Gorilla Glue 4 – Gorilla Glue Grow Journal Crushing It

Gorilla Glue 4 is one of the hottest strains with growers and tokers. Here is my Gorilla Glue grow journal and I hope if you are thinking about growing the Gorilla Glue strain it will provide you with some inspiration and some Gorilla Glue 4 grow tips and info.

Gorilla Glue 4

GG4 has created so much excitement because it is one of those rare strains that checks all the boxes. It yields well, finishes in 8 weeks and has great bag appeal and trichome coverage. It is extremely potent and lately some samples have tested 31-32% although 26-28% is more the average for well grown bud. Still nothing to sneeze at! And smokers love it.

Gorilla Glue 4 Clones

Gorilla Glue is a clone only strain but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any seeds around. Every pollen chucker around is pushing S1s and GG crosses but you probably wont find what you want in that trash with one exception.

Gorilla Glue Seeds

There is a strain called Gorilla Bubble from Tony Greens Tortured Beans that is on its 4th BX and 5 years in the making. It’s even recommended by Josey Whales the creator of Gorilla Glue 4  he said:”their gorilla bubble is as close to gorilla glue 4 as your going to get, so many seed companies using my gorilla glue name with there fake assed shit, DONT BUY FAKE SHIT, get the real deal or tony’s bx”

I have to agree, if you can get a hold of verified GG4 clones that is definitely the way to go. If you are interested in the Gorilla Bubble you can check out my grow journal at: https://420dotcom.com/gorilla-glue-strain-gorilla-glue-seeds-gorilla-bubble-grow.html

My Gorilla Glue Grow Journal

I normally avoid clones at all costs because of bugs and other shit that can come with them but in this case I decided to make an exception. I found a grower with a cut from one of the original GG4 cup winners and got 2 clones of this girl. He was hit with spider mites and sprayed the shit out of them with Azamax. When I got them they were in rough shape from all the sprays but they bounced back and appear to be clean now. Here they are:

In another week or so they should be large enough to take some clones. GG4 is known to be an easy cloner often rooting in a week, sometimes even a bit less. I probably wont flower these 2 right but use them for mothers for a while.

I will also probably flower the clones as soon as they are rooted because I want to get into production ASAP and longer veg times will come on the next run.

I also want to see how these will compare to my Gorilla Bubble. If they are close I may select a good male and make some seeds too. Gorilla Glue was an accident created by a hermie and is a complex poly hybrid which can make it very hard to find something that breeds true from seed and doesn’t hermie too.

Transplanting My Gorilla Glue 4 And True OG

The girls are doing well and I was able to take some clones off them. The clones do root fairly easy and  I have about 8. Since I have healthy rooted clones I decided to transplant my 2 original Gorilla Glue clones into 3 gallon smart pots.

I also was lucky enough to snag some True OG clones and 2 of those were also set into3 gallon smart pots. They are nice plants and are showing that 3 leaf OG trait. I am looking forward to growing them out also.

All these plants were started in coco but they have been transplanted into rockwool croutons because I am trying to move away from growing in coco and transition over to rockwool.

Here is a pic of the girls:

gg4 and true ogGorilla Glue left and front center and True OG back center and right in veg. I am not sure how long I will veg these ladies but probably at least 3 weeks. At that point one of my flowering closets has room for them and if I see lots of roots being pruned I will flip them but I want them to fill the pots before I do.

I am trying to veg a bit longer and flower larger plants in 3 gallon instead of 2 gallon smart pots. I am hoping I can flower less plants and get better yields from them. So I will only have these 4 in a 2×4 flood tray instead of the usual 6-8. Also from what I have seen the GG4 can be vigorous and get pretty big in flower.

Gorilla Glue #4 Ready For Flower

So my Gorilla Glue 4 is ready to flower. I was actually going to veg them longer but they outgrew their space.

They also have roots growing out the bottom of the 3 gallon smart pots they are in. One lady had roots about a foot long coming out on one side.

So they were set in a 2×4 flood tray with a spreader mat underneath them and panda film was used to cover them.

New Flood And Drain System On Steroids

This is a new flood and drain system, at least it’s new to me. The idea has been banging around in my head for a while now. I have seen a few grows like this but not many.

A spreader mat is used under the pots. In this case I am using smart pots filled with rockwool croutons but this system will work for net pots or rockwool blocks and just about any grow medium.

By covering the top of the tray with panda film the roots will stay moist and grow into the mat. The idea is more roots means more yield and a healthier plant.

I was going to try this with net pots and some Bruce Banner girls but they were too small to flower and the Glue was busting out of her veg space. And they had roots busting out the bottom of the pots too.

Right now I am flooding for 3 minutes every 3 hours during lights on but once the roots get into the mat in a few days it will be 24/7 and the cycle may need to be adjusted again.

Gorilla Glue #4 Week 1

Day 7 for my Gorilla Glue 4 girls is here. They are doing phenomenal. They have just about doubled in size and my 2 plants pretty much take up the entire 2 x 4 flood tray.

