Cinderella 99 Hydroponic Drip System Grow Report

This time around I will be growing Cinderella 99 a strain originally developed by Canadian breeders Bros Grimm. Some say they quit while ahead of the game, others that they were busted, but the original seeds are no longer available.


Cinderella 99 Hydroponic Drip System Grow

Because Cindy 99 was such an awesome strain several grower/breeders held on to it and later began breeding it and making seeds again. There are several versions available now but after a lot of research C99 BX 1 by Mosca Seeds appears to be closest to the original. Here are the breeders descriptions:

Mosca Seeds Cinderella BX-1 Medicinal Properties Reportedly good for ADD and with little to no build up in tolerance.

Awards 2010 IC Mag 420 Breeder Sativa, 2nd Place  The C99 BX-1 is the result of recombining two distinctly different Cinderella 99 inbred lines and then backcrossing one generation which gives rise to a consistent phenotype.

It was primarily bred for indoor cultivation but great results have been reported outside. This strain produces extremely high yielding monsters with tight, solid buds when grown properly. Bros Grimm Cinderella 99 description: This strains may be the “Holy Grail”.

Cinderella 99 is the result of painstakingly backcrossing a very rare female to her male progeny over 3 generations. Short statured & heavily branched, this plant grows long, dense colas with an extremely high flower/leaf ratio and outrageous resin production.

The breeder has observed a “giant leap” in potency with each progressive generation and, as expected. Cinderella 99 has topped all previous results – her high is heavily influenced by Haze, clear, energetic & devastatingly psychoactive.

A plant with all of the above is rare enough, but Cinderella 99 finished flowering after a scant 50 days. Above average yields of crystal covered buds reeking of Pineapple & tropical fruit aromas.

OK, the reason for the name Cinderella is because of this strains humble origins. It was bag seed from inside a bag of Jack Herer sold to the breeder by a Dutch coffee shop. So from bag seed to holy grail is definitely a Cinderella story.

Cinderella 99 – Ten Pot Hydroponic Drip System Grow

I will be growing hydroponically in a ten pot hydroponic drip system that is part store bought and part homemade hydro. The original unit I bought was a Versagrow system.

It is very similar to the Wilma sold in the UK. This system is supposed to have 10 6 liter pots and a 20 gallon reservoir but it turns out the manufacturer downsized it to 3.6 liter pots and a ten gallon reservoir.

Here is a picture of the original system. It is actually OK right out of the box but I wanted more out of the system.

Versagrow 10 pot hydroponic systemThe pot size is not that critical in a drip hydroponic system because most of the roots will be in the reservoir. The pots primary purpose is to grow enough roots to support the plant and the pots I have are more than adequate.  But I wanted a larger reservoir for increased pH stability.

What I did was fit the 10 pot tray, pump and dripper system inside a 54 gallon Rubbermaid tote. All I needed to do was trim about 1/4 inch off of its four corners and it fit inside perfectly. I drilled some extra holes for the roots to get into the reservoir and added an air pump and two air stones to the res.


Here is a pic of my homemade drip hydroponic system fitted into the larger reservoir. An added bonus is if you are not using the unit you can put the lid on it and it looks like a regular storage tote. Pretty stealthy.

homemade top feed hydroponic systemIt’s kind of hard to get a full pic because of my closet dimensions. There are two openings on either end in line with the pots that don’t show but you can see the air lines and pump cord in upper left corner.

It is easy to get your hands in these holes to lift the tray out if need be. They are big enough to add nutes or a tube to drain or fill the reservoir too.

This tote wasn’t really designed to hold water so it bows a bit in the middle. If you look you can see a wire cross brace I added to stop this.

Cinderella 99 Grow Details

This will be another 12/12 from seed grow. My last 12/12grow was sorely neglected due to illness. Even still my plants averaged over 2 oz each. I like growing 12/12 from seed. The plants are smaller. True they yield less per plant compared to vegging but because they are smaller I can fit more in. Also by eliminating veg time I can get at least one extra harvest per year.

