HLG 650R Review Featuring 4 QB648 DIABLO Quantum Boards- Amazing Light!

Just bought a HLG 650R and man is it bright. Been needing to update lighting in one of my closets. These lights are awesome but they are not cheap. Here is my unboxing and a short review:

Here are some par readings and measuring wattage at the wall.

So when my stimulus check arrived I already knew where it was going. Just doing my part to stimulate the economy. I knew it would be a long time before I had another chance to do this. Boy I am glad I did it too. I thought my HLG 550 was bright but the HLG 650R brings bright to another level.

HLG 650R SPECTRUMBut growing quality weed is as much about spectrum as it is about watts. The 650R uses 4 of the new  QB648 DIABLO Quantum Boards. These boards are made by Samsung and each board has has 648pcs Full Spectrum LM301H LEDs and 18 pcs Deep Red 660nm Deep Red LM351H LEDs to promote better growth. These lights are suitable for veg and flower.

White LED lights are actually a mix of all colors but this spectrum can be tweaked to grow better cannabis. This spectrum has more blue light than other HLG lights which improves overall quality and slows stretch. And there’s 660 red for better flower development as well.

What Horticulture Lighting Group Says About The HLG 650R

  • Our most powerful LED light yet! High efficiency white light Quantum Board QB 648. LED Module made by Samsung.
  • 2.8 (μmol/joule) with a max output of 1700 PPF’s. Full Spectrum White and 660nm Red. Reliable passive-cooled design.
  • Better canopy light penetration with diffused light. Dimmable power supply included (50 watts to 610 watts).
  • Auto sensing Inventronics power supply works on both 120VAC and 240VAC and 277VAC
  • We believe in the quality of our products in and include a 3-Year warranty from date of purchase!

HLG 650R HLG 650R











You will see Chinese knock off lights for less money. I guarantee they are not the same. Anything good always gets copied. HLG makes quality lights. They have an exclusive relationship with Samsung and they get the highest quality diodes. Diodes are categorized by bins based on quality.

Low quality diodes may put out half the light of a top bin LED. Samsung does not throw them away. Instead they sell them at a discount to Chinese LED manufacturers. They are inferior and even with the scale HLG buys LEDs they can’t build a HLG 650R for the price knock offs are being sold for. HLG runs and provides spere tests on their lights. Few other light companies do this. They simply copy the results HLG uses. Obviously with lower quality diodes they are lying.

They can copy the look but not the output. So growers are fooled buying an inferior product thinking they are getting a deal. You get what you pay for. I want to support the innovator not a bunch of rip off artists. HLG lights are made in USA in Tennessee and they have incredible customer service and a great warrantee. They are not cheap but they are dollar for dollar the best LED grow lights you can buy.

You can buy the HLG 650R from Amazon at: https://amzn.to/2WuOHDf

Here is a link to some MAC 1 grown under my HLG 650R. This light really rocks! I am really glad it has a dimmer because it is in a smaller space than it was designed for. That much power means I can keep the light high to spread out the coverage evenly but not lose valuable PAR. The HLG pulls about 620-630 watts at the wall. This light matches the output of a double ended HPS while using half the watts. That is awesome. It keeps power costs down and it is a lot easier to cool so you save energy there too.

MAC 1 SOG UNDER THE HLG 650R AMAZING QUALITY! – How To Grow Weed Indoors (420dotcom.com)

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