been testing Primordial Solutions Sea Green as a foliar spray on these girls and the results were pretty impressive. My plants are really healthy and green now after using it. You can read my Sea Green Nutrient review to find out more about this amazing additive.

These ladies just were not doing as well as I had hoped before. No real nutrient lockouts or anything but they looked hungry even though they were being well fed.

Sea Green is supposed to make nutrients more available to plants. It has a bunch of different stuff including fish hydrolysate, humic acid and beneficial bacteria in it. What ever is in there it definitely worked wonders for my plants.

Here is this weeks pics:

Biker Kush has a lot of size difference now size difference again Biker Kush stretching towards the light good bud spacing nice flowers on biker kush tallest biker girl tallest biker kush is 48 inches biker jungle tallest biker kush again its a jungle This is my favorite biker kush girl here she is again. Love the side branches. another nice biker girl canopy view from back half Biker Kush variation in height height difference between phenos a view of the canopy Long and tall biker girl with nice side branches taller biker kush plant Biker Kush flowers look like they will stack pretty good One of the vtaller gbiker girls Biker Kush Flowering 5 Weeks Biker Kush flower

Week 5 Hells Angel OG-Biker Kush Video Review

Biker Kush Exploding In Week 6

Biker Kush is exploding in week 6. These girls have finally come into their own. Stretch has stopped and flowers are getting fatter now. They are using about 3 to 4 gallons of water a day now and eating nutes like they were candy.

I have been feeding at 1200 to 1400 ppm with Dutch Master flower and 5 ml gallon of CaliMagic combined. They also received 1/2 ml per gallon of Sea Green. My pH has been higher averaging about 6 and always rising now. That is a sign that these ladies are gobbling up their nutes.

When pH drops it means plants are using more water than nutrients and when it rises they are using more nutes. Ideally things are balanced and pH doesn’t change much, but with the rapid growth in flowering it keeps rising almost as fast as I can bring it back down to 5.8 again.

Most plants have made it through the netting but a few are shorter and one plant is a runt that definitely wont make the 2nd round with these girls. I am considering only running the taller girls next run. They appear to be the ones that will yield the best.

Plants are getting a bit stinky but not overpowering. They have a cleaner smell to them. It’s not exactly the lemon pledge smell I’ve heard described but its close. I imagine it will get stronger over the next few weeks as resin production increases and flowers continue to mature.

I am really liking the way these OGs grow. The upright branches are ideal for a scrog screen and they shoot up nice long secondary branches too. There has really been no training done other than some fan leaf and lower shoot removal.

Branching has been good enough to not need any topping but I did have to super crop the 2 tallest  main colas. My lights are now as high as they can go and they were almost touching the glass. I really wanted to leave them but they would have bleached out.

Nice to see lots of buds growing everywhereNice to see lots of buds growing everywhere.
Left side of net. Taller girls are along the back

Nice Hells Angel OG Flowers Starting To Build

Nice Flowers Starting To Build
Nice Flowers Starting To Build Close Up
Hard to see but this biker girl has been super cropped and already the buds are turning upwards. She's #10 and my favorite so far.Hard to see but this biker girl has been super cropped and already the buds are turning upwards. She’s #10 and my favorite so far.

more bud candy
starting to see some frost on the leaves
bud shot
flowers starting to stack
flowers are stacking nicely
Great branchingGreat branching and this has been cleaned up several times. I don’t know yet if they will grow like this from clones or if they will need topping to get more branching.

Left side showing plant height differencesLeft side showing plant height differences
Right side really shows the differences in plant heightRight side really shows the differences in plant height.

Hells Angel OG-Biker Kush Week 6 Video Review

Biker Kush – Week 7 – Lemon Funk Has Arrived!

Week 7 for Biker Kush is almost over. The lemon funk smell has arrived and things are starting to get sticky.

I have never grown an OG before so it’s hard to know what to expect and so of course I get worried if I am growing these right or if my genetic material is up to snuff. Well today all those worries have disappeared.

I was seeing a bit of frost here and there but was comparing it to other strains I have grown. OG Kush is definitely a different animal. She’s a fussy bitch and does things her way and in her own time. I check my reservoir twice a day and give my plants a good look over.

Well today, which is day 6 of week 7 she was sticky and smelling just like lemons. The resin is greasy, oily like my C99s and smells like pure lemon goodness. I swear it wasn’t like that 12 hours earlier when I checked these girls. So I am pretty happy right now.

There are a lot of buds and my canopy is pretty well filled out. Because this is a seed run there is variation between plants and so it’s not perfect. Heavier in some spots, lighter in others. Some plants are over 4 feet tall and some are less than 3 feet. So this makes things uneven.

I am glad I didn’t really give these ladies any veg time because I would definitely have had height problems if I had. I took a few pics at lights off to show how things are going and will be posting more later.

Biker Kush week 7 - night shot Biker Kush week 7 - buds everywhere Biker Kush week 7 - a couple of the girls

Here are some more pics taken a bit later. I really like the lights off pics because the bud structure stands out so well.

