The Truth – Triangle Kush x SFV OG x Chemdog D – True Canna Genetics

The Truth is a classic old school elite the Triangle Kush crossed with SFV OG Kush x Chemdog D which won 2nd place in Indica category at 2014 HTCC Amsterdam. It was bred by True Canna Genetics.

This is not the same strain as the cup winning True OG strain from Elemental Seeds which I have a grow journal about here.

Some Background Info On The Truth


There is a full description of the strain at but there is a misprint, they used SPV instead of SFV.

Also Triangle Kush, SFV OG and Chemdog D are all clone only strains. So I began wondering what male was introduced and where. After digging around I found out the Chem D was from Reservoir Seeds and they list the male used to make this in seed form as Hindu Kush.

Hindu Kush is a pure indica strain named after the mountain range stretching 500 miles between Pakistan and Afghanistan where it originated. The harsh climate of its homeland has conditioned this strain to express a thick, protective coat of crystal trichomes cherished by hash makers worldwide. With a subtle sweet and earthy sandalwood aroma, Hindu Kush induces a deep sense of calm that helps bring relief to those suffering pain, nausea, and stress disorders.

I managed to find a few grow shots and they looked pretty impressive. The creator took 2nd place Indica at the High Times Cup in Amsterdam with a plant straight from a single pack of seeds so I am hoping this strain lives up to its hype. Here are some pics from IC Mag.

I have a pack of The Truth and decided it’s time to pop them. I have been hanging on to it for 3 years and was afraid germination would suffer if I held it much longer.

The Truth - Triangle Kush x SFV OG x Chemdog D - True Canna Genetics

Popping The Truth

So these seeds come 15 to a pack and I soaked them all in a shot glass with some H2O2 to help them along. It has been about 24 hours and 10 have cracked and have tails. So I guess they didn’t lose too much in my fridge. At 48 hours all 15 seeds had tails.

The Truth - Triangle Kush x SFV OG x Chemdog D - True Canna Genetics

The seedlings were planted into straight coco in a 50 cell 2″x2″ cell tray and now it is a waiting game to see how many make it up and shed their husks. Sometimes older seeds crack and even get a tail showing but lack the vigor to fully sprout and I am hoping that wont be the case here.

So I have 14 seedlings. One had issues, it threw its husk but somehow couldn’t get its roots out and looks like it’s a goner. Here they are 5 days later:The Truth at 5 days from soaking

My plan is to put these seedlings directly under 12/12 lighting. This will let me sex them and once the males are gone I will reveg them in larger pots. This will provide me with monster cropped type seedlings with lots of branches to choose from.

It can take a month for plants to totally reveg, sometimes even a bit longer. I am not in a big hurry to flower these and would rather spend some extra time getting rid of the males and growing a larger multibranched plant.

Almost Ready To Sex The Truth

So a few weeks have passed. I kind of lost track of the days. There are still 14 plants and they are all showing the 3 leaf pattern that OG Kush is known for.

I decided to run them 12/12 from seed so I could sex them faster. Then I will dump the males and reveg the girls.

They are in my flower closet along side the Cookies and Cream and should start to show sex in about a week. So here are a couple of pictures of The Truth:

Sexing The Truth

Another two weeks has passed and all plants have been sexed and topped and placed back into 24/0 lighting to reveg. There were 9 girls and 3 males Another 2 were almost definitely male. They were the smallest of the bunch too so they were culled. Here are the remaining 9 females:

Of these, there are 4 or 5 that are larger than the others and are most likely to be cloned and then flowered. Triangle Kush is a vigorous upright strain and so is SFV OG and my feeling is that the smaller ones most likely are not what I am looking for. At any rate I would only run 8 maximum so at least one has to go.

Final Veg Phase For The Triangle Kush Cross

So about a month has passed since this TK hybrid was sexed. It has been busy and I kind of lost track. The Truth has been in the same 3 1/2″ square x 3″  deep pots and definitely needs repotting.

They were crowded under 200w of [amazon_textlink asin=’B019QAZX9C’ text=’aquarium LEDs’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’buildkoipondc-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f26944e0-1e67-11e8-a36f-678defea8fc9′] which have a customizeable blue and white spectrum which helps keep stretch down and makes stockier plants.

[amazon_link asins=’B019QAZX9C’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’buildkoipondc-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’1cd67970-1e68-11e8-8e90-c35b496461b4′]Great veg lights.
Cheap, work great and have been very reliable.

One light will cover about a 2×2 area. Perfect for clones or sprouting seeds or vegging a few plants.

I highly recommend giving these lights a try.

The girls were put in 1 gallon pots and went under a 250W COB LED on an 18/6 lighting schedule to veg for another 4 or 5 weeks. They have gotten 18″ to 24″ tall in spite of multiple toppings. Some plants have over a dozen branches.

They have a very upright OG growth style and I think they will stretch like crazy in flower. Showing a lot of 3 blade leaves which is also typical for a true OG plant. They have a stink to them already. I am looking forward to flowering these ladies. Here are a few pics right after transplanting:

So here’s a bit of an update taken a couple of weeks later. These plants are easily 2 feet tall and have at least 8 main branches. I have topped multiple times and thinned some lower branches out. I am still about a month away from getting them into flower. So they should yield well.

Baby Gets New Shoes

Here are the girls again with new shoes. They just went in to 2 gallon smart pots with coco. They will probably have to go another 2 weeks before the flower room is ready for them.

Definitely outgrowing their space and there are 2 more plants in another tray. Lots of tops to flower!

So here is another update on the ladies. They still have another 2 weeks until I can flower them. Click the image to view the update video on my YouTube channel.

Triangle Kush Cross The Truth Veg Update

So I have not watered these girls in a week. They went from 1 gallon plastic rootmaker pots to 2 gallon smart pots. I want to encourage the roots to spread out and search for water. Hoping to keep the size down a bit as these ladies are already getting close to 36 inches tall even with multiple toppings. Should be a great harvest as all of them have at least 8 arms ready to flower.

In a few days I will water them with some recharge to further build up the root mass. Once they are ready to go into flower I will begin regular feedings again.

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