Biker Kush Coco Grow With Heavy 16 & Aptus

This will be my second Biker Kush grow and I am going to be trying something new. I usually grow with aeroponics but some nutes cant be run in that kind of system.
Biker Kush at 70 days

I want to test Heavy 16 and the Aptus Believer Pack and see if there is anything to all the fuss. So this will be a coco grow in a 50/50 coco perlite mix.

I followed a grow by Jackmayoffer here and he got some pretty incredible results with this combo. Also I wanted to try his method of growing in beds instead of pots.

My last biker kush grow turned out pretty well yielding just under a pound from seed with no veg. But I want to see how these ladies perform from clones.

Biker Kush is really Hells Angel OG and is from Karma Genetics but it cant be called that because of brand issues with the Angels. Regardless, he did a great job getting OG Kush into seed form. If you can’t find a cut or don’t want to bring other peoples bugs and diseases into your grow room this is the way to go.

I love this strain and I want to dial in my grow room better because OGs are fussy. My humidity is low and I think open beds instead of a closed tote will help.

I also have a small space so it gets warm and I am planning on building a swamp cooler to help the temperatures and humidity levels. Anyone who says pot is just a weed has never grown a true OG.

My aeroponic system has been converted to a recirculating drip system for this grow. Totes are filled with a 50/50 coco perlite mix. Read more about growing in recirculating coco.

If this works out I may design a bed system for future use. If not it will be easy to go back to aeroponics. I just want to find the best system for growing OG Kush.

Biker Kush Coco Grow and Biker Kush clonesClones are ready to go and spread their wings. They are nice and healthy looking.

P1010001Here they are all tucked in and ready to grow.

Young biker kush clones really took off in my recirculating coco drip systemThese clones pretty much doubled in size in just 3 days so I guess they like their new home.

I will probably give these girls about another week to veg. Then they will get topped and I will flip them into flower. Right now they are under 720 watts. Temps at canopy level have been low to mid 70s and humidity has been mid to upper 40s.

They are being fed Heavy 16 flower and CaliMagic at 5 ml a gallon. The ppms have ranged from 600 to 900 and pH from 5.6 to 6.3. I started high because I flushed the precharge out of my coco so I would be able to start fresh with my nutrients and not deal with whatever they put in. The coco held about half the nutes and the reservoir was around 500

I am using Canna Coco bricks because they are easier to handle. There also are no fungus gnats in it. I like Canna products, they are high quality and the bricks are the same quality as their bagged coco. I doubt anyone could even tell the difference between the 2.

So far everything is working great. My cycle is 1 minute on and 10 minutes off and I am running day and night. I think the constant drip feeding will help prevent salt build up. The coco perlite mix is moist but not wet and I may continue 24 hour feeding even when I switch to 12/12. So far I am liking growing in coco.

Flipping Biker Kush To 12/12 – Day 0 Flower

Today is day 0, the start of flowering for my Biker Kush. Over all everything is going well. I have been able to keep temps in the low to mid 70s but days are getting warmer here so I am going to try building a swamp cooler to help keep temps down.

Humidity has been in the 40 to 50% range. My room has usually had low humidity like 20s and 30s. I think the open medium and constant drip feeding has helped this.

These girls were topped a few days ago and they are starting to develop some nice branching. They are being drip fed at 1 minute on and 10 minutes off. So far it’s been day and night because they were on 24 hour lighting.

I may reduce feeding to only 12 hours with lights on but will wait and see what the humidity levels are during the dark cycle. I think plants still take stuff up in the dark but am not really sure about this.

I have been feeding at 6-700 ppm and pH has been 6.2 – 6.3 which is high. I bring it down but it keeps going back up. I had the same issue last time I used the Heavy 16. I have been using the Aptus Fasilitor and Start Boost once a week but so far have not really seen any real difference yet.

My only glitch is that I have 2 smaller plants that are not growing as well as the others. I am not sure why. One is my #10 plant which is surprising because it was the largest and heaviest yielder from seed. Here are some pics.

