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The Gorilla Glue strain is taking the cannabis world by storm. It has won multiple cups and judges, growers and tokers all love Gorilla Glue #4. It yields well and can test 30% THC if well grown.

Up until now Gorilla Glue 4 has been clone only. There are clones widely available in some areas but there have been some problems with them.

There are good Gorilla Glue seeds to be had like the one in the picture below if you know where to look. So please read on.

Gorilla Glue Strain From Seed - Gorilla Bubble BX2

Gorilla Glue Strain History

The Gorilla Glue marijuana strain was an accidental discovery and result of a hermie cross and it almost did not happen because Josey Whales was so pissed at his plants going hermie that he ripped them up. Here is the the Gorilla Glue 4 story as told by Josey:

Gorilla Glue #4 was accidentally created by Joesy Whales when some Chem Sis plants he was growing hermied and pollinated his Sour Dubb. Tired of seeded gardens, Joesy tossed out the strain. But his buddy, Mardogg, still had some seeds. Mardogg popped the beans years later and ended up with 4 pheno’s of the GG, deciding #4 was worth keeping.

Joesy Whales:” i have been getting alot of questions about the gg4 so im going to tell everyone how it went down, a few years ago i was growing sour dubb and chem sister and some others, the chem sis threw a couple nanners and hit the sour dubb, i held those seeds for a year or so and finally popped 5 of them, they were ok, really had one nice pheno but i lost it in a security scare, the other 4 pheno’s all hermed on me and totally seeded my whole stadium run, i was pissed, i got rid of all of it to a friend, marrdog. he kept a lot of the seeds and about a year later we had a joint grow going and he popped i believe it was 6 of those seeds, i was really concerned that they would herm and didn’t have much hope for them, they were all female, we ended up with pheno’s 1 2 4 and one we called the runt, all were outstanding, the clear winner though was the gg 4. so thanks to marrdog and lady luck.”

When something like GG4  becomes a hot item there are fakes being sold and there have been sick cuts that dud out being passed around. It was born from a hermie cross so there is always that potential. Then there are all the insect and disease issues that clones can bring into the garden.

If you cant find healthy Gorilla Glue 4 clones or don’t want to take the risk of fake or unhealthy gear there is another option. Gorilla Glue seeds are available. Many seed companies are trying to cash in on the Gorilla Glue craze. Most are hastily made crosses or S1s and most are garbage.

Gorilla Bubble by Tony’s Tortured Beans

There is one exception and that is Gorilla Bubble by Tony’s Tortured Beans. Tony has been working on this line for about 5 years now and is currently on Gorilla Bubble BX 4.

Gorilla Bubble by Tony's Tortured Beans

Tony tortures or stresses his plants to find and remove hermie traits. He started with the original GG4 clone and a special Sour Bubble male. He has been selectively breeding out the Sour Bubble pheno in his BXs.

Josey Whales the original creator of the Gorilla Glue strain said this about Tony’s Gorilla Bubble:

“just to verify . Tony and Dan are the only ones that are doing seeds of gorilla glue bxing that I indorse , there gorilla bubble is as close to gorilla glue 4 as your going to get, so many seed companies using my gorilla glue name with there fake assed shit, DONT BUY FAKE SHIT, get the real deal or tony’s bx”

You can read more about the making and testing of Gorilla Bubble HERE, but I must warn you this thread is over 600 pages long now.

Gorilla Bubble Grow Journal

I actually had a chance to pick up some GG4 clones. But because of the risks involved I decided to grow my Gorilla Glue strain from seed. Aside from all the problems clones can bring in, the biggest thing to me is you cant really be sure what you are buying is the real deal.

At least here I know that Tony started with a verified cut of GG4.

I got a hold of some Gorilla Bubble BX4 from Tony’s Tortured Beans and dropped them in a shot glass until they sunk which took about 12 hours. There were 11 Gorilla Bubble seeds in my pack.

