I am running House And Garden Aqua Flakes in my flower cycle for the first time. Over the years I have run many different nutrient lines and most were pretty good. But I never got around to trying H&G Aqua Flakes or the rest of their nutes, although I have used Roots Excelurator with good results. Several growers I know and respect are knocking it out of the park with this line so I thought it was time to give it a try. So here is my honest House And Garden Aqua Flakes Review.


House And Garden Aqua Flakes Background

House And Garden was developed by William Van De Zwaan a Dutch horticulturist who ran greenhouses and has a long time in the horticulture industry in Holland. He helped develop several Dutch nutrient lines including Canna before launching his own company. Today they are made in Humboldt County California.

Aqua Flakes are different in a number of ways from other nutrient lines. It is a 2 part system with specific additives for the different growth cycles and it is cannabis specific nutrient line. The are no separate veg and flower nutes with this system. You use the A & B for both cycles along with specific additives tailored to the growth phase.

They have a fair number of additives but I wont be using them all and in a moment I will tell you what I am using in my flower cycle. But first a word of caution here: You can not judge a product by reading its label. Generally it is required to list the NPK ingredients and not much else. So often someone reads the label and says the product is overpriced and they can mix it up for pennies on the dollar. Dont believe it.

This is a very competitive industry and manufacturers will not disclose their secret ingredients and formulas so the competition can knock them off. House And Garden Nutrients are chock full of aminos, enzymes, vitamins and other good stuff but they are not listed on the label because they don’t have to be.

So about my grow. I grow hydroponically in flood and drain. I use growstones primarily and I recirculate my nutrients. Aqua Flakes was designed for recirculating systems with inert media. Because these media have little to no buffering capacity and don’t provide any nutrients it is important for this mix to provide everything plants need and be pH stable. I run HLG lights in all my grows so I do add extra calmag. I hear people get good results with it in coco too but I cant confirm this.

I am growing Bahama Mama a strain from Solfire Gardens among others. It is a SOG with 15 plants in a 2 x 4 flood tray under a HLG 650R. I did a review of this light here:

If you want to follow this grow it is on my sister site at:



This is the feed chart I am following. I am not running all their additives and I am running Power Si Bloom as a silica source. It was designed to be used in bloom so it has less silica than the original Power Si. It contains some NPK and other ingredients like natural plant antioxidants, phyto enzymes, L-amino acids, and low molecular weight humic compounds.


Power Si Bloom

You run this at 1-2 ml per gallon throughout flower. Always add it first and be careful not to contaminate the bottle with other nutrients. This stuff can really lower pH so dont forget to adjust it after everything is mixed.


I am, also running CaliMagic as a calmag supplement. This is the best calmag supplement on the market because it actually has more calcium and magnesium than any other brand along with iron and a bit of nitrate nitrogen. You may not need it. My water is close to RO at 30 ppm so I need it. Also plants grown under LED lights require added calmag.  OG strains in particular are heavy calmag feeders. I run this at 3 ml per gallon. A ml is about 100 ppm. If you are in coco you will probably need more.

Root Excelurator

Vitamins, hormones, kelp and beneficial bacteria create an outstanding product to increase root growth. Been using this even before running the House And Garden line especially on my clones. Now I run it until week 4 of flower. Seeing increased roots with nice fat white roots poking out of my net pots. At 1 ml per gallon a little goes a long way.

Aqua Flakes A+B Base Nutrients

This is the heart and soul of the H&G line. Use both bottles in equal parts for both veg and flower. 1 ml of both A and B adds about 100-120 ppms per gallon. I am in hydro so there is no buffer so I use about 70 ml of each for a 20 gallon reservoir. With the added calmag I run about 800-900 ppms in early flower.

This is a hydro formula but I have heard of people using it for coco too. If you do grow in coco, soil or DWC they have specific bases for those grow methods too.

Multi Zen

I received a sample bottle of this and decided to run it the first 3 weeks of flower at 4 ml per gallon. I believe it is mostly an enzyme  that  helps in the break down of nutrients making them more readily available within the root zone.

Bud XL

Bud XL is used from mid flower on to flush. It helps move sugars through the plant to the buds which helps increase size. I started a bit earlier than the feed chart says at week 4, starting  week  2 of flower at 4ml per gallon.

Top Booster

This is a PK booster used only on week 6 like Canna’s PK 13-14. The creator of H&G helped create the Canna line so there are similarities between the 2 companies nutrients.

Top Shooter

I am looking forward to trying this product. It is supposed to be hard on plants so you should only use it on a healthy grow. H&G says: “Top Shooter is designed to stimulate flower growth in the last three weeks of flower. Top shooter is preserved in a lightproof canister to ensure maximum freshness. At only 5 mL/gal, Top Shooter will dramatically bulk and mature your ripening flowers for a heavy yield.”


I will continue to update this review as I get further into it. At this point my plants look really good. The overall growth is some of the best I have ever seen and I have seen a lot. They are a healthy green with no signs of nutrient deficiency and no tip burn. I am really looking forward to a really good grow and cant wait to try the Top Booster and Top Shooter.

MAC 1 clonesHere is what my MAC 1 clones looked like right after transplanting. Pretty sad right? They were rooted in 2 inch pots filled with coco and set into 6 inch net pots.

They were showing deficiencies with my Dutch Master nutes even though being fed  at 700 ppms with added calmag and just never really did well from the start.

In fact I was told to throw them away and start over. But I thought they could be saved. So I moved them into my flower closet under my HLG 300 and a dimmed down HLG 550 and switched my nutes over to House And Garden Aqua Flakes.

I ran Power Si Bloom at 2 ml/g then added my Aqua Flakes and 3ml/g of CaliMagic. Next I added H&G Roots Excelurator to the res at 1 ml gallon and adjusted ppms to 750 and pH to 5.8.

Growth was explosive and the plants looked great. They looked like a different strain! After 2 weeks of veg I switched over to flower. These pictures were taken on day 10 of 12/12

DSCN9248Really healthy tops and leaves


Really good branching on these girls. I had to go through and remove a lot of lower branches Below is a young MAC 1 flower on day 10

This is starting to look like it will be my best MAC 1 SOG ever. Everything is looking really good and on point. I have grown this strain several times before with several different nutrient lines but the House And Garden Aqua Flakes along with the additives has beat them all hands down.


Everything is looking very healthy. Buds look larger than normal for day 30, H&G is now my go to nutrient line. Looks like this will be my best MAC 1 grow yet. Some pics:


Plants are looking great and I started adding Top Booster on day 35. The buds have really blown up in size this past week. I am going to run it another week before switching to Top Shooter. Very happy with House and Garden nutrients and I plan on keeping them around.


I used the Top Shooter the last 3 weeks of flower. It did create new bud growth like they said. Unfortunately the new bud growth was in the form of fox tails. They were solid but they changed the appearance of my buds and not for the better. I also think trichome production was reduced. I think this additive might be strain specific but I would rather have more trichomes and buds a bit smaller. I wont be using it again. It is the only House And Garden nutrient I did not like but overall I will continue using H&G because it works really well for me.


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Day 42 MAC 1 Bud Shots



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