Platinum Candy is a strain from In House Genetics. She is very frosty and can get tall. Not the best SOG plant but I will give it a go. I think this was a limited release because there is no information on this particular cross.

The Platinum Candy is from fem seeds but I have no problem with that. There is a lot of misinformation about feminized seeds being hermie prone. This is untrue. If fem seeds hermie it is because the strain is unstable and regular seeds would be just as likely to do it too.

I have done a few test runs of this plant. I had 4 phenos of it. All were very frosty and buds were very similar but the one I kept out yielded the others 2 or 3 times over. Still I dont think Platinum Candy will ever be a heavy yielding strain. The amount of trichomes it produces has been exceptional and this alone makes it worth growing.

Platinum Candy Is Not Really A SOG Strain But…


She is a tall plant and node spacing can be 6 inches apart. Hardly a great candidate for a SOG but I had a plan. I started with 20 plants instead of 30 and I pinched the tops of the clones. This is something I never do on plants going into a sea of green. I felt with the extra space and the heavy stretch lower branches would get above my net and I could spread them out. It worked and they quickly filled the canopy.

I am running House And Garden Aqua Flakes, Power Si Bloom and CaliMagic this run. Lighting is HLG Quantum Boards. I am running flood and drain and using 6 inch net pots with growstones. Wish they still mad them because they are better than hydroton. I recycle mine by letting them dry in turkey trays and removing any roots I can.  Putting them in the oven  400 degrees makes sure they are sterile next time. As a closet grower I have learned to be resourceful!

You can see my first test run of the Platinum Candy here:

Now here is a video taken on day 14, She is flowering and still stretching but I am happy with the canopy. Many of the side branches are through the net and I will most likely be adding a 2nd net.

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Platinum Candy tends to be a tall strain and these girls ended up much taller than I thought they would. Easily 4 feet tall and they stretched until day 28. My lights are up as far as they will go and I have switched to a 11/13 light setting. Node spacing is pretty good on the tops though.


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Here are a couple of pics


I started calling this girl Long Tall Sally. She went through the roof(almost!) My lights are at the ceiling and I have had to pull branches to the side. I have 3 layers of trellis and could have done 4.

She stretches like crazy and nothing I have ever grown drinks as much as she does. A strong grower that’s for sure. Buds are very frosty but on the small size but I swear they doubled in size in just 2 days. She does not make large buds anyway considering her cookie genetics that’s no surprise. She has a lot of sativa in her genetics and I expect her to go 70 days maybe even more. There are tons of white hairs on day 49 and no sign of slowing down.




You can watch this video on my YouTube channel if you are at least 18. Sorry I dont make the rules.

Different plants can benefit from different training systems. MAC 1 is a perfect SOG plant because of her compact upright growth habit. Here is a MAC 1 SOG. She is a much better candidate for a sea of green than the Platinum Candy.

The Platinum Candy makes really high quality buds and I plan to keep growing her. I think she is much better suited to a SCROG than a SOG. Her stretch can be better controlled this way and she should fill out a screen pretty fast. But the MAC 1 being a slow vegger would tale forever to fill a screen even with multiple plants.

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