Gorilla Bubble BX4 by Tony's Tortured Beans

From there they went into a paper towel. Within 24 hours they began to crack and at 48 hours out of the shot glass 2 had tails showing. 24 hours later as you can see from the pic below, which was taken at about 60 hours from soaking, they all had cracked and had tails. I am happy to say germination was 100%

Gorilla Glue Strain From Seed - Gorilla Bubble Germination

I will be transplanting them into party cups filled with coco. I use Canna coco bricks. I found the bricks are cleaner and come without gnats. I think the bagged stuff is moist and allows the buggers to survive while the bricks are bone dry and seem to be bug free.

I will  transplant in the next 24 hours. I just want to give the seeds some more time to shed their husks.

So here they are a day later. They are all up and free from their shells. I did help a few along a bit. The husks pop off pretty easily but there is also a membrane that can stick to the leaves. So I removed that on a few of them, hopefully I didn’t damage anything.


They are under some 165w aquarium LEDS. I like to use these for seedlings because they provide a lot of blue spectrum light and that keeps things from stretching a lot. They put out much less heat than fluorescents and I think the spectrum is superior and it is adjustable.

Anyway I will call this day 0 and start counting veg days from here. So here they are at day 5 starting on their 2nd set of true leaves.

gorilla bubble day 5

Here they are at day 10 – 14 below. If you see some brown on the leaves it’s not a deficiency or burn. I sprayed these with Heavy 16 foliar which leaves a pretty heavy residue on my plants even at lower doses. For some reason it shows up brownish under these blue lights.

I am not so patiently waiting for this gorilla glue strain to really take off and start growing and I don’t think it will be too much longer the way the 3rd set of leaves are looking.

Repotted from solo cups to 5 inch square pots. They say they are called a trade gallon but are actually about 3/4 of a gallon. Roots were coming out the bottom of the solo cups and beginning to go around in circles on the bottoms so it definitely was time.

gorilla bubble transplant day 15
Here they are 3 days later at 17 and 19 days. They were under 24/0 lighting and were switched to 16/8. I am gradually getting them ready for 12/12 flowering.

Now that the heavy blue spectrum veg lighting was switched to these 3500k COBs they are starting to grow fast and stretch because of the extra red. Soon I will top these Gorilla Bubbles and take some clones.

Then it should not be long before I flip them over to 12/12. Once I can determine sex the girls will go into 2 or 3 gallon smart pots. I don’t want to waste space and coco repotting males.

These guys already stink as small as they are. I will probably have to add a 2nd scrubber when they flower.

Gorilla Bubble Day 21 Taking Clones

So at day 21 I decided to take clones of my Gorilla Bubble. Earlier I removed fan leaves and there was some nice growth at the bottoms of the stem now. The tops were sturdy enough to take as clones.

By taking the tops out down low I am hoping those lower nodes will start to branch and take off as they fight to become the new leader.

What I want is basically branches coming out just above the soil, creating low bushy plants. The Gorilla Glue strain seems to grow upright with a lot of weak branches so this may help give plants a better structure.

Then I want to use the one node and flip technique popularized by Jungle Boys here Here is their video.

I may leave more than 1 node but the idea is to get everything budding in the main light zone and eliminate the lower popcorn buds. So I will trim all branches as in the video.

I will be making my pheno selection from the clones and not their mothers. I have seen too many clones turn out different than their seed mothers. So I want to get an idea of the quality of this Gorilla Glue strain from the seeded plants and yield really is not a big factor. But any keepers will come from the clones.

Gorilla Bubble Gorilla Glue Seeds First Day Of Flowering

I decided to flip these young Gorilla Glues. On day 22 I hooked them up to my drip system. Set to water 15 seconds every 2 hours during lights on.

They are on Heavy 16 nutes. I am using the whole line minus their Roots and Finish. PPMs were set to 600 or 1.2 EC and Ph to 6.0.

As soon as the males show they will be pulled and the remaining girls will go into 2 gallon smart pots. I don’t see any reason to pot up before then.

One plant #11 is half the size of the others and she may be culled. She is probably a sour bubble leaner which are slow veggers and that’s not what I’m after.