Biker Kush starting 12/12This is a group shot of my 3 totes. Each has 4 plants in 50/50 coco perlite with a mosquito net liner to keep the coco out of the reservoir.

first tote Biker Kush 8 left and 10 rightThis tote has 2 #8 cuts on the left and 2 #10 on the right. You can see how much smaller the one in back right is. Actually these all were the largest plants from seed but from clone they are smaller than some of the others.

Biker Kush middle tote 2 #6 cuts on the left and #7 rear and 11 front rightThe middle tote has 2 #6 cuts on the left and #7 rear and 11 front right. So far the #6 plants are the best looking which is also surprising because they were not much from seed. This is exactly why I do multiple runs because there can be big differences in plants from seed vs clone.

The back tote #1 top left,#2 bottom left, #3 top right, #5 bottom rightThe back tote #1 top left,#2 bottom left, #3 top right, #5 bottom right. Plant #3 is smaller that the others but she was smaller from seed too.

I expect to see major changes by the end of the week as these girls start to stretch and get ready to flower.

Biker Kush Grow Video – Veg and Recirculating Coco Set Up

Biker Kush Coco Grow – Week 1 – Day 7 Of Flower

The first week of 12/12 is over and so far things are going well. Temps have ranged from mid 60s at night to upper 70s with the lights on.

Humidity which has been really low for me in the past, is now in the upper 40s to low 50s. I think this is due to having the open coco beds. I expect it will stay in that range but my temps are likely to rise as we get warmer weather.

Unfortunately, air conditioning is really not an option. I received my swamp cooler pad so soon I will be able to try keeping temps down that way.

Not a whole lot to see really. Plants have started to stretch and some fan leaves were removed to get light on some lower branches.

The plants were topped and cuttings taken from this. I have been doing some super cropping on the branches to try and keep the canopy reasonably level and hopefully allow some smaller plants a chance to catch up.

My nutes have been at about 750 ppm and were just bumped up to 1000 to start the second week of flower. I am feeding Aptus Fasilitor and Start Boost from my Believer Pack once a week at 5 ml per gallon each. So far I can’t say I see any amazing results that would make a “believer” out of me.

I am mixing the Heavy 16 at about 600 ppm and I am using CaliMagic at 5 ml per gallon added to this. I add this also as a supplement during the week to bring my ppms back up. These OG Kush plants really love their Cal/Mag.

So far plants are healthy green and growing well. None of the yellowing issues from my seed grow have appeared. Here are some pics, nothing spectacular, but hey it’s only been a week!

Biker Kush Week 1 Of Flower Biker Kush Week 1 Of Flower showing all 3 totesA view of the totes. One small girl in the upper right corner but she is starting to grow finally.

Biker Kush Week 1 Of Flower fan leaf removalDid some fan leaf removal to let light to the lower branches.

Biker Kush Week 1 Of Flower recovered from defoliationIt’s been less than 2 days and you cant even tell they were removed.

Biker Kush Week 1 Of Flower tote #1Tote 1

Biker Kush Week 1 Of Flower tote #3Tote 3

Biker Kush Week 1 Of Flower tote #2Tote 2 Biker Kush Week 1 Of Flower day 7 totes 1 and 2 Biker Kush Week 1 Of Flower day 7 totes 2 and 3Top 2 pics were taken at lights on with day 7 about to begin. My runt in the upper right corner is starting to catch up a bit finally.

Biker Kush Growing In Coco – Flowering Day 7 Video Review

This weeks grow info and pictures set to music.

Week 2 Flowering Has Started

My Biker Kush is in flower now. My first to flower last grow was cut #10 and it was also the first to flower this time. Not by much but most of these girls are a few days behind her. By next week everything will be in full flower.

They are flowering about 2 weeks ahead of my seed grow. I don’t know if this is because they are clones or because of the nutrients I am using or a combination of the 2.

