White Truffle Grow Report

I wanted to do a White Truffle grow report. I was planning on doing a full closet of it. It turned out my clone was infected with mites.

That explains why I lost so many clones. I always get close to 100% takes but not this time. Turns out because mites make the plant unhealthy it is hard to get viable clones from it.

What Is The White Truffle Strain?

The White Truffle strain is a Gorilla Butter(GG#4 x Peanut Butter Breath) F2 pheno. It was bred by Fresh Coast Seeds but the clone was selected by an Oklahoma cultivator named BeLeaf.

White Truffle Grow Report Day 28

Because of difficulty cloning, there is only one test plant(the original clone) and there is an Apple Fritter and 6 MAC 1 filling out the tray.

Growth was good and plants seemed healthy at first but I started noticing white spots and patches on the leaves. That comes from mites feeding on the plant.

Spider Mites On The White Truffle

Today is day 28. The White Truffle brought in spider mites. I did a leaf strip and treated with Spinosad. Hopefully they are gone.

I was noticing my moms were looking sickly but it looked like a magnesium deficiency even though the plants were getting plenty.

Normally as a preventative I treat all incoming clones with Avid or Forbid. But this clone arrived over watered and it was drooping. So I did not treat it. Those chemicals can be hard on a plant and I did not want to stress it any further.

Once I got the plants in flower I started noticing white spots on the leaves, a typical sign of mite infection. These were not your typical 2 spotted spider mites either.

They were either broad mites or russet mites. Both are much smaller. I did check the underside of damaged leaves but it was very hard to see them clearly enough to identify.

Leaf Stripping And Spinosad Spray

Here is my sick White Truffle after spraying with Spinosad. Before spraying I did a hard leaf strip. This removes pest infected leaves and makes spraying much easier.

White Truffle Day 28 After Spinosad Spray
As I said this grow started off strong. It was drinking a lot and eating a lot too. So I hope it makes a full recovery.

After spraying the Spinosad left a slight white residue. Some pistils also showed some browning. A couple of days later I could see recovery.

Here are the other plants. First one is Apple Fritter. It was hit pretty hard. The rest are MAC 1 and they were not hit as hard.

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