These plants are small, only about 4″ after topping and taking clones but I expect them to stretch enough to get a good look at the genetics and decide which clones to keep. I guess you could call this a shake down run. Here’s a few pics:

So these Gorilla Bubbles really did not like me topping them so low. And they were set back and throwing fits. I watched an old Subcool video where he tops really low and he says it will set the plants back. Well it did but now there are really nice branches coming out of the main stem.

I topped above the 2nd node on these and have wide branches right above the soil line. These plants will have great structure. They looked really bad at first, sick green color and really small leaves but now they are making a comeback. I may be able to sex these in about a week.

Gorilla Bubble First Week Of Flower

My Gorilla Bubble strain is seven days old today. I spread the plants out in the tray and there are some nice branches starting to form. They are in 1 gallon pots right now.

I am going to cull #11 the smallest plant because she is likely a sour bubble girl and not representative of the Gorilla Glue strain.

Think I spotted my first male and should be able to separate the girls from the boys soon. Girls will get transplanted into 2 gallon smart pots.

Gorilla Bubble Girls On Day 10

So I started out with 11 seedlings. I culled the runt and was left with 10 nice plants. But it was not to be. In the end on day 10 there were 6 males and 4 females unless another boy pops up.

I am not keeping males on this run so they were destroyed. I still have another pack of the BX4s to sift through if I change my mind.

I am hoping these Gorilla Bubble girls will be close to the original Gorilla Glue strain. Only a clone will be an exact match but a cross can be close and sometimes even better than the original.

Boy do these plants stink. I was warned and it was not an exaggeration. They smell like dead skunk being roasted over a burning tire. Anyway here are the ladies:

Day 14 – Now There Are 3

I had a late flowering male show up so I am down to 3 girls for my Gorilla Glue strain hunt. I added 2 White OG and 1 Hells Angel OG to fill out the tray.

I have one plant that is in the middle of the picture below and she looks like what I am looking for. I also have another pack of Gorilla Bubble BX4 I can crack and hopefully get a better m/f ratio out of. Some of the males were really nice and I hated chopping them but at this point I am not breeding these.

Gorilla Glue Seeds - Gorilla Bubble Grow Day 14The 1st gorilla bubble looks like a Sour Bubble leaner. The girl in the middle is starting to show that twisted leaf trait that the Gorilla Glue strain is known for so she will most likely be my keeper pheno. The girl on the right looks like she is a 50/50 hybrid right now.

These ladies should be showing some flowers this week. The OGs just went in 2 days ago so they will take a while longer.

Gorilla Glue Strain Gorilla Bubble @ 21 Days

Week 3 is just about over and things are starting to rock. I have 3 Gorilla Bubble girls and 3 OG Kush girls too.

2 Gorilla Bubble plants look really good. The 3rd looks like a Sour Bubble pheno and is not what I am after. Sour Bubble is a killer strain. It’s fast and tests 28% THC but it is a small plant and a notoriously slow vegger. It is half the size of the other 2 girls.

None of these plants are large. They are only 18″ from the top of the pot and I don’t expect to see a lot more stretch from them. They were flowered small to start with and this is just a shakedown run to find the girls. I have back up clones of them but it looks like I will have only 2 to test, not going to waste time on the SB leaner.

Testing Some Mammoth P On This Grow

These plants are not what I would call fast veggers to begin with but they all look really healthy. I had a Mammoth P sample and decided to give it a test. The results were fast and impressive.

Mammoth PMammoth P is pricey but you only use it at 1 or 2 ml per gallon so a little goes a long way.

So just before lights off I added it at 2 ml/gallon. Dumped it into my pump bag and turned on the pump to water it in.

The next day I saw a growth spurt and could see my plants had a healthy glow and were liking it.

Before, they were healthy, but just not growing that fast.  Within 24 hours I saw 2 inches of new growth. That’s a lot for plants under strong LED lighting and also a very fast response time.

