Power Si Bloom is a patented silicic acid matrix which is much more bioavailable than the standard potassium silicate products on the market today. Only monosilicic acid is readily absorbed by roots.

Sometimes also used to describe soluble silicates or used as a synonym for soluble silicon. Monosilicic acid (MSA). Synonym: orthosilicic acid (OSA). MSA or Si(OH)4 is the simplest form of soluble silicic acid. MSA is found universally in seawater, river water and soils at a concentration of a few ppm. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6027496/

Other silica supplements can take months to break down and become available and require biologic bacterial action to do so. Most cannabis is harvested before this can occur and if you are growing in hydroponics these beneficial bacteria are probably lacking.

I have to be honest I have been very skeptical about the benefits of silica supplementation. I have tried numerous silica supplements both in my reservoirs and as foliar sprays and seen very little difference in my plants. That is until I tried Power Si Bloom.

So Power Si is not cheap but at 1 or 2 ml per gallon a little goes a long way. Also unlike other silica products it wont raise your pH. In fact it can drop it quite a bit so be ready to adjust your reservoir.

Like all silica supplements it needs to be added before anything else or it can cause precipitation so always add silica first, then calmag and then your base or any other additives.

They actually make 3 products. Power Si Bloom was designed to be used in flower. It has less silica and a small amount of NPK along with some aminos, fulvics and kelp. The Bloom formula is much cheaper too.


Power Si Regular is designed for young plants and those in veg. They do offer a granular form too.


Grand Master Level had an extensive chat with the creator of Power Si here: https://youtu.be/I2991hkIKKY


On day 33 I added Power Si Bloom to my reservoir at 2 ml per gallon. They claim you will see a result in 24 hours. I did not see anything and was not surprised because I was pretty skeptical about this claim.

On day 35 I decided to try a foliar spray at the same rate even though I normally would not spray anything that late in flower. I had noticed some buds seemed to be stalled and was seeing some hairs turning brown.

On day 37 I noticed new growth and fresh white hairs on all my buds. I cant say whether it was the silicic acid  or the other additives in the Power Si Bloom that caused the new growth but it was clear this product worked. I cant tell you whether it was because of root uptake or the foliar spray or the combination of both but I was happy for the fresh new growth.

Here is a picture showing fresh new white hairs growing again on my MAC 1. You can follow this grow at: https://420dotcom.com/mixed-up-moms-is-it-koffees-last-stand.html


I have continued seeing positive results using the Power Si Bloom inside my grow closet. The first thing I noticed was an increase in smell which tells me it is having a positive effect on terpines.

I am using it in my reservoir at 2 ml per gallon along with the Dutch Master Nutrients line. I replaced their silica supplement with it.

Again please be aware silicic acid lowers pH unlike other silica products that raise it so it is very important to monitor your final pH. Beyond adding it first I have not seen any precipitation in my reservoir.

Normally by day 42 I see significant pistil browning but  this time it is not there. I see buds producing fresh hairs instead. This means buds are actively growing and sizing up beyond what I usually see in my grows. If you watch the video you can clearly see this for yourself.

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