Triangle Kush Cross The Truth New Millennium Nutrients Grow Journal

New Millennium Nutrients are from a fairly new Colorado based company and people using it are saying really good things about yield, quality and taste of the finished product. Many growers haven’t heard of it and even fewer have tried it.

Triangle Kush Cross The Truth

I have decided to test it out on The Truth which is a Triangle Kush crossed with Chem D and SFV OG that was crossed to a Hindu Kush male.

If you want more info on the strain and the veg go to

New Millennium Nutrients

These ladies are quite large for my flower room. New Millennium has a product called Decision that I plan to use right from the start because it limits stretch and encourages flower sites at the start of 12/12.

This product is used as a standalone nutrient for about the first week of flower. It depends what media you are growing in though. It can cause some yellowing which means it is time to change it out. It can take a week in coco or soil but in rockwool or hydro like DWC it can happen much faster, within a few days. So you will want to monitor your plants when using it.

Here is some information about New Millennium Nutrients Decision. The image is linked to their website and I suggest you check out their products.

Triangle Kush Cross The Truth New Millennium Nutrients Grow Journal

When I first checked out the New Millennium website I have to admit I found it pretty confusing at first but actually it is pretty easy to understand. It is basically a 2 or 3 part system and some additives. The main base is Equinox and part 2 changes depending on the growth cycle the plant is in. In addition Ruby Ful#$% is recommended throughout the grow which would be the 3rd part if you use it. It is supposed to enhance nutrient uptake and I believe it is a fulvic acid product.

So there is Spring Green for early veg and Summer Shift for larger plants ready to flower. Then there is Autumn Gold for flowering. What I like about this is the ability to easily match your nutes to your growth phase.

Yes you can do it by trial and error with other 2 part nutrient lines by changing the ratio of your A and B mix but you really dont know exactly what you have and different manufacturers separate things differently too.

New Millennium Nutrients Reviews

So since this is a new nutrient line for me and because I haven’t grown The Truth before I wont be using the full line. These plants have been vegged for 2 months already and are ready to flower which is why I am starting them on the Decision. Then I will be using the Equinox and Autumn Gold to flower and I plan on finishing them with  New Millennium’s Winter Frost.

I have used the Winter Frost before and it does give some amazing results. In fact it worked so well I decided to try the rest of the line. You use it about a week to 10 days before flush and it definitely brings on the fall colors in a matter of days along with increased smell.

So What’s In New Millennium Nutrients?

To be honest I dont really know. What I do know is you cant go by the label. Winter Frost just looks like a weak bloom booster on the label but it is certainly much more than that.

All nute companies only disclose the most basic ingredients. The rest is a proprietary secret. If they disclosed it their research and work would get knocked off by competitors.

For example Ruby Ful#$% is listed as a molybdenum fertilizer. It does contain  molybdenum but I am sure there are other ingredients in it that help nutrient uptake.

What New Millennium talks about is their advanced chelation which makes nutrients readily more available for uptake by your plants.

The chemist that designed New Millennium worked for General Hydro for many years and holds numerous patents on his work. So with copycats lurking everywhere I really cant blame him for not giving away the farm.

Users claim that they use a lot less nutrients as compared to other nutrient lines so I can only speculate that this is due to the advanced chelation methods used.

I think all nutrients are about the same but it is the delivery system and how they are formulated together that makes one nutrient line or product better than another.

A master grower could probably produce decent crops with Miracle Grow but they certainly wouldn’t be able to achieve optimal results with it.

There is a user thread here and it shows some really nice bud grown with the New Millennium line and some users are saying it crushes Heavy 16 or whatever nute line they were previously using.

Personally I really dont care that much what is in it. All I care about is if it works as promised.

So stay tuned as I test out New Millennium Nutrients and I will do my best to separate the marketing BS from reality and see if they can deliver on their promises.

Starting New Millennium Decision As The Truth goes 12/12

So I am going to switch The Truth over to 12/12 flowering schedule. I have started adding New Millennium Decision to my plants at the recommended 15 ml per gallon. I tested a gallon mix and it came to 250 ppm and pH 5.8

I have not added it to my reservoir. Instead I top fed one gallon of this mix to my 10 plants. I am planning on repeating this for 3 days. These ladies were not fed or watered much the last 2 weeks because they were already overgrowing their space. So I think the extra feeds are needed.

Then I will wait and see if there is a reaction. They do say it can cause leaf yellowing and at that point it should be flushed out and normal feeding resumed. They recommend feeding with Ruby Ful for best results but I ordered it late and won’t have it until the 3rd feeding.

Grow Room Details

There are 10 plants in this grow. There are 9 Triangle Kush crosses called The Truth and one Black Banana Cookie plant.

