Got a hold of some Thug Pug Genetics seeds. If you can find them any more expect to pay hundreds even thousands for a pack. They are not being made any more but have a rep of being pure fire. Happy for a chance to give these a run.

I have Peanut Butter Breath, Sherb Breath, Banana Breath along with a few Garlic, Meat and Sophie’s Breath. I have to say that these seeds produce more mutants than any other strain I have ever run. Many have 3 or 4 cotyledons. Some grow in circles and cant figure out which way is up. Others are just stunted.

In spite of this the ones that make it produce superior plants. My friend reminded me that most normal seeds do not produce  quality anywhere near these. I have seen many pictures of Thug Pug Genetics seeds offspring and they are spectacular so I guess they are worth the trouble.

Thug Pug Genetics Peanut Butter Breath

Peanut Butter Breath budSpeaking of worth these seeds are very expensive if you can even find them for sale. Thug Pug announced his retirement several years ago and since then his $80 a pack seeds sell for hundreds. The cheapest Peanut Butter Breath I found was selling for $400 and I have heard of some packs going for $1000. So I consider myself lucky to have these seeds. They were given to me by a good friend who no longer grows.

While Peanut butter breath seems to be his most popular cross everything in his breath series produces outstanding phenos. With no more readily available I am hoping to get lucky with what I have.

I started out with 38 seeds and have 20 decent plants going. There are some mutants that may make it over time.

Although the seeds are at least 2 years old most of them germinated.

If the mutants grow and I can take clones from them I can hopefully bypass the crazy germination and get a more normal plant.

I will be posting videos as these seeds mature and are flowered. YouTube makes me restrict my videos now so you cant see them if I embed them but you can watch them on my channel if you are at least 18 here:


There were a fair amount of mutants from these seeds and most did not make it. I ended up with 20 out of 38 seeds but I am not complaining. They were grown out until large enough to top and then the tops were used for clones. Happily takes were 100%.


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With back ups for all the plants the original seed plants were put into flower. Here they are on day 7 of 12/12. I have spotted a few males but most are still too young to sex at this point.


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So all 7 girls are doing well. The Banana Breath looks incredible and at this point it is the best in the grow but it is early. The Sherb Breath looks good and so does the Peanut Butter Breath. One PBB is an OGKB leaner and the other is more normal and appears frostier. The Garlic Breath is small and interesting. It could be a big surprise as it matures. Here is some PBB

peanut butter breath day 28


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It has been a few days. How time flies. Most plants are doing well. So far I like the Banana Breath best. I think it will yield well. The Peanut Butter Breath is coming along but so far neither are showing the amount of purple I am looking for. The Serb Breath is nice but nothing spectacular and the Garlic Breath is nice but small.

Here are some day 49 pics:


Moving right along plants are starting to fade. I want a Peanut Butter Breath that shows a lot of purple. Both my phenos are nice but dont have what I am looking for. My Banana Breath phenos, especially pheno #1 are the stars of the show as far as I am concerned. Here are some pics:


The manifold training I used in this grow worked well. It produced evenly separated tops with good light exposure. The plants did stretch much more than anticipated and this required removing quite a few sprouts and lower branches.

Unfortunately we experienced a heat wave with temps in my house going over 100 degrees for several days. They say it was a once in 1000 year even but the plants really dont care about that. The plants were right at the point of bulking up when it hit. And they didn’t. Bud size was greatly reduced and most were only half their normal size.

Cannabis can handle the high temps if they have enough water but it can affect bud size and bud density as well as final yield. Fortunately the quality and density was unaffected but the yield was much lower than normal.

I selected  Banana Breath#1 and a Sherb Breath as keepers to run again under better circumstances.


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