P1000941 biker kush cola some of the taller biker girls biker buds everywhere nice biker kush cola biker kush cola showing nice stacking colas stacking and showing some frost sticky and lemon scented buds taller biker kush filling out nicely shorter plants have nice colas too nice biker kush colas on some shorter girls taller biker kush girls are filling out nicely too

Hells Angel OG-Biker Kush Week 7 Video

Here’s this weeks video review of Biker Kush’s 7th week. She is really starting to shine and will likely go another 3-4 weeks before she’s harvested. Right now my grow room smells like it has been sprayed down with Lemon Pledge. I guess this is the reason I always liked the smell of that stuff.

Biker Kush Week 8 – Love That Smell!

Week 8 is about to end and things have been going well. I just love these girls and the way they smell. Also sampled a few buds that broke off during training and they were extremely potent even at this early stage. This is top shelf OG Kush all the way.

Karma did a fantastic job on these Biker Kush V2. If you are looking for a true OG from seed you simply cant go wrong with these!

The smell has changed from lemon pledge to a complex mix of lemon, citrus, pinesol and fuel. I have some phenos that are more lemony and others that are more citrusy sweet like orange blossoms. All have that OG stank that is just really indescribable. It’s like trying to explain what sex feels like to a virgin but if you have smelled it you will know what I am talking about. If you haven’t better get some! I have one girl that is just unbelievable and the smell is so intoxicating that I rub my fingers all over her so I can keep smelling her even after lights off.

The flowers are stacking up nicely and I expect the buds to really start to swell over the next few weeks. Resin production is increasing and now even the leaves are sticky. The resin is oily or greasy and sticky.

I have just done a major fan leaf removal so light can get to all the buds. Some people think it is bad for plants but I disagree. It may be strain dependent. I have heard some sativas don’t like it but for OG Kush it works well. In fact this is the only training these ladies have seen. I have not had to top at all. One cola got super cropped because it was almost on the light but that’s it.

These fan leaves would be gone or yellowing soon anyway. I have just lowered my nutes to 700 ppm and will drop them again shortly to start getting ready to flush. This strain can go 10 to 11 weeks according to Karma. My shorter phenos seem like they will need the extra week because they took longer to flower than the taller phenos.

Next run should be more uniform and most of the short phenos will probably not be run again. They just seem later and lower yielding than the taller Biker girls.

Some Hells Angel OG/Biker Canopy Shots

P1000942 P1000943 P1000944 P1000945 P1000946 P1000947

Biker Kush Bud Shots

Biker Kush Bud Shots with nice stacking. Real beauties these are Biker Kush Bud Shots - She smells fantastic Biker Kush Bud Shots - Another nice cola Biker Kush Bud Shots - Gotta love these bud towers Biker Kush Bud Shots - One of the shorter phenos Biker Kush Bud Shots - Long and lanky cola Biker Kush Bud Shots - Another nice cola on the shorter penos

Here’s The Biker Kush/Hells Angel OG Week 8 Video Review

Week 9 Starting To Flush Hells Angel OG

I started to flush my Biker Kush this week. Nutes were dropped to 600 ppm for a few days and then down to 300 ppm for the rest of the week. They will be going down tomorrow to 100 ppm for week 10.

Karma suggested lowering the amount of lighting on these ladies because it would increase the smell. Apparently bright lighting at the end burns off some of the terpenes. I lowered my lights from 1200 down to 720 watts and sure enough the smell is stronger now. Hard to describe, kind of a musty OG smell with a touch of sweetness to it.

Lowering my lights has also resulted in lower growing temperatures which is good. OG Kush doesn’t like it hot and most successful growers lower temps to finish ripening. My temps are now 72 with lights on and 65 off, which is perfect. I would like to be able to keep them there during all of flowering but I am limited by space and growing situation. So using an AC is not possible and exhaust fans and air cooled hoods can only do so much in a small space.

The buds are swelling a bit more but there are still no signs of yellowing leaves. Maybe that will happen this next week. Not sure if I will take these 11 weeks or not. A few of these were late bloomers and definitely behind the others and will probably need the extra time.

I have checked my trichomes on some of the more mature plants and they are milky with a few amber here and there but so far none of the pistols are really changing color so they have definitely have a way to go yet before harvest.

Here are some lights out pics:

Biker Kush/HA OG Week 9 P1000957 - Biker Kush/HA OG Week 9 P1000958 - Biker Kush/HA OG Week 9 P1000959 - Biker Kush/HA OG Week 9 P1000960 - Biker Kush/HA OG Week 9 P1000961 - Biker Kush/HA OG Week 9 P1000962 - Biker Kush/HA OG Week 9 P1000963 - Biker Kush/HA OG Week 9 P1000964 - Biker Kush/HA OG Week 9 P1000965 - Biker Kush/HA OG Week 9 P1000966 - Biker Kush/HA OG Week 9 P1000967 - Biker Kush/HA OG Week 9 P1000968 - Biker Kush/HA OG Week 9 P1000969 - Biker Kush/HA OG Week 9

Week 9 Hells Angel OG Video Review

Hells Angel OG-Biker Kush Harvest Week 10

Well it is week 10 and time to harvest my Biker Kush. They have been getting only water the past week. A few have started to yellow but most still have green leaves. The majority of these girls are ready. One plant is behind the others by at least a week but I can’t wait for her.