LEDs definitely make smaller plants unless you raise them high but they don’t make smaller buds fortunately.

The following day I noticed new roots pushing out the sides of my pots. Mammoth P is not a fertilizer. It is a microbial mix that frees up phosphate and other nutrients. Phosphorus is known to stimulate root growth and that is exactly what happened.

I have seen some pretty convincing side by side videos which is what convinced me to try it. I don’t know if it gives a 16% increase in trimmed sellable yield like the makers claim but it sure unlocked my plants growth and healthy, happy plants do yield more.

Gorilla Bubble BX4 Gorilla Glue Strain @ 28 Days

Week 4 for my Gorilla Glue strain. The Gorilla Bubble girls are flowering and are still stretching. They are stacking as they do and it looks like there are some nice buds on the way.

I have some OGs sharing the grow space. Even at 14 days, because of their height, I needed to put in my screen. But the Gorilla Bubbles are shorter and only one was tall enough to get through the net.

I have raised up 2 of the plants to even the canopy. I have 3 different phenos #5,8 and 10. #10 is the shortest and needed it the most. She obviously leans toward the Sour Bubble and I raised her about 9 inches.

Phenos 5 and 8 are very similar but #5 has tighter node spacing and is about 3 inches shorter than #8, so I raised her up a few inches although she was probably going to get through the screen on her own.

Right now they are being fed at 660 ppms and pH 5.8 but they were higher earlier this week at 760 which is really too high for my system. I just added another small dose of Mammoth P too.

24/7 Nutrient Monitor Added This Week

I just added a nutrient monitor this week and so far I am loving it. I busted a pH pen and it cost me $66 at my local hydro store which pissed me off. It’s not the first pen I have broke but I hope it’s the last.

24/7 nutrient monitorThis 24/7 nutrient monitor set me back about $122 which is half the price of the Blue Lab monitor. It seems to be well made and works great.

Been thinking about getting one for a while now but held back because it did not seem like something I absolutely had to have.

But believe me, you want one of these if you are using a reservoir and especially if you are running hydro or aeroponics.

Here are this weeks pics but they were taken before the plants were raised:

So now is where the fun starts. I think these baby gorillas are just about done stretching and pretty soon they should start to size and start bringing that heavy frost the Gorilla Glue strain is known for.

Here is a pic at day 30. The girls just got a haircut to let some light in on the lower buds.

Gorilla Bubble @ 35 Days

Plants are all growing well and being fed Heavy 16 nutes at 600 ppm. PH has been 6.0 to 6.2. Reservoir temps have been running at 73 degrees. Would like them to be a bit lower but it is summer and it has been fairly warm.

The Gorilla Bubble has recovered from its haircut and has stopped stretching. I am starting to see frost rails on the leaves. I think from here on out they will start get heavy trichome as the buds size up and begin to mature.

My OGs are at 23 days and are stretching and stacking like crazy. I hope they stop soon because one light doesn’t have much higher to go. Here are this weeks pics:

Gorilla Bubble @ 45 Days – Sticky As Glue

Today is day 45 for my Gorilla Bubble girls and 30 days for my OGs. I went in to  do some fan leaf removal and these girls are sticky as glue. I think Gorilla Glue was for sure named appropriately. I have grown lots of sticky buds but these are in a class of their own and the stickiness is different somehow.

Things are cruising along with nutes at 600 ppm and pH at 5.9 and my res is at 75 degrees. Not where I want it but not catastrophic either. It’s been warm and even the cold water is warmer than usual. I dont have AC in my room or in my house so the res ends up at room temperature. Here are some day 45 pics:

Gorilla Bubble @ 49 Days Chunking Up

Week 7 for my Gorilla Bubble girls and the buds are starting to chunk up. Resin looks like it is increasing along with bud size. My OG girls are at day 30 and are sizing and stacking nicely as well.

I have kept my girls at 600 ppm and pH has varied from 5.8 to 6.2. We have had a stretch of hot weather that has been unusually long. As a result my res temps have been much warmer than I would like and I have started adding blue ice packs to the res to keep temps down.

