VersaGrow 10 Pot Hydroponic System New Design

The VersaGrow 10 pot hydroponic system that uses top feed drip. The unit is easy to set up, takes up little space and is very high yielding. I have used it myself with great results. I recommend using hydroton or grow/buddy stone instead of perlite for media. You can also use coco with great results but will probably want to use a timer with it in that case. Otherwise just plug it in and run it 24/7.

cinderella 99 in a versagrow hydroponic systemThe  VersaGrow is the first hydroponic system I ever grew in and the results were outstanding considering I was a newbie.

Here is a link to my first hydro grow

I used chunky perlite in the pots back then but today I would use Buddy Stone which is basically Grow Stones. Much better than hydroton.

The thing about perlite is it breaks down into smaller pieces that can clog your hydroponic system’s drippers. Also it is only good for one use but the stones can be reused virtually forever.

VersaGrow 10 Pot Hydroponic System


This hydroponic system has really been overlooked here in the USA. In Europe it is pretty popular and is known as the Wilma system.

What I really like about the VersaGrow is that it is not that expensive. It is very compact and perfect for situations with low ceiling height because it can be set on the grow room floor. Great for a grow tent as long as it is 4 feet long. My 20 gallon reservoir was 39 inches.

VersaGrow 10 Pot Hydroponic System

One big change is the addition of a tube on the side to monitor nutrient levels. My unit is the older style and required opening the lid just to check this. It also has a redesigned top which sits higher than the original which was recessed. This will give roots more room to grow downward into the reservoir.

This is a great unit for a stealth grow because it is silent. You don’t need to run an air pump because the continuous drip system keeps everything aerated. You can add an air pump if you wish but not necessary and you can carefully drill some extra holes in the lid underneath the pots to let the roots get into the reservoir more easily.

The Versagrow is a great, high yielding and inexpensive hydro system that I would really recommend.

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