Lighting is with a 1000 W HPS in an econowing reflector. They are cheap and I get very good light coverage with them.

Ventilation is with a 6″  Soler & Palau fan rated at 293 cfm. I also have my Ozeri Brezza mounted on the end wall for circulation.

Fertilizer is Dyna Gro  Bloom 3-12-6 and GH CaliMagic. I am growing 12/12 from seed without vegging so I see no need to use a grow formula.

I will be adding a small dehumidifier along the way. Western Washington can be fairly humid and I was not happy with humidity levels last grow. They aren’t bad when the light is on but they are over 60-65% when off.

Cindy 99 Germination

Cinderella is harder to germinate than some other weed seed. The seeds are small and have a very tough outer shell. The breeder recommends scarifying the seeds. Some people use a small box lined with sand paper, put the seeds in and shake them for about 5 minutes. Others use a pen knife and scrape the edges with it.

I put my seeds in a shot glass of water and add a capful of 3% hydrogen peroxide to it. This oxygenates the seeds, kills any pathogens that might be on them, and scarifies them at the same time. In fact it works so good some young seedlings actually shoot out of their husks.

All 10 of my seeds had cracked within 24 hours and three were out of their husks. The seedlings were put in rapid rooters. One seedling refused to crack all the way even after a second treatment. I wound up destroying it because it was 4 days behind the rest and also because I will be breeding with these plants. So I have 9 seedlings now. Delayed or bad germination is not a trait I want to pass on. Not really much to see right now but I will post a pic when they are 7 days.

Cindy 99 Seedlings

Here is a pic of Cindy 99 at 7 days from dropping seed. Seeds were small so its no surprise that the seedlings are too. Although she is a fast maturer she seems a bit slower at the start than other varieties I have grown. Seedlings are small but nice and stocky and healthy green. They are being fed with weak nutes and  CalMag.

cindy 99 at 6 days

Because the seeds are small and hard to germinate and slower to size up I don’t think that C99 is the best strain for a first time grower to try but I don’t want to discourage anyone from trying. Also be aware that Cindy is a CalMag whore and will require supplementation throughout the grow.

cindy 99 at 14 days Here is a pic of my Cindy 99 seedlings in their new home. new home. These seedlings are 14 days old from soaking.

Their roots began coming out of the rapid rooters at 9 days at which time they were transplanted.

There’s only nine right now. In a few weeks I will know which ones are  girls. I am hoping for mostly females of course, but I do want a couple of males to make some seed.

Close up of my biggest C99 seedling

Here’s a pick of my biggest Cindy 99. There are a few others that are close and they are starting to grow fast now.

Usually the males are the biggest plants but I read somewhere that with Cinderella it is the females that start out larger.

Cindy 99 At 3 Weeks From Seed

cindy 99 at 3 weeks from seed Here we are at week three from germination for my Cindy 99. The plants are growing well and I have begun to increase their nutes.

Growth is nice and stocky with close internodes even under HPS lighting.

I noticed that some of the growth wasn’t as green as it could be and also saw some minor Cal/Mag deficiency signs. So it was time to increase the nutes.

I was aiming for an increase from about 300 ppm to about 600 ppm. Up until now I have been doing this by intuition and watching my plants. But I broke down and bought a TDS meter so I could be more sure of where the levels were at. To my surprise I was at 575 ppm which is pretty close considering I was just winging it!

Cindy 99 At 3 Weeks From Seed close upNow I will start bringing the levels up to about 1300ppm. Right now they are 800 ppm.

I will go up to 1000 tomorrow and if the plants look like they are handling it well I will go up to about 1300 in a few days like DynaGrow’s recommends.

So far the roots have not hit the reservoir but I think they will pretty soon and then I expect to see some really explosive growth from these girls. Most of the plants are on their 4th node and preflowers usually show around the 6th node so pretty soon I will be able to tell who the boys are and who’s a lady.

Cindy 99 4 weeks – What A Difference A Week Makes!!