Aptus Review Update

The Aptus combo seems to be working. Plants are bushier and node spacing is about 50% shorter which is great with a stretchy variety like OG. Fasilitor at double the regular rate is supposed to reduce stretch and it seems to be working. It will be interesting to see if my plants stack better too.

I am feeding Cal/Mag at 5 ml gallon and bringing ppms up to the 800-1000 range with the Heavy 16. No signs of tip burn or overfeeding are present. I will probably bump up to 1200 ppm this coming week. I am also feeding Aptus Fasilitor and Start Boost once a week at 6 and 5 ml per 5 gallons respectively.

Here are some pics from this week and some nice baby flowers starting. First are a few canopy shots. I have been super cropping the taller plants to keep the canopy fairly even.

P1010019 P1010020 P1010021Now for some young flowers. P1010022 P1010023 P1010024 P1010025 P1010026 P1010027 P1010028 P1010029 P1010030 P1010031 P1010032 P1010033

This week I will probably put up my trellis and thin some fan leaves. Not sure what height to put it at as these girls seem shorter than my last grow so will wait a bit to see how much more they stretch.

Biker Kush Week 2 Review On Video

Week 3 Biker Kush Flowering And Stretching

Week 3 for my Biker Kush girls has come to an end. They are flowering and stretching and beginning to fill the screen. I have a few plants that haven’t quite made it through the screen but overall I am happy with the canopy.

The screen is in and some lower branches and fan leaves were removed. I cut off any branches that looked like they were too weak to make it through the screen.

I do think that the Aptus Fasilitor has resulted in shorter node spacing and bushier plants but I can not see any direct benefit from using the Start Boost as compared to my last grow.

The Heavy 16 and Aptus combination along with cal/mag supplementation at 5 ml per gallon has resulted in healthy green plants and I am not seeing any nutrient issues like I experienced in my first grow. It is hard to say how much of this difference is due to nutrients or due to the fact this grow is from clones and not seed.

Homemade Swamp Cooler

I have added a homemade swamp cooler to drop temperatures and raise humidity. It works pretty well. I am getting about a 10 degree temperature drop and 15 – 20% increase in humidity which should help keep my plants happy. I will be posting details on my diy swamp cooler soon but for now here is a picture of it:

Homemade Swamp Cooler

Currently my nutes are at 1000 ppm. Aptus fed once a week at double dose of Fasilitor which is 6ml per 5 gallons and Start Boost at 5 ml per 5 gallons. Although the Aptus Fasilitor is expensive you don’t use that much per feeding so a little goes a long way.

Here are some pictures of this weeks growth. The first group was taken at the start of this week on day 16.

Biker Kush Day 16 P1010035 P1010036

Day 17 of flower:P1010037 P1010038

Here they are a few days later on day 19:

Biker Kush Day 18 P1010050 P1010051

These were taken on day 21 of flower:

P1010052 P1010053


And Finally Some Biker Kush Flower ShotsP1010055 P1010056 P1010057 P1010058 P1010059 P1010060

 Week 3 Video Hells Angel OG Flowers Set To Muzak

Biker Kush Week 4

Week 4 has come to an end and everything is going well. The diy swamp cooler I built is keeping things cool inside my grow room. Temps have been in the high 70s to low 80s which is pretty much where I want them and the cooler is also helping keep the humidity in the 40s.

The girls are loving this and looking really nice. There are still a few open spots in the canopy where a couple of shorter girls haven’t quite made it through yet. For the most part the stretch is coming to an end and I am starting to see some girls stacking and chunking up a bit.

These Biker Kush girls are shorter than my seed run. Some of that difference may be due to using clones on this grow, but I believe the Aptus Fasilitor is mostly responsible for this.

All my plants are at least 1 foot shorter than last grow. I am hoping it may also make them stack better because the nodes are shorter. So far I can’t really tell if this is happening.

