Biker Kush By Karma Genetics Revisited

Biker Kush is a cross made by Karma Genetics. In my opinion this strain represents some of his best work.  It is HA OG  crossed with a HA OG X SFV OG. The male was created by using a SFV X Afgani. Here is the genetics and info about the Biker Kush strain:
Biker Kush (Karma Genetics) :: Cannabis Strain Info (

I have grown this strain for years because the smell, taste and high were just unbeatable, Sure many strains today are prettier but few pack the same punch.Biker Kush By Karma Genetics Revisited

A few years ago I lost power and ended up with a really bad outbreak of pythium root rot. I lost this girls sister #10 which was my best cut of all.

This is my #6 cut and she is the sole survivor of about a half dozen cuts I was holding including a really nice 3 leaved biker kush male. She is a bit shorter than her #10 sister and throws a few less 3 bladed leaves but otherwise she is a dead ringer in looks and quality.

Although she survived she lost the smell and taste she once had. Now I am not a biologist but I read when plants regenerate stress can cause the genes to combine differently. They are still there but they dont express themselves the same.

I believe this happens more often than we realize. It explains why the same strain can perform differently in different grow rooms. I think it is important to keep your moms or clones very healthy.

After recloning this girl 5 or 6 times she came back! Each time I would take a cut and veg it out for about 6 weeks and then take another cut. Each time she got healthier.

Midway through this process I flowered one out. It was just OK. Nothing special at all. But about 2 months later I flowered it again and although the plant was small and did not get a lot of light that familiar taste, smell and buzz was back.

So this is a clone of that clone and she looks super healthy like she did back in the day. Maybe even a little bit better! So I have high hopes for the girl I am going to show you now.

Biker Kush Day 10 Video

Biker Kush Photos Day 10

Biker Kush Day 17

Thought I would update. This is a very stretchy plant. I have raised the light 3 times for her. I am pretty much out of room. Bending or breaking some necks is the only other option for this girl.

Hopefully she is done stretching. I forgot how tall she gets and actually this pheno was the shorter of the 2 I kept.

Bringing The Frost – Biker Kush Day 28

Today is day 28 and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of frost on this lady. I believe she really is back from the dead. I am about to do a res change and start adding my Plagron Green Sensation

I am growing my Biker Kush in my top feed drip system and getting big plants in small pots and if you are looking for an easy hydro system to build and run this is it! Check it out at:


Things are moving along nicely. The buds are rock hard and frosty. In some pictures I took they look white or silver.

She smells like lemon OG gas with some floral notes to it. She makes decent size buds and you can see the difference between her buds and the Tropicanna Cookies alongside her.

So here is a day 39 video for her where I also talk a bit about how to get rid of powdery mildew using ozone to disinfect your grow space.


What can I say? She's frosty A.F. and smells incredible. Will take her at least 60 days maybe more.

Day 56 Flushing

These girls started their flush a few days ago and will probably go to day 63 maybe even a bit more.

Biker Kush Coco Grow With Heavy 16 & Aptus

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