True OG Strain – Clone Only Grow

True OG is a cup winning OG Kush from Elemental Seeds. While there are seeds available from time to time there will always be more variations between seeds and clones.

I was lucky enough to get a couple of cuts from the original cup winning plant and boy they didn’t come cheap. I also had to promise not to share them so please don’t ask!

Below are pics of 2 of my True OGs at 4 weeks vegged under 3500K  CXP250 COB LEDs from Pacific Light Concepts.

They are in 3 gallon smart pots filled with Grodan mini cubes in a DIY 2×3 flood and drain tray. I was planning on vegging longer but the plants are outgrowing their space.

I originally used this 2×8 area to flower but converted it to veg temporarily. My main flowering area is being used for my Gorilla Glue #4 which shared this space until a week ago. You can check out that grow journal at:

They have been growing vigorously and the leaves are getting huge so I will be flipping them over to 12/12 along with some Hells Angel and White OG on the other side of the closet.

If you want to find out more about the history and background of True OG you can find that info here

True OG Veg Update 5 Weeks

My True OG ha been growing nicely. I started with very small cuttings and have been doing a lot of topping on these girls.

True OG 5 weeks of veg

One thing I have noticed is less wicking with these rockwool mini blocks, especially compared to coco. The top of the pots were pretty much dry and I suspect the water was just channeling down to the bottom of the pots instead of spreading out.

I have switched over to flood and drain from top feed drip and have seen improvement. The top surface is moist now. So far I really like the rockwool croutons in smart pots.

I always thought the blocks held too much water which is why I hesitated to use them but the croutons seem to be much better drained while still holding enough water.

True OG Flipped To 12/12 Today – Day 0

Today I flipped my True OG clones over to flower. It has been about 6 weeks and although I would have liked them a bit larger, space limitations forced me to flower now.

They are sharing a space with White OG and some Hells Angel which were much more vigorous growers. I also want to try and keep a perpetual grow going. These should finish a couple of weeks after my Gorilla Glue grow. Here are a few pics taken today:

True OG Day 7

So it’s been 7 days since my True OG clones were switched over to 12/12 lighting. They are under a CXP 250 from Pacific Light Concepts rated at 3500k and it puts out a bit more than the 250 watts it is rated for.

The girls have been stretching and it looks like flowers will be starting to show over the next few days. They are still shorter than I expected them to be but look very good otherwise. Here’s some pics:

True OG Day 14

True OG is starting to show its flowers now. It is also stretching. After a slow start it has caught up in height with the White OG and Hells Angel OG.

Plants are being fed with Jacks 321 mix at about 700 ppm and a pH of 5.8 to 6.0 . They are being flooded for 1 minute every 2 hours and that seems to be working. The rockwool croutons are in 3 gallon smart pots but I think I would get the same or better results in 2 gallon pots.

I am liking the croutons a lot. They dont get as heavy as the cubes and provide lots of airspace so no worries about over watering.

True OG Day 21 Of 12/12

My True OG plants are growing nicely on the Jacks 3-2-1 mix and it looks like the stretch is just about over. I am starting to see nice trichome development too. I have been feeding at about 650 ppm and pH has been in the 5.8 to 6.0 range.

They have been feeding and drinking well on a 2 minute flood every 3 hours. The croutons seem to be working well, staying moist without getting too heavy or waterlogging.

There are some nice white roots in the trays that are coming through the smart pots and I think next time I am going to use matting and covered trays for more root growth.

The nodes are fairly close together for an OG and it looks like some nice fully stacked  colas are coming.

Here are some day 21 pictures:

True OG Day 28 Of 12/12

Day 28 for my 2 True OG girls. Being fed Jacks 3 2 1 mix at 650 ppms and pH 5.8-6.0. They look great and the buds are twice the size of my Hells Angel and White OG along side them.

The girl on the left is taller and the one on the right is shorter but has more tops. I think it might have something to do with the extra red light bleeding over from my Platinum P600.




SaTrue OG Day 45 – Jacks Plus Humboldts Secret Golden Tree

Seems I lost a week here. So just to update: I began adding Humboldts Secret Golden Tree to my Jacks. It has delivered some amazing results too.

My plants were looking good but seemed stalled out like they were waiting for something to happen. I saw some amazing growth and within 24 hours my Hells Angel and White OG started to shoot up. They put on about 3 inches of new growth in about 24 hours. All the calyxes began to swell and on my True OG there was significant bud elongation and swelling.

The Golden Tree is black as night and smells kind of like rotten eggs. It is kelp based with vitamins and aminos, probably humic and or fulvic acid along with molasses. It has been advertised as a replacement for Canna Boost but honestly I never saw anything like this from Boost.

I also had very similar results in my other closet so I am going to continue using it in both grows. I would recommend checking it out.

So I am feeding Jacks and using Golden Tree as a bud booster at 620 ppms and a pH of 5.8 and nothing else. No beneficials and no other additives.

As far as I know there are no bacteria in Golden Tree. I think the auxins and cytokines in the kelp play a big role in what it does.

Here are some pics from day 45:

True OG Kush Day 52

Today is day 51 for my True OG Kush girls and my Hells Angel and White OG girls too. It looks like the True is developing a bit slower than the other 2 OGs but the buds are swelling and some hairs are turning brown as well.

Some of the True’s branches are pretty tall and were leaning from the weight of the buds so they were given some additional support with yo yos.

Not sure what True OG genetics are but it is supposed to be a pure OG cut and not a cross or hybrid. Some buds are showing elongated calyxes almost like a foxtail. I have seen this on buds coming from Ghost OG and it is possible this cut came from that and was reworked and renamed.

Mine is supposed to be a cut from the cup winning cut, but who really knows for sure. Elemental does make a seed version of True OG although it is rarely available. Here are some pics from day 52:

True  OG Harvest Day 63

I started harvesting my True OG on day 63. I think they could have gone longer but I had some Cookies And Cream girls that needed a home too. Bud trichomes were cloudy and they had a nice gassy OG smell to them.

I think these ladies could have used more light and a better pruning job. Top buds were nice but many lower down were on the larfy size. For as deep and uneven as the canopy was I dont think 250w of COBs was enough. I usually flower smaller plants under this light and they are fine but these were a bit too large and bushy.

Here are some pics of some True OG buds from a rough green trim, buds will get final manicure when dry.

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