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Aptus FasilitorI just picked up an Aptus Believer pack from my local hydro store. It contains a trial size of Aptus Fasilitor and StartBoost, enough to make 50 gallons.

I have heard a lot about this stuff and want to find out if it’s all hype or if Fasilitor really is something special.

You are supposed to use these along with your regular base nutrients. So my Aptus nutrient reviews will be based on using Dutch Master Gold Flower A&B nutrients and the trial will be done on my new Biker Kush Grow.

I will only be trialing the Fasilitor because the StartBoost would likely cause serious problems in my aeroponic system. The Aptus Plant Tech site says:

Do not keep StartBoost in your reservoir for more than 2-3 days in order to avoid organic biofilm buildup and blockage of irrigation drip lines.

I will give the StartBoost a try in my RainForest where I keep some cuttings and probably on some house plants I have that are in soiless medium.

What Does Fasilitor Do For Your Plants

What Is In Fasilitor?

Fasilitor is supposed to provide readily available silicon, boron and molybdenum and have a profound effect on plant health. It is their flag ship product. The idea behind the Believer Pack is that once you see the results you will be hooked on their products.

Aptus nutrients are pricey and Fasilitor is the most expensive of them all. Some growers simply refuse to try it simply because of the price. But this stuff is extremely concentrated and with running an aeroponics grow a little can go a long way.

Some very experienced growers swear by this stuff and most that actually try it say it works really well. Of course most of the critics object solely based on price and without actually trying it. They always argue you can make your own silicon supplement for pennies. But is it really the same?

Aptus holds a patent on this stuff. Most silicon is not readily available to plants until acids convert it to usable form. Fasilitor contains silica as silicic acid which is immediately available. They claim it is very expensive to manufacture to justify its high price.

I have never used any silicon supplements in my grows and are not really completely convinced of the benefits but seeing will be believing. If it really works as advertised it would not add much cost to my grow.

The effects are so dramatic according to its manufacturer that some are claiming it has PGRs in it.

Are There PGRs (Plant Growth Regulators) In Aptus Fasilitor?

Aptus says: “Some of the effects seen with FaSilitor can appear like those of plant growth regulators (PGRs). Aptus products contain no synthetic or unnatural PGRs! The key thing to understand is that FaSilitor works with natural plant mechanisms rather than trying to manipulate in unnatural ways.”

OK, well if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it probably is a duck. Please notice the wording used is “synthetic or unnatural PGRs” Below is an analysis done by the state of California:

Aptus Fasilitor

So as you can see there are no artificial or synthetic PGRs in Fasilitor. That does not mean it doesn’t have natural PGRs in it though. Triacontanol is the secret ingredient in products like Canna’s Boost and it occurs naturally in alfalfa. Other natural PGRs occur in kelp and I see no harm with using these in my grow.

They may be present in Fasilitor and Aptus, like many nutrient manufacturers don’t list everything they use on the label. This is how they protect their exclusive formulas from being copied. After all, does Coke list all its ingredients on the can?

To me the real proof will be in how the plants react. If my plants are growing and yielding better and appear healthier I will use the stuff.  I am not concerned about the cost it adds to my grow, but I am concerned about my plant health. Healthy, happy plants yield more – really it’s a no brainer.

Aptus Fasilitor Nutrient Review

After test out this believer pack I must admit that I am not a believer. I did see some node shortening with the Aptus Fasilitor on my OG Kush but it was minimal. Maybe a few inches height reduction.

The grow was in a recirculating coco system and plants did very well but I really cant say how much these nutes had to do with that.

I did not notice any significant results with these products when added to my grow. I guess I would need to do a side by side to know for sure if they made much of a difference. It is possible they increased yield a bit but at their price point I would need to see some major changes to buy them again.

It might be worth testing these in your own grow because they are all different but at this point I would just try to find a Believer Pack for that. Nothing I have seen makes me want to rush out and buy this product in a larger size.

My final thoughts are forget all the hype about Aptus Fasilitor and save your money.

I have tried Power Si Bloom and seen some good results with it. Here is my review https://420dotcom.com/power-si-bloom-review-and-test-run.html

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