White pistils are just starting to show up and the roots are just starting to dig into the grow mat.

I am still running 3 min on every 3 hours. I did increase the output of my pump so I could flood at a higher level. I want to encourage roots growing out from higher up in the smart pots. I noticed that the croutons dont wick heavily and the top of the pots were still fairly dry.

Running my Heavy 16 nutes at a bit over 600 ppm and the girls seem happy with that although I am sure they could and would take more.

I am getting ready to put a screen up so I can start spreading the branches out a bit and get more light into the canopy.

Right now my Gorilla Glue is at 24 inches and the stretch is really just starting. I have heard 2-3x stretch is common and plants I have seen are large. I expect with my COBs they will be a bit shorter but I can handle 6′ plants if I have to. Here are pics from day 7:

Gorilla Glue 4 Day 14 Flowers Are Here!

It’s day 14 for my Gorilla Glue and they are showing some nice flowers.

GG4 Day 21 Growing Glue

GG4 Day 21As you can see these ladies are certainly growing and stacking quickly if you compare them to photos on day 14. Frost rails are also starting to show.

They also started to really reek. This is probably the stinkiest weed I have ever grown. If you are thinking about growing this strain odor control is a must!

I may need to add a 2nd carbon filter to control the smell. Right now I am using an ionizer inside my fan to help. It cuts the smell in half, at least inside the closet. Hopefully nothing is coming out the vent.

The smell was coming through the grow room door and into my house. I am not sure if it was blowing back in from the roof vent through an open window or what. My grow closet sucks air in and doesn’t blow out. The suction is strong enough to to close the door if it is left open a bit. But my house clearly smelled from dank weed.

The smell was sharp like ammonia combined with something else I cant identify. The flowers have a sweeter smell to them along with the ammonia gas smell. The Glue has a very strong and unique smell and not at all unpleasant.

Nute Changes

The girls are healthy and growing well with no real issues. They are really starting to fill out the spreader mat too. Everything is going well except for a constantly rising pH.

When plants eat a lot it is common for the pH to rise and the TDS to fall. But in my case the TDS was pretty steady and the pH would go from 5.8 to 6.3 in a couple of days. That usually happens when something is growing in your reservoir.

I found some brown stuff in the nutes. Between the Heavy 16 and the Recharge everything turns brown so I cant say if it was algae or something precipitating out of solution. So I dumped the res and ran H2O2 at 15 ML per gallon for a day and then drained it again.

I decided not to run Heavy 16 again or use the Recharge because both have a lot of molasses and other organics. I wanted something cleaner. I used some left over Cyco nutes I had instead. I used their Grow A&B and their Potash Plus which are very clean.

I believe this combo will work well. When I combine numbers Heavy 16 bud a&b is 3-3-9 and the Cyco veg nutes are 4-2-6. A bit higher in N and a bit lower in P and K. But adding  the Potash Plus brings additional P and K with no extra N. So it works out to 4-6-12 which I think will make a good flowering ratio. We will see. I will run it for a week along with some H2O2 every other day and see how the girls like it.

GG4 Day 28 PH Issues Solved

The ladies are doing great and thankfully my pH issues don’t seem to have affected them. I have switched over to using Canna Aqua Flores on day 23. Although I am not a great fan of Canna nutes they are clean and have always been pH stable.

Here are some night shots taken on day 26:

Canna Aqua is designed for use in recirculating systems so it was the natural choice for replacing my nutes. I like Heavy 16 and it is a complete line that gives great results. However I feel it is better for soil, coco or drain to waste systems.

I think all the calcium and other ingredients in Heavy 16 were causing my pH to rise continually. I am growing in rockwool croutons so there is no buffer like in soil or coco to absorb them.

Rising pH is normal as plants feed because they remove nutrients which are acidic. My problem was a concern because the ppms in my reservoir were not dropping as pH rose so essentially the plants were not feeding even though they looked healthy.

At this point my ppms are dropping by 10 ppm a day so plants are eating and and pH is dropping 1/10th point along with it. Currently my ppms are 610 and pH is 6.1. By tomorrow I expect them to drop to 600 and 6.2 and at that point I will readjust things back to 5.8 pH and 650 ppms.

Here are pics from day 28 and these glue girls look fantastic.

As you can see the girls are no less for all the wear and tear. I hear some harvest at 53 days but Josey takes his at 63 days and some go longer, closer to 70 days.

I am not a big fan of couch lock so I will probably aim for 63 days depending on how the plants look. I have a feeling my plants will finish on the early side because the buds are very well developed even at 28 days.


Sad but true. It’s fake glue. It does have GG4 genetics in it. Might be an S1 or a cross. I am disappointed for sure but at least whatever it is is a pretty decent cut.

First pic in was day 30 the rest are day 35 so they are sizing nicely and some are starting to show brown pistils. Some pics are showing purple tints, but it must be from the flash because they are all green.