Also wanted to mention that this recirculating coco system is working like a champ. There are no burnt leaf tips and no signs of salt build up. I actually haven’t changed the reservoir in 3+ weeks. I just top up with water and raise nute levels where I want them. Currently I’m feeding at 1200 to 1400 ppm. I bumped up base nutes a bit as an early bloom booster.

Here are a few pics taken at the beginning of the week:





P1010072And a few days later


P1010080This is #10 above. She was the best in the first grow and also the tallest but this time around she is medium in height.


P1010083These are at the end of the week

P1010084#10 not as vigorous this time around but she is stacking nice.



P1010088This one above is #10 2 days later she’s a keeper for sure.



Video Review Of Week 4 Biker Kush Coco Grow

Biker Kush Week 5 – Half Way There

This is week 5 and Hells Angel OG is a ten week strain so these ladies are half way there. I have been feeding at between 1200 -1400 ppms this week. Still giving 5 ml cal mag per gallon and the Aptus is being fed once a week.

The plants do seem shorter from using it, maybe 6 inches lower and internodes a bit closer but I am not sure in the end this will make much difference in yield.

Been trying to keep pH below 6.2 which is hard to do with the Heavy 16 base nutes. They contain a lot of calcium and even when I bring the pH down to 5.5 it bounces back up to 6.1 or above. It doesn’t seem to be hurting anything but I would like it a few points lower at 5.8 or slightly above.

The pH with the heavy 16 is great for soil but really too high for coco or hydro. Other than that these nutes seem to be working very well and the plants look good.

The plants are due for a trim this coming week. Up until now I have been letting them grow as they please but there are a lot of lower buds that are shaded. So it’s time to open up the canopy and get some light to the lower buds.

Here are some pics from this week:

Biker Kush Week 5 Biker Kush Week 5 Biker Kush Week 5 Biker Kush Week 5 Biker Kush Week 5 Biker Kush Week 5 Biker Kush Week 5 Biker Kush Week 5 Biker Kush Week 5 Biker Kush Week 5

Biker Kush Lights Off – Taken On Day 35

Biker Kush Lights Off - Taken On Day 35 Biker Kush Lights Off - Taken On Day 35 Biker Kush Lights Off - Taken On Day 35 Biker Kush Lights Off - Taken On Day 35 - Plant#10 Biker Kush Lights Off - Taken On Day 35 - Plant#10 Again Biker Kush Lights Off - Taken On Day 35 Biker Kush Lights Off - Taken On Day 35 Biker Kush Lights Off - Taken On Day 35

Biker Kush Week 5 Video Recap

Week 6 – These Biker Girls Sure Are Looking Good

Everything is going well and the Biker girls are looking frosty and sassy. They received a haircut earlier this week. I removed a lot of upper fan leaves so more light could reach the lower buds.

Plants are definitely shorter than last grow. But whether that is due to the Fasilitor or the fact this run is from clones and the last one was from seed I really cant say.

Vertical growth is definitely done and the buds are starting to chunk up. Lots of frost starting to show too. I am thinking these girls may not need to go a full 10 weeks until harvest.

Here are some pics for you:

Biker Kush Week 6 Biker Kush Week 6 Biker Kush Week 6 Biker Kush Week 6 Biker Kush Week 6 Biker Kush Week 6 Biker Kush Week 6 Biker Kush Week 6 Biker Kush Week 6 Biker Kush Week 6 Biker Kush Week 6 Biker Kush Week 6 Biker Kush Week 6

Biker Kush Week 6 Video Review

Week 7 Biker Kush Is Ripening

So week 7 is over and my Biker Kush girls are heading for the home stretch now. Growth has definitely slowed and these ladies are starting to ripen. Towards the end of the week I noticed they are using a lot less water which is a sure sign the end is near.

I noticed some minor tip burn and a few leaves turning so I gave everything a flush and nutes are down from 1400 to around 800 ppm. I will probably lower them again this week and then start a final 2 week flush. I don’t really see any pistils turning yet but I think that will start soon.