Wow! Lots of big changes going on. Cindy 99 continues to impress me with its rate of development. The plants are showing sex now and it appears that I have 7 girls and 2 boys. Comparing this weeks pic with last, a week makes a big difference.

cinderella 99 overhead view day 28

The plants are numbered from 1 to 5 on the left and 6 to 10 on the right. Plant # 6 started showing preflowers a week before the rest followed by #2 a male.

Plant #5 is smaller than the rest and has mottled leaves, a trait that I read is normal and fairly common for this strain. It appears to be a girl but can’t be 100% sure on this one.

cinderella 99 side view day 28

Plant # 6 continues to blow me away. It has started growing a cola and its only been 28 days from soaking my seed! It is hard to imagine anything maturing this fast. Its bud shots are not really even bud porn, more like kiddie bud porn. At this point it looks like it will be my keeper mom but it’s still to soon to tell.

cinderella 99 starting to flower at day 28

I have began taking cuts of all the plants even the 2 males. I will be moving the males out of the room because these plants are growing really fast and I don’t want any pollen getting loose in there.

Here is a close up of plant 6 which I am calling Early Girl. She’s a little thin on the bottom. Since she was the earliest she was a natural choice for clones to fill in my 3 blank spots.

cinderella 99 close up of #6 starting to flower at day 28

Here is a pic of #2 one of my males showing off his balls. Both males have a fruity/resinous smell and this was the first to show sex. It is a bit taller than #8 male. Not sure which one to keep yet. Selecting males is hard because you can’t really tell what they will add to the cross in terms of flowering ability.

cinderella 99 male plant at day 28

The two males were removed from the grow room and repotted in coco. They had nice root systems but were smaller than I thought they would be. So far none of these plants have gotten roots into the reservoir yet.

My res temperatures are about 68 degrees with about 1000PPM and a pH of about 5.8. I will be upping the ppm to about 1300 as per Dyna Gro’s instructions. The pH has remained very stable so far.

I expect the plants to start stretching pretty soon. They are about 12 inches now so I should wind up with 3 to 4 foot plants. I am not planning on doing any topping.

The plants are fairly close together in this Versagrow system so I want single cola plants not bushes. I will lollipop the girls and may leave a couple of upper branches on each for side colas.

Not sure what the yield will be. Cindy is reported to be a good yielder but that is a relative term. At this point I am expecting an average of an ounce per plant as the minimum and think 2 ounces is doable on future grows once I select the best females from this bunch.

A lot will depend on how big the plants get without veg. But Cindy 99 has Jack Herer linage and Jack is a very heavy yielder that gave me over 4 ounces per plant without any veg.  It is going to be fun to watch these girls over the next few weeks!

Cinderella 99 At 5 Weeks Starting To Flower

Cinderella 99 Week 5 OverviewWell last week I said what a difference a week can make and again I am blown away by the changes in the past 7 days.

These girls are growing like crazy and have started to flower. It is getting hard to fit them all in one photo.

There are 5 pots on the left with cuttings from #6 my Early Girl. I have filled in the 3 empty spots in my drip system too.

I thought these cuttings might make some vegetative growth while flowering, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. I will probably remove them all from my grow room and put them into my veg area. That way I will have some nice plants for my next grow. That will leave me with only 7 plants flowering and I am allowed 15 so my yield will only be half what it could be.

Cindy 99 My Early Girl Cut The Star Of The Show

Cindy 99 my Early GirlThe Early Girl Cut is a show stopper and an amazing plant so far. She is at least 10 days ahead of her sisters and covered with buds.

Early Girl has a very high bud to leaf ratio. She is almost all buds in fact with very few leaves.

She has a fruity sweet smell but there’s an evil resiny undertone to it. She is so early that she is well ahead of my male plants. I had counted on pollinating a few of the lower branches to make seed from her, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. I have a flowering cut of her between my two male plants so there’s still hope. If not I can always save the pollen for the next round.

C 99 Male Plants – These Cinderellas Are Fellas

These Cinderellas Are Fellas I have two male C 99s. The one on the left showed sex a few days before the other but neither of them is early enough for my Early Girl. I will be looking for an earlier flowering male to match her from my breeding. Both plants are nice with compact nodes and a resiny fruity smell.