They are under about 750w of 3500k COB LED lights. Two fixtures are from Pacific Light Concepts and draw 250+ watts each and one fixture is a 200w homemade kit from Timber.

I have installed a floating trellis system. I didn’t like a fixed screen. I had legs in the corners of my flood tray and they got in the way. So I flipped it upside down and hung it with 4 light hanger ratchets.

Now I can move it up or down. I also added a 2nd screen to the top. I may not need it normally but I expect these girls to stretch pretty hard and I may need it to keep height down. I am hoping the Decision will help control stretch like people say it does. So here are a few pics taken the day before flipping.

 Purple Punch Day 21

I have one Purple Punch plant off to the side. It is about 2 weeks ahead of The Truth so day 21. Heard good things about it and had a large clone of it so decided to flip it last grow to get a peek at it.

So far I like what I am seeing. It is a cross of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. Frost is starting to show and flowers look nice for this early on. It is a stocky plant and seems to be very indica dominant with short nodes. Here are a few pics:

Day 7 Stacking And Flowers Already – Thanks New Millenium Decision

So it’s day 7 and pistils are showing and stacking is very good. New Millenium Decision is supposed to limit stretch and initiate bud set.

Triangle Kush is a very stretchy strain and the Decision definitely limited stretch and I am seeing flowers earlier than normal by at least several days.

I used the product for 3 feedings and stretch was definitely limited. On day 5 I transitioned to regular feeding and stretch started picking up again especially on a few of the taller girls.

My regular feed is 4ml Equinox, 12 ml Autumn Gold and 5 ml Rubyful and 2 ml CaliMagic giving me about 700 ppms and a pH of 5.7 and so far it looks like the girls are loving it.

The Autumn Gold is definitely a different product from any base I have ever seen. It looks and smells like unfiltered apple cider to me. I can see some very small particles suspended in the solution too. I am guessing there might be a sweetener in there but cant say for sure.

Here are some day 7 pictures:

The Truth Day 14 – Learning From Past Mistakes

It’s day 14 for The Truth and this TK cross is doing extremely well. In part this is from the New Millenium Nutrients and their Decision in particular.

I experiment a lot and that means sometimes I make mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them. I have often said less is more and you can kill your plants with kindness. I admit I am guilty of this. I have been trying to adapt from aeroponics over to flood and drain and I have been overwatering my plants.

Changing My Ways On Watering

So I have turned off my timer and am now lifting my pots to see if they need to be watered instead of force watering them on a schedule. Duh! Nothing new here except not being stupid for a change, although I am sure at some point it will return!

Right now I have pretty large plants in 2 gallon smart pots with straightCanna Coco. I use the bricks because they are less likely to have gnats and are much easier to transport.Still I don’t see roots coming out the sides anywhere. I have been trying to keep things drier to encourage the roots to spread more.

I dont let my girls get bone dry though. I just wait until the pots are fairly light but still have a fair amount of moisture. Currently this means watering every 3 days although as plants continue flowering I expect to have to do this more often.

So until they need daily watering I will be flooding manually, turning the pump on for about 10 minutes every 3 days.

They say you can’t over water coco and to some extent this is true, but you can definitely water coco too often. Guilty as charged!

So once again less is more. My girls are happier for it. Stacking beautifully and looking great. I probably should have mixed coco 50 50 with perlite if I want more frequent waterings but this time I didn’t.

Leaf Stripping On Day 15

On day 15 I defoliated The Truth. I started by removing some suckers and small branches that didn’t quite reach the screen and also removed some really small shoots that did come through. I think all this growth pulls energy away from my larger buds.

I did remove a lot of leaves but did not totally strip the plants. I wanted to improve air circulation in the canopy and help remove shading the lower buds.

The plants are stacking very well and node spacing is short for an OG. Buds are growing larger and plants are eating and drinking well. I was flooding every 3 days but now plants are drying out in 2 days and soon I expect they will be ready for daily feedings. Here are some day 15 pics:

The Truth TK Cross Day 21

The Truth is now at day 21 and looking very nice. Trichomes are starting to show up and she is starting to smell.

I put on a 2nd layer of trellis netting this week. Not all tops made it through the 2nd net. Stretch should be just about over so I am not sure they will. It doesn’t really matter though as they are still in the primary light zone.

Still using New Millenium Nutrients at about 770 ppms today and pH is 5.9. Very impressed with them so far. Plants look great and there are no signs of any deficiencies. Here are some day 21 pics:

The Truth Day 28 On New Millennium Nutrients

Week 4 for The Truth has brought some changes. The stretch is over and bud size is increasing along with increased trichomes development.