I have clones of these girls waiting in the wings. I will be running them again as soon as these are chopped but this time they will be run in coco. I want to trial the Aptus and Heavy 16 nutrient combo and they wont play nice with my aeroponic system.

Lights are off now and temps are in the 60s. They will get 2 or 3 days of darkness and then I will chop them. Here are some final bud shots of these girls:

Biker Kush Week 10 group shot Biker Kush Week 10 group shot back end of room Biker Kush Week 10 group shot of lower canopy Biker Kush Week 10 another group shot lower front canopy Biker Kush Week 10 big bud shot Biker Kush Week 10 nice big biker girl bud Biker Kush Week 10 another nice bud Biker Kush Week 10 biker kush bud shot Biker Kush Week 10 biker kush bud

Will be back with some harvest pictures after they get chopped

Chop Chop Smells Like Lemon Pledge!

Well after 2 days of total darkness I chopped my Biker Kush girls. Talk about stink! Pure lemon pledge OG funk. Even with the exhaust fan running it was overwhelming. Not that I am complaining.

I was concerned about how they would smell and honestly the smell wasn’t that strong while they were just sitting there. But once you start to move them or bruise them they really come to life.

I hung them leaves and all. Usually I trim before I hang stuff up. They are extremely sticky, even the stems. I took some pics of them hanging but they aren’t that great. Can’t fit them all in 1 pic and they are long stemmed and don’t easily fit in the picture. Definitely didn’t do these girls justice.

P1000980 P1000981Plant #10 is probably going to be my keeper mom and heaviest yielder, but plant #8 is also really nice and very stinky and #5 rounds out my top 3 picks. I have nice clones of all these girls so they will all get another chance to impress me. P1000982 P1000983 P1000984 P1000985 P1000986 P1000987 P1000988 P1000989 P1000990 P1000991

Hells Angel OG – Biker Kush Yield – Summary

Everything has been trimmed and dried now. My final weight for the Biker Kush was 15 ounces or 425 grams. There were 10 plants so the average yield was 1.5 ounces per plant, but this is a bit misleading.

One plant was a runt and only gave me 5 grams so the yield really came from the other 9 plants. My best plant was #10 with 85 g. or 3 ounces, followed by #5 at 65 gs. and #3 at 55 gs. These will be where my keepers will come from unless there are some real surprises in my next run.

The rest were #s 2 & 8 at 40 gs each, #s 1 & 7 at 35 gs each, #s 6 & 9 at 25 gs each and # 11 at 15 gs. The taller plants more upright plants were definitely the bigger yielders. I will be running all of them again with the exception of #4 and #11.

Overall I am happy with the yield from my Biker girls. OG Kush is not a high yielding plant to start with so I feel getting close to a pound from a seed run without any veg time and no CO2 is pretty good. I am sure I can improve the yield once I make my final selections from this bunch.

My only complaint is that the buds were not as dense as I would have liked but this is not because of the Biker Kush genetics. My room was a bit warm for them I think, especially because they grew so close to the lights. But I think the main cause was humidity that was too low. OGs are fussy plants and so I will be trying to tweak my environment for them. Anyone who thinks marijuana is just a weed and easy to grow has obviously not tried to grow an OG.

Still, even though they are fussy, I would definitely recommend this strain to anyone looking for true OG genetics in seed form. Biker Kush is the real deal. Lemon, pine flavor and smell. The plants push the signature 3 leaf fan of an OG, some more than others, but they all have it. I am going to be doing some breeding with this strain and have a really nice male that is only showing 3 leaves and will breed him to my top producers. There should be some really nice plants coming from that. Karma did some great work on these and you are sure to find at least one keeper out of a pack.

Early Hells Angel OG Smoke Report

I smoked a few of the buds in a joint last night. They obviously were just harvested and had no cure but I was impressed. I gave these ladies a good flush and the ash was white. The weed was smooth. The taste was fantastic with lemon predominating followed by pine. There are other tastes too. Earthy, hashy, fuelly to name a few. The taste is very complex and I am not great at flavors, but this really has that unique OG taste. Even the smoke smelled kind of lemony.

The high was a nice combination of head and body buzz. Strong potency, long lasting and very relaxing and enjoyable and at least for me without couch lock. I am sure things will get better as this cures, but I like it so much it may never reach full maturity.

A Few Frosty Bud Shots

frosty Biker Kush buds Box of biker kush buds Biker Kush box o buds

Week 10 Biker Kush/Hells Angel OG Harvest Videos

This grow is over but I am running Biker Kush again. This time it will be from clones. I will be growing in a recirculating drip coco system and testing the Aptus/Heavy 16 combo. I expect higher yields this time around so check out my Biker Kush Coco Grow.

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