Spider Farmer SF 2000 Review [Great Value And Affordable Price]

Spider Farmer SF 2000 rEVIEW

Spider Farmer SF 2000 Review And Video

Here is my Spider Farmer SF 2000 review. If you are looking for high quality in an affordable LED grow light this is the one. 200 watts at the wall and will flower a 2 x 4 grow area.

I am using this Spider Farmer light to grow hydroponic DWC vegetables, and it is performing very well.

Spider Farmer SF 2000 Features

It uses the same Samsung 301B diodes that top brands like HLG use and has an added red spectrum too.

This is a full spectrum LED with white, blue, red and IR (3000K, 5000K, 660nm and IR 760nm). It uses 3000K diodes and 5000K along with the 660nm red and 760nm IR light. 

Spider Farmer SF 2000 Full Spectrum

The Spider Farmer SF 2000 measures 25.5 x 10.5 x 2.3 inches and weighs 6.76 pounds

Lights are mounted on an aluminum heatsink. Although I read somewhere it was steel, mine was definitely aluminum.

The driver is a XLG-240-H-AB from Meanwell.

There is a junction box on top with a dimmer switch and an off/on switch. There are 2 ports for daisy chaining lights together in this box too.

The light comes with four ratcheting light hangers and another cable for daisy chaining lights together. So if you have multiple lights you can control them all with one dimmer switch.

The light feels solid and a quality build. I wont say it is the best LED grow light money can buy but I will say it is a great value for the money.

The Spider Farmer SF 2000 offers growers great value at an affordable price.

Check out the video review and you can see this light is doing a great job on these vegetables.

Tomatoes have the same high light requirements as cannabis. So even if you dont grow vegetables rest assured this light can grow great cannabis too.

Tomatoes in DWC under a Spider Farmer SF 2000

This plant is about 4 weeks old from seed and getting ready to flower. If you are thinking about growing vegetables indoors check out my website at  https://indoorvegetablegrower.com/

HLG Vs Spider Farmer

I consider the Spider Farmer 2000 to be a poor mans HLG. Of course there are differences most notably HLG lights are made in USA and Spider Farmer is made in China.

There is no doubt that they copied HLG and so they are copycat lights but that does not make them bad lights.

The closest comparison is to my HLG 300R. The size and shape of these lights is very similar. Both use the same diodes. Both have an added red spectrum.

But the 300R puts out 250 watts and the Spider Farmer has 200. So the HLG light has more diodes and more output.

I am getting very good PAR readings with the Spider Farmer SF 2000. I am sure they would be even higher if the light was in a tent.

I wish they had a light with the added 50 watts at this price point but they dont.

So the SF 2000 is half the price of the 300R. The question you need to ask yourself is: Is it worth the extra $300 to gain 50 more watts?

The Spider Farmer does not put out a lot of heat. I can keep it closer to my plants to compensate for the difference in wattage.

I would never put any HLG light within 12 inches of my plants but I can with the SF 2000. Here’s a link to a HLG 650R review I did.

HLG 650R Review Featuring 4 QB648 DIABLO Quantum Boards- Amazing Light! – How To Grow Weed Indoors (420dotcom.com)

I use HLG lights for growing my cannabis and I definitely recommend buying them if you can afford it.

But not everyone can. I realize that. And that is why I am recommending Spider Farmer LEDs for those of you who are on a tighter budget but still want a good grow light.

Lettuce Be Friends


Here is some lettuce grown in DWC. It is doing quite well even though it is along side and not under the Spider Farmer 2000.

I hope you found my Spider Farmer SF 2000 Review helpful and I would definitely recommend this light for a 2 x 4 grow tent.

You can check it out and read reviews on Amazon.

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