I have had my suspicions almost from the start because GG4 is a very stretchy sativa dominant strain and this one really has indica traits. It went wide instead of tall.

Also missing is the telltale GG#4 leaf twist. The frost levels are good but less than the original glue and the bud structure at this point in time appears wrong also.

With that said this cut is very stinky with an onion/garlic/skunk smell. My house was reeking from it even with an 8″ fan and carbon filter.

I also quick dried a lower bud and this strain is potent. Sativa head high with a strong indica body. Your mind is alert telling you things you can do but your body is glued to the couch telling it no.

Original  Glue – Fake Glue Day 41 – Chunky Nugs

This is definitely not the Original Glue but even so my Fake Glue is developing some nice chunky nugs. She does have glue genetics but no way to tell if she’s an S1 or something else crossed with the glue.

The main difference is she is not as stretchy. She makes those long laterals like the glue but not as many. The smell is similar and so is the buzz based on an early bud sample.

She doesn’t have the frost the original has either but she still has time. She does look like she is an early finisher. The bud calyxes are beginning to swell and most of the trichomes are going from clear to milky.

Although not having the original was a disappointment, this cut may be worthy of a second run if the final yield and potency are there.

I am still running Canna Aqua Flores and I am also trialing some New Millennium Winter Frost for my local hydro store. It is supposed to be a late finisher/maturing agent that promotes heavier buds, resin and terpenes. It is supposed to be used in the last 7-10 days before flush. My nute levels were reduced to about 500 ppm because flush is not that far off.

Not sure what is in it at 0.2-2.2-2.3 it appears to me just to be a weak bloom booster but who knows. Lots of things are not on the label for many products in order to protect proprietary secrets. I am a bit skeptical and I also like to know what I am feeding my plants. But this seems like an ideal situation to test something new. Here are some pics:

 Day 44 Testing Humboldts Secret Golden Tree

So after running New Millenniums Winter Frost for over a week I saw no visible change in my plants. No increased resin, no fading, no increased smell. I decided to try testing a bottle of Humboldts Secret Golden Tree that I had laying around.

The website says you will see a visible difference in 24-48 hours and boy did I!

gt1Within 24 hours I noticed new white pistils coming out on my mostly brown buds. This plant obviously has a lot of indica genes judging by the way it sized buds so fast and most hairs had already turned brown.

But there was fresh growth happening now. Calyxes began to swell and new hairs were growing making some buds look like they were fox tailing.

I had tried it before and it made plants really healthy but it was my first flood and drain grow so plants were over nuted. I think it makes what’s there more available so it was a double whammy.

But that said there are very few products that show results that fast. So what they say seems to be true. Golden tree can replace Canna Boost and most other additives.

You can check out Humboldts Secret Golden Tree on Amazon at Humboldts Secret Golden Tree

Here are a few pics taken 24 hours after adding Golden Tree:

You can see calyxes starting to swell on my fake Gorilla Glue 4 and fresh white pistils beginning to appear on these buds.

GG4 Mystery Glue Day 48 – Who’s Your Daddy?

My girls are doing great and will start to flush them next week. Nice buds with new pistils and swelling calyxes thanks at least in part to the Golden Tree. Feeding at 580 ppms and pH of 6.o-6.1

I believe this is a cross with Gorilla Glue 4 and an unknown indica. I have contacted the guy I got the cut from, who contacted the guy he got it from and he is still swearing it’s GG4 but I know for certain it is not. I doubt even he knows what’s in it.

So Fake Glue, who’s your daddy? Will probably never know and it is possible I could be wrong about it being half glue. But it is a nice strain what ever it is and if the yield and potency are there I will probably keep it and run it again.

Here are some pics from day 48:

Day 55 Time To Chop Some Glue

My fake Gorilla Glue 4 has been chopped on day 55. She was ready. Trichomes all cloudy with a few amber showing. Not much to say until harvest is complete. I dont know what this strain is to be honest. Looked very much like GG4 when young but much different in flower. I do believe there is Glue in it but cant say what else. I think the plant on the left may be a different pheno so this may have been from seeds, possibly from a hermie, but who knows. Here is a video taken just before chop:

Fake Glue? Harvest Results

So I harvested my 2 plants and was very disappointed to find out that not only did I have something that was in no way related to Gorilla Glue 4  but also 2 different phenos or possibly 2 different strains.

The smaller plant on the left smelled like strawberries to me and had pointier and less dense buds than a the larger plant which had a fruity smell and nice sized solid nugs but lacking in frost coverage. Neither smells are even close to what GG4 smells like and neither had the frost, stickiness or potency of the Glue and I really think I was passed some shit.

The yield was good at 18.25 ounces with the larger plant hitting 10.25 and the smaller at 8 ounces even. The weed is not real strong. Nice sativa leaning high but not something I would want to keep or share. It’s a shame too because the buds look really nice except for lack of frost. Not really sure what I will do with it but tempted to flush it down the toilet!

I have been promised a verified cut of the Glue so next time I will be growing the real Gorilla Glue 4.





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