Starting a new Peanut Butter Breath pheno hunt along with a Thug Pug genetics Banana Breath and Sherb Breath. Get grow tips and follow my grow journal over the next 9-10 weeks.

I have been chasing Thug Pug strains for a while now. I think I have found a really nice Banana Breath and will be running a full grow of her. But I really want to find a purple Peanut Butter Breath pheno. I know they exist but so far it has eluded me. This will be my third try and they say 3 is the charm.

The pack of Peanut Butter Breath seeds I will be running was made by a 2nd generation grower from Cali. My first run of his F2 seeds yielded 11 plants but unfortunately only 1 was a girl. Sometimes, although it’s rare, things can go that way with seeds.

I contacted the breeder and he sent me another pack. It has taken a while to get these into flower. I have 7 plants that I believe are all girls. It is possible that 3 untested plants could be males but I dont think so. There are 4 confirmed girls plus my PBB F2 from my last run. Hopefully the other 3 will be female and I will have 8 to pheno hunt.


So this strain was created by Thug Pug Genetics. It is a cross of DoSiDos x Mendo Breath f2 (Studly Spewright). The DoSiDos is from Archive Seeds and is a cross of Face Off OG and OGKB. Flowering time is 9-10 weeks and the plant is medium to tall depending on the pheno type. For a complete genetic breakdown  go to Peanut Butter Breath (Thug Pug Genetics) :: Cannabis Strain Info (


Thug Pug genetics seeds are no longer being made and sell at a premium because this is his most popular strain. I have seen them sold for over $400 a pack. They were less than $100 when he made them and quite frankly they are not worth buying even if you can find them.

I was gifted about 40 seeds of his various Breath strains and you can check out my first grow here: THUG PUG GENETICS SEEDS AND PHENO HUNT

His seeds can produce some incredible plants but they have their share of problems. They seem to produce a lot of males and they do produce a lot of mutations. There is a lot of variation between phenos too. At this point original seeds are older and probably have a lower germination rate.

To my point I only had 2 PBB girls from his F1 pack of seeds and neither were keepers. There are purple phenos but at this point I am still hoping to find something nice in this run.

As far as determining smell and taste goes I might be bad at that because they dont smell or taste anything like peanut butter to me. The color of the pistils does remind me of the color of peanut butter though.

If you want to grow this strain it is fairly popular. So you will need to find someone who made Peanut Butter Breath F2 seeds or better yet a clone. I really cant tell you where to find them but you could check on Strainly.

My first run of F2 seeds yielded much better plants than my original F1 seeds but there was only one girl out of 11 seeds. Now I am running my 2nd pack of Peanut Butter Breath F2 seeds and it looks like 7 of 12 are girls.

My one girl plant from the last seed pack was very nice. She was frosty and ripened all her buds from top to bottom. But she was also all green and this strain can show purple. Hopefully I will find the purple pheno I am looking for in this grow. Here is what she looks like:

She’s definitely not bad! I just want the purple too!¬† The Banana Breath was outstanding last run. Very frosty, good yielder and tinges of purple running through the buds. The Sherb Breath was very good but not a heavy yielder and I dont know if she is going to stick around.

Here is a current grow that’s mostly MAC1 but with my first Peanut Butter Breath F2 too MANIFOLD TRAINING MAC 1 AND PEANUT BUTTER BREATH – 420 GROWER

How To Grow Thug Pug Peanut Butter Breath

There are a lot of grow methods out there and I have tried most of them but I am above all a hydroponic grower. My preferred method is recirculating top feed drip. I ran flood and drain for quite a while but have gotten better results with top feeding.

Recirculating Hydro

I use Buddy Stones which are the same as the now out of business GrowStones but you can use any inert media for this method. Hydroton or perlite will also work in this type of system. Rockwool would also work but I think it holds too much water. You really do need to use an inert media for recirculating hydroponics.

The idea is to feed frequently but at a lower nutrient strength. You are supplying food directly to plant roots. Since plants dont have to search for food they have a faster growth rate and usually finish earlier.


If you grow in coco, pro mix or soil, recirculating systems are not a good choice. It is possible with coco because it is a hydroponic grow medium but it will be a challenge to keep your nutrient profile balanced and coco is much better suited to a drain to waste top feed system.

With that said a top feed drip watering system can be adapted to virtually any grow medium if you take into account its water holding capacity. Be careful not to over water and always make sure you have some run off after every watering.

I use Floraflex open flow manifolds and open tubing to each pot. I run House And Garden Aqua Flakes which is designed for recirculating systems. My system runs on a timer so it is automated and I feed multiple times per day. Below is a video that shows my nutrient line up.

In this grow the plants were topped once. I did not do any other training on them. They are fairly upright so I will use my first screen to spread them out a bit but I am not tucking any branches.