I noticed the buds are fattening and I am not sure these ladies will really need the full 10 weeks to be done. Guess I will just wait and watch how thing progress. Here are some pics from week 7:
P1010134 P1010135 P1010136 P1010137 P1010138 P1010139 P1010140 P1010141 P1010142 P1010143 P1010144 P1010145 P1010146 P1010147 P1010148 P1010149

Week 7 Video Review

Biker Kush Week 8 – The End Is Near

Week 8 is over and harvest is getting close. These girls are definitely ahead of my seed run. I could probably harvest now but I will wait a bit longer. Not sure that I will go the full 10 weeks with these. They are still going through a fair amount of water and when they slow down it will be harvest time.

They are being flushed and I am only adding pHed water and right now nutes are about 600 ppm. I think it will keep going down as the coco releases its stored up nutrient reserve.

Pistils are turning brown especially on lower branches. Some upper branches are fox tailing and still have white pistils. I have cut back on light from 1200 to 900 watts which has helped keep temperatures a bit lower too.

I am seeing a lot of fat tear shaped buds. I removed some upper fan leaves earlier and some branches are bending and breaking from the weight of the buds. The taller plants seem to be fine. Breakage was actually on shorter girls that are 12 inches or less above the screen. So even if I had a 2nd net they would have been below it.

The plants look OK and buds are fine but it makes the canopy look kind of empty with those buds laying down. Here are some pictures from the end of week 8

Biker Kush #1 tall and nice buds she is a potential keeper smaller Biker girl but very nice bud development Biker Kush Week 8 - Center of canopy almost looks empty because of falling buds Beware of frost - plants look like they were in a snow storm Really tall pheno that doesn't seem to want to stop growing Biker #10 she is a keeper for sure 2 Biker #10 girls front right and also directly behind her Biker #10 again

Timber! Down They Come

Biker Kush buds falling over from weight Another Biker Kush with her buds falling over from weightThey will be OK but still it is something I don’t like to see. #5 Biker Kush girl looking good and another keeper Biker Kush #1 in the corner and #5 lower center Biker #1 bud towers Beautiful Biker Kush girl #5 Nice fat OG buds frost pocket- sticky and smelling great

Week 8 Grow Video

Week 9 Time For Harvest

Things are moving along and week 9 is over. These girls are ready for harvest. Some leaves are turning but not many. Water usage has dropped way down. Branches are heavy and leaning from the weight. A few have fallen over.

Trichomes are cloudy with a few amber here and there. I like to harvest that way. By the time trichomes are 50% amber the THC has already started to degrade and I am not a big fan of couch lock. I get a nice mental buzz combined with a very relaxing body high at this point without one over powering the other.

I will start harvesting this week. I may just harvest the top colas and give the lower buds a few more days but I expect everything will be down by weeks end. I have a bunch of Sugar Punch clones waiting in the wings to replace the Biker Kush and I want to get them in as soon as I can. Here are some nice fat bud pics for you:

biker girl #10 and a keeper cut #1 cut #1 again classic og kush bud towers again #6 really has that classic og bud shape cut #5 another keeper lower canopy shot #6 another potential keeper biker kush buds #6 yum yum nice frosty biker girls nice fat biker buds another #10 #8 foxtailing like crazy bud tower #1 is a monster nice fat og buds it must have snowed back of canopy #1 in corner looks like a keeper cut #1 in the corner looks like a heavy yielder canopy shot bud city fallen angels funny it's the shorter ones that broke fallen angels lots of buds even lower down

Biker Kush has produced some very nice buds. It is going to be hard to choose a final keeper but I have narrowed it down from 11 to 4 at least. I don’t think the yield will be that high, I am guessing about a pound, same as last run.

Harvest should give me an idea which are the best yielders but I also want good bud structure. They all smell great and are potent smoke.

I passed some of this along to a friend who grew up in Cali and has been around clone only OG all his life and he loved and raved about the Biker Kush. Said it was every bit as good or even better.