Dealing With Summer Growing Conditions

The other day temps in my res went over 75 and when I looked inside my res I could see a pretty thick bubbly  film floating on top. Probably the molasses had started to ferment and so I added some peroxide to try and kill everything which seemed to work and the next day I dumped the res.

Hot weather is expected to continue for some time. My water from the tap is 75 degrees and I dont have a chiller or air conditioning in the grow room or even in my apartment.

I decided that I was not going to run anything with any sugars that could ferment. So I switched to pure salts and Jacks Hydro 5-12-26 running the 3 2 1 recipe. You combine it by weight with Jack’s calcium nitrate and epsom salts. However Jack’s Jacks Hydroponic 5-12-26 has a good amount of magnesium in it so you could probably skip the epsom salts. I also began adding H2O2 as a preventative.

The dose for hydrogen peroxide, the 3% stuff sold everywhere is 12 ml per gallon one time and then 3 ml per gallon daily. That’s because its only effective for about a day and a half. If you are going to use it I recommend getting the 35% stuff and diluting it 10 to 1 because it’s cheaper.

So far plants are doing fine under the new nutes and here are some pics:



Gorilla Bubble @ 56 Days And OG Kush @ 44 Days

Gorilla Bubble pheno #5 is ready to harvest and #10 is a few days behind. Pheno #8 is the tallest of the 3 and #10 the shortest. She is the latest pheno and my guess is she has about 10 days to go.

These plants are very sturdy with thick stems and not at all like the floppy Gorilla Glue #4. I only had 3 girls in this batch of seeds so not the best selection. I do have another pack that I can pop.

Since these are seedling plants I am hoping the clones will be different. They are very nice compact plants and I am sure the smoke will be excellent but they are not what I was hoping to find structure wise and TBH I expected them to be much frostier. So these are not going to replicate the Gorilla Glue strain exactly but they still might be very good.

Meanwhile my 2 White OG and my Hells Angel OG Kush are sizing up nicely. I just stripped most of the fan leaves off them so lowers will get more light and to improve airflow. Here are some pics of the girls:

Gorilla Bubble 63 Days OG Kush 51 Days

Two of my Gorilla Bubble girls were harvested this week. I think they are more Sour Bubble leaners and dont look like the Gorilla Glue strain. Pheno #8 needs another week, maybe a bit more. According to the breeder the Gorilla Glue leaners are usually done later then the Sour Bubble plants.

Personally I think these plants are not at all like Gorilla Glue. I have the real GG4 clone now and it is taller and thinner branched. I only had 3 girls out of this pack and sadly they are not what I was looking for even though they are probably super potent.

I have seen some excellent GG4 leaners from these beans though. I cant say if I just had bad luck or if the BX4 leans more to the Sour Bubble than you would expect.

I do have another pack of them and will be popping it. Hopefully I will get a GG4 leaner out of them. But now that I have the original Gorilla Glue strain as a clone that is what I will be growing and my BX4 seeds wont get popped for a while because I have several other strains in the pipeline right now.

My White OG and Hells Angel OG are doing well and will probably go another 2 weeks. The Hells Angel seems ahead of the WOG and looks like I could take her now but these girls will pack on a lot more weight in the next few weeks. So here are some pics of the girls.

Day 66 Gorilla Bubble Strain Harvest Is Complete

Today I chopped pheno #8. She was the largest of my three phenos and later maturing than the others. She had nice chunky hard buds and some were pretty good sized. I probably could have let her go longer but I need the grow space now.

Very unique smell that I cant really describe other than to say I could imagine drying glue smelling like this. She will be the highest yielding of the 3. Here are some pics just before chop:

Still Got Some Nice OG Girls @ day 58

While the Gorilla Bubble is drying there are still some nice White OG And Hells Angel OG Girls finishing up. They have been flushing for about 10 days now and leaves are starting to fade. The HA seems a bit earlier than the WOG and very close to harvest. The others will probably need another week or so to finish. Here are some pics:









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