I smoke tested them both and the one on the left is a bit more potent, but for breeding purposes, at least this time around, I want some diversity so I will use both.

They are currently under a separate 150W HPS light and a few of the top leaves got a bit crispy.

Well that’s about it for this weeks update. I am sure Cindy will continue to amaze me in the coming weeks.

Cinderella 99 Six Weeks From Seed

Well here we are at week 6 and my Cinderella 99 is flowering like crazy and doing great. PH  has stayed stable at about 5.8 to 6.0 and my ppm are about 1285. I am not sure if I will raise it anymore or not. The girls seem fine and I am not seeing any deficiencies.

Cinderella 99 Week 6

There is still no odor from these girls. If I rub the stems the smell is very good and there’s some variation between plants. I can’t say the smell is exactly pineapple at this point but its definitely fruity and sweet. I pick up a bit of fruit punch smell from #6, my Early Girl at times. My friend says they smell like Juicy Fruit gum.

Cinderella 99 Six Weeks From Seed Group Shot

I have one plant that’s a monster, you will see it in the back right. It’s the only one that is definitely not a keeper. Nodes are way to far apart and the plant is too big for the amount of bud sites she has.

The rest of the plants are fairly uniform with the exception of #6 who is the rock star at this point. She’s very compact with lots of bud sites and her fan leaves are small compared to the rest. This makes it real easy to get good light penetration and I think she will be a breeze to trim too.

Cindy 99 Early Girl Rock Star

Cinderella 99 Plant #6

As the girls get bigger it’s getting harder to fit everything into one pic for a group shot. I don’t know how much more they will stretch but I am guessing they are about done and will focus on their flowers. I am seeing some trichome development starting on the leaves, but so far the plants are not sticky at all.

Cindy 99 Group Shots

Well that’s about it for this week. So far I am very happy with the way this grow is going and Cindy continues to impress me.

Cinderella 99 At 7 Weeks Flowering Like Crazy

Week 6 with Cindy and the plants are flowering and growing like crazy. The leaves are starting to get sticky as they are developing resin. There is a very nice fruity smell when I brush up against the leaves. I think for the most part the stretch is over and the plants will begin fattening their buds.

I have put some trellis netting up to give them some support. Also plant #9 which is far back right in the pics thinks it’s a tree and so I am doing a mini scrog with it to try and keep all the tops even.

Cinderella 99 doesn’t seem, to care much for super cropping. I broke the tops on #5, far left, and #9 even though I was really careful. The stems are really solid, not hollow like most strains and they snap like a green bean when you try to super crop them.

I also removed a lot of lower fan leaves this week to improve air circulation and also to mack sure lower buds are getting enough light. Here is a couple of group shots of my girls.

Cinderella 001 Cindy 99 7 Week Group Shot Cinderella 002 Cinderella group shot 2

This is a pic of the main cola on #6, the one I call Early Girl. No idea why the colors turned out that way.

Cinderella 004 Cindy 99 Early Girl #6 Main Cola

Here is another group shot for you.

Cinderella 005 Cinderella 99 Group Plants # 1 and 6 Front

So far plant #6 is the top dog here. She is not only earlier than the rest but she is more compact and has more bud sites. Early Girl is a flowering machine. She doesn’t put a lot of growth into leaves and even her fan leaves are small. She will be great for SOG grows and aeroponics.

Plant #9 is too big and the nodes are far apart and plant #5 is smaller but still has long internodes so neither of them will be keepers.

Plant #1 is front left and is nice and compact but she has way less bud sites than #6 so I wont be keeping her. Plants #3, 4 and 7 all have potential. They are a bit larger and later than #6 but they are still compact with lots of flowering sites. They may even out yield  her, but only time will tell.

My yield on this grow probably wont be that impressive. I am short 3 plants from my plan of 10. One plant, #5 doesn’t look like she will yield much either. But that’s the chances you take growing from seed. I like it though because it’s like a treasure hunt.