Week 9 Video – Final Peek Before Chop

Week 10 Biker Kush Harvest Bud Shots

I started harvest at the beginning of week 10. I took a lot of bud shots so there will be lots of bud porn this week. These ladies are making it very hard to choose a winning phenotype.

I don’t have any final weights as the buds are still drying. Plants often grow differently from clone vs seeds and that is what I am seeing now. It looks like cut #1 is the heaviest yielder. Massive dense buds from top to bottom but she didn’t look all that special from seed and wasn’t anywhere near a top yielder.

P1010254 P1010242 P1010243 P1010244 P1010245 P1010246 P1010247 P1010248 P1010249 P1010250 P1010251 P1010252

Plant #5 was 2nd highest yielder from seed but wont do near as well from clone. She has that great OG bud structure and is the stankiest most incredible smelling of them all.

P1010239 P1010240 P1010241

Plant #6 looks like it will be one of the top yielders. She didn’t do much from seed in fact was short and a low yielder but this time she produced nice sugar coated OG buds. She had a problem with stem breakage though.

P1010237 P1010231 P1010232 P1010233 P1010234 P1010235 P1010236

Plant #7 had totally different bud structure as a clone. Buds were huge almost marble sized and hung in clusters off the stem like grape bunches. Very sticky too, even the stems. Sure didn’t see that last run.

Looks like a heavy yielder too. This one is a freak. Foxtailing, large buds and sugar leaves on top are smooth and not serrated like normal weed leaves.

P1010223 P1010224 P1010225 P1010226 P1010227 P1010228 P1010229 P1010230

#10 below was the high yielder last time. Doesn’t look like it this time. Very nice buds and ripened well from top to bottom. I had 2 and one plant was a slow grower and didn’t yield as well as the other. Thought I had more pics of her but guess not.


So many choices. Each of these ladies brings something special to the table. I may have to run them all again before I make any final decisions. At least at this point I am narrowed down to 5 out of 11 girls. I will post final weights when they are totally dry.

Biker Kush Harvest Video

Final yield was 1.25 pounds. Some surprises in yield. Plants grew different from clone. They even smell different. Only 1 had that sweet citrus smell I love that was prevalent last grow. Smell may change as they cure but right now it is earthy, og funk like dirty socks with lemon undertones and some had a caramel smell too.

Heavy 16 And Aptus Final Thoughts

The Heavy 16 worked well for this recirculating coco grow. Plants were also fed Cali Magic in addition because OG eats cal mag like a fat boy in a candy store. Plants grew well with no signs of deficiency or lock outs.

The only thing I didn’t like was that pH was always around 6.2 even with pH down it would bounce back up above 6. Probably this is due to all the calcium in the base nutes as I never had a similar issue with the CaliMagic.

Still, even without keeping things at 5.8 everything did well and I was worried things might lock out but they didn’t. I think the Heavy 16 would be perfect for soil grows. Not that good for regular hydro or aeroponics because you need to keep the pH lower.

I think the Aptus Fasilitor did result in plants that were a few inches shorter. It did not seem to make the stems stronger and it may have improved overall quality slightly but that is hard to measure. I can’t say I saw anything significant from using the Fasilitor/Start Boost combo so I probably won’t use it again.

Every grow is different and you may want to try it on your grows. If you can get a trial Believer Pack for $25 it might be worth a shot but I wouldn’t run out and buy a full bottle of the stuff.

Although my final yield was higher from clone than seed I think the seed run had better smell, resin and over all quality. I am not sure it is due to seed vs clone though. The first run was grown aeroponically and the 2nd was in coco.

I enjoyed growing in coco but I think my aeroponic system gives better quality weed. The quality this grow is excellent but I think I actually got more resin and smell with aeroponics. One of the reasons I switched to coco was to see if this can be improved upon.

Even though my coco system was pretty much set to run on auto pilot it is kind of a PITA to use compared to aeroponics. No pots, no media and lower growing costs. I am going to grow these same plants again in aeroponics and see if the quality is better or other factors are involved.

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