Next to strain selection, lighting is most important even more so than nutrients. I run HLG lights and believe they are the best LEDs you can buy. Others may disagree but dollar for dollar they cant be beat and they are made in USA. Their warranty and customer service cant be beat.

I am a closet grower. These plants sit in a 2×4 flood tray under a HLG 650R. It is a powerful light and requires monitoring your PAR and DLI levels. Closet grows present challenges that commercial growers dont have to face. While I could run CO2 I choose not to because controlling the environment and VPD is much harder in a closet.

Finally I am not saying you have to grow Peanut Butter Breath this way but this is what works for me. I just want you to understand what I am doing.


It is day 7 for these Thug Pug genetics girls. They were propped up to even the canopy up a bit because there is a difference in plant size. There are a couple of OGKB leaners in this bunch.

After growing a bunch of Thug Pug’s stuff I find the more normal leaved plants tend to do better. The OGKB leaners are very frosty but usually small, low yielding and dont branch very well. PEANUT BUTTER BREATH F2 PHENO HUNT DAY 7 – YouTube

OGKB leaning leaves on day 7 above. Below is a canopy shot on day 10 with plants a few days away from flowering. Thug Pug genetics girls

Peanut Butter Breath F2 Leaf Strip Before And After

So day 14 is here and it is time to do a leaf strip. I know some folks dont like defoliation but dont knock it if you have not tried it. It works for me.

Leaf stripping improves air flow and lets lower bud sites get more light. More importantly the stress it produces sends a signal to the plant to move from vegging into serious flower production.

Dont ever defoliate plants that are not healthy and some widely spaced plants may not need it at all. And yes it will probably set your plants back a few days but I think the delay is worth it. Here is a before and after video taken on day 14. Yes I stripped them hard!

Day 21

Today is day 21 and I just did a leaf strip last week. Res change too and a bit about fulvic acid in hydro. Yep my girls are on acid.

Fulvic acid is related to humic acid but it is a much smaller molecule. It is a natural chelator meaning it grabs on to nutrients and moves them into the roots for uptake.

Humic acid works best in soil and fulvic acid works better in hydro. I am using a product called Mr Fulvic. I have been able to reduce my nutrient use about 20%. I went from 950 ppms down to 750 ppms and my plants look great. I think it has raised the general level of health in my grow. It is not expensive and a little goes a long way. I really think you should give it a try.

Here is the day 21 video. You will notice the plants look healthy and have recovered nicely. In another week you wont be able to tell these plants were ever leaf stripped,

Peanut Butter Breath F2 Day 28 Looking Good!

My girls are looking great. Today is day 28. Also a bit about fulvic acid in hydro in the video. I have been able to reduce nutrient use by 20% and my plants look better than ever! Yep my girls are on acid.

Because it is a pheno hunt the height of these plants varies. I have raised up some of the shorter ones but there is still quite a difference in size. You can clearly see this in the day28 video.

Peanut Butter Breath F2 Day 28 Pictures

Thug Pug Genetics Peanut Butter Breath Day 35

Everything is looking really good. Seeing nice stacking on a few girls. Although its early I think there are hints of purple starting to show on a few plants. I continue to run House And Garden Aqua Flakes and just added Top Booster which is their bloom booster.

I am also running an additive called Mr Fulvic. It is a natural chelator and I have been able to reduce my nutrient levels by about 20%. I think it has other benefits as my plants look really healthy.

Peanut Butter Breath Pictures Day 35 Of Flower

Thirsty Ladies Day 49

The girls have been growing like crazy and drinking a lot. I am having to add 5 gallons or more every 2 days. There are 10 plants but that is still a lot because they are in growstones. So the media isn’t holding much water and the girls are drinking it all.

Getting ready to flush. What I am doing right now is topping up with plain water which is slowly bringing down the PPMs. Here are some bud shots taken on day 49.


It is day 56 and the girls are really thirsty. Usually drinking slows down this late in a grow. But these girls are going through 5-7 gallons every other day. That is a lot considering they are in growstones. Today I started flushing it is now day 59 and I plan on taking everything to day 70.

Besides the Peanut Butter Breath there is a Sherb Breath and a Banana Breath. The Banana Breath is really showing purple buds. It is a really large plant making lots of chunky buds. Here are some pics from day 56:

Peanut Butter Breath Day 72 Harvest Time

Harvest time is here. The leaves are all purple and drinking has slowed down. The Banana Breath is really nice and purple, even the buds themselves are purple. I dont think the Sherb Breath will be a keeper.

I will run some of the Peanut Butter Breath again because choosing a keeper wont be easy. There are about 3 plants I want to run again. They are all taller phenos. Most of the short ones leaned towards OGKB and are poor yielders so those will be gone. Here are some pics from day 70 just before they were chopped down.

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