I leaf stripped these ladies on day 24 to get more light down to the 2nd layer of the trellis. They didn’t seem to skip a beat from this and buds were noticeably larger after 2 days.

The Truth On Day 35 – Half Way There

Today is day 35 for The Truth. Being OG dominant I expect it will likely go 10 weeks, perhaps a bit sooner or later but I consider this the half way point for this grow.

My girls are doing well. Buds are starting to size up and swell and trichomes continue to increase. I am starting to see some nice frost rails develop on the sides of the leaves. Smell is not strong at this point but is OG without doubt.

The [amazon_textlink asin=’B072PQXNRF’ text=’New Millenium nutrients’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’buildkoipondc-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=”] are working really well and will probably become my new nutrient line. I have been searching for a while, ever since Dutch Master discontinued its Gold Line. My plants are not showing any signs of deficiency, growth is excellent and it is stable in my reservoir too.


It’s day 42 for my Triangle Kush cross called The Truth. During this week the Purple Punch was harvested on day 56 and a Biker Kush was put in her place.

Everything has been going well. Running about 900 ppms and a pH range of of 5.6 – 6.1 I like to let it drift a bit, starting low and bringing it back down once it hits 6.1.

The New Millenium nutes continue to be rock solid with no signs of deficiencies or lock outs. I have been using their Apatite as a bloom booster and also [amazon_textlink asin=’B01EQDJ8WM’ text=’Plagron Green Sensation’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’buildkoipondc-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’50b549eb-56ce-11e8-8057-15aeb61e6249′]
[amazon_link asins=’B06X9M143R,B008BI0HN8′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’buildkoipondc-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e0ae0563-56cf-11e8-8fce-df44537f364d’] Here are this weeks pictures:


The Truth has hit the 7 week mark and is maturing fast. I expected this to be a 10 week strain but I think it will finish earlier. Meanwhile the Black Banana Cookies #4 is pretty much done and I am starting to flush it.

I have added some Terpinator at 30 ml gallon to my reservoir of New Millenium/Green Sensation mix earlier this week. My nutes are at 1200 and pH is 5.8 and  I will probably run this mix for about a week total.

I am not sure if the Terpinator made a significant difference. There does seem to be a slight increase in smell and trichome development but it has only been in the mix 3 days so far and may need longer to do its stuff.

Next week I will mix a res with only Winter Frost to help things finish and from there I will begin flushing these ladies. Meanwhile here are some day 49 pictues for you. The last 3 pics are Black Banana Cookies #4, the rest are all The Truth.


So today is day 56 and The Truth has had about a week in preflush with New Millenium Winter Frost. Not all the girls started to fade from it this time. I had run much higher nute levels this grow and I think it affected uptake.

Starting at 500 ppm I was quickly up to almost 1000 in no time. I think a prefush with plain water would have helped. Some plants really started to fade while others stayed green.

I spent the whole day yesterday top flushing these girls. I have a 27 gallon res and I lost count but it took at least 10 res changes and I finally got it down to 40 ppm which is where my tap water is at. So each 2 gallon smart pot got at least 2 gallons poured through it. I think the smart pots hold on to salt because they are cloth like and porous where as plastic pots dont hold anything in.

Any way if everything goes according to plan these ladies will get harvested in a week on day 63. Here are some grow pics from day 56:


So The Truth was harvested on day 60. Pheno #4 was my keeper and top producer at 70 grams. Several other phenos hit 65 grams and the range was 45-70 with one low yielder at 30g but with insane terps.

I was surprised by #4 because it looked like a smaller plant than some of the others. It had very hard nugs from top to bottom and was well frosted. It was super potent and very long lasting with a heavy sour resin that coated the mouth. Smells and tastes are not my strong point though.

All phenos were very potent and some varied from more indica dom to a more cerebral head buzz and nice body high.

So should you grow The Truth?

There was a fair amount of variation between phenos so there should be something there for everyone. All phenos were strong smoke and tastes varied somewhat.

Yield was decent for an OG and total yield was 505 grams or 18 ounces which is not bad for a 2 x 4 tray.

The one caveat to this strain is that it has Chem D in the genetics and it is hermie prone. It is a survival trait some strains have. When they realize they haven’t been pollinated they do it themselves.

Remember the plants goal is to reproduce seeds and not grow sensimilla for you. It can happen even under perfect growing conditions too.

I have no light leaks and everything is on point but even still I had one plant make seeds and nanners late on in the grow and fortunately it did not spread much but I have found a few seeds here and there. Luckily the tops were pretty much done before this happened so the effects were minimal. So if you are comfortable with that or dont mind a seed or two here or there you will be happy growing The Truth.

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