My next grow will probably be on an aeroponic system. I like coco and hydro but I want to stop using media. I  live in an apartment so bringing in bags of grow medium or disposing of it is problematic. Also after growing from seed it will be nice to do a grow from cuttings and have everything be uniform.

Cinderella 99 At 8 Weeks And Half Way Home

Well its been 8 weeks from seed and my girls have been flowering about 4 weeks so they are about half way there and should finish off by the end of this month.

The colas on these plants are not really large but they are very solid and dense. Cindy seems to have a resin that is oily rather than sticky, which should make her easier to trim.

Had a bit of a mishap this week and accidentally overdosed her on some CaliMagic.  My ppms went up over 1500 and there is some nute burn. Luckily I caught it before much damage was done. Drained the res and am now at about 1000 ppm which seems to be where she likes it to be. Funny but plant #1, the smallest and plant # 9, the largest seem to be the hardest hit.

Thought I would start with a couple of group shots of the girls.

Cindy 99 overhead group shot week 8

Cindy 99 overhead group shot 2 week 8

And here’s a shot of plant #6 the one I call Early Girl. Leaf tips have a bit of tip burn and are curling up but nothing serious. She smells fruity and sweet and those buds are hard and dense.

Cindy 99 plant #6 my early girl on week 8

Here’s plant #7 a definite contender for keeper status. She flowered about a week later than #6 but I have a feeling this one may be the heaviest yielder.

Cindy 99 plant #7 definitely a contender for keeper status on week 8

Here are plants 3 and 4 which are looking quite nice too. Unfortunately space is cramped so mostly you are seeing plant #3.

Cindy 99 plants #3 and #4 possible contenders for keeper status on week 8

Going Aeroponic With Cindy 99 In GH RainForest

I am getting ready to go over to aeroponics. I am not going to get into a debate about true or high pressure aeroponics vs low pressure. The RainForest is a compact unit and it delivers true mist to the roots but also has a reservoir in the bottom. It’s an aeroponic DWC bucket really.

GH RainForest with C 99 clones started

These cuttings were taken as soon as I could from my plants but because it was 12/12 from seed they started flowering. So they look a little rough but they have been under 24 hour lighting for about 2 weeks and have nice root systems and are beginning to go to veg stage.

Those are 3 inch net pots and I will build a flowering unit for them and will be able to transfer them directly from my new veg area to my flowering room. I love the Vortex Sprayer in the RainForest. It produces a gentle rain and mist at the same time so it really is like a rain forest inside. But they are not cheap to buy at over $100, so although I am thinking about adding one to my flowering unit, I may actually wind up building a spray bar with micro sprinklers.

Thought I would leave this week with a macro shot of a Cinderella 99 flower from plant #6.

cindy macro 004

Cindy 99 Nine Weeks From Seed – 33 Days In Flower

Cindy 99 33 days in flowerCindy continues to impress me and although my original harvest date is still about 3 weeks away it appears some of my girls will finish sooner than that. These plants are maturing and filling out. Nutrient and water uptake has slowed way down, which is a sure sign of ripening.

I have cut the nutes back  to 900 PPM and Cinderella does not seem to be a heavy feeder as I started getting tip burn at 1200 PPM.

Group shot of Cindy 99 33 days in flower 2

Plant #1 is showing browning of its pistils and the trichomes are going from clear to cloudy right now. She may be a 45 day strain. Plant #6 isn’t far behind her. The rest will be a bit later. First flowers appeared 33 days ago. I could probably cut #1 right now without losing much in weight or potency. But I keep telling myself that’s just crazy. How can a plant be ready after a month of flowering?



Here’s a pic of plant #1

Cindy 99 33 days in flower plant #1At this point I am realizing that it is still too soon to pick who the winners are. Plants 1 and 6 were the fastest most vigorous seedlings. Number 6 was first to flower, about 7 to 10 days ahead of the rest but #1 looks like it will be first to finish. It is the smallest plant of the bunch but they are the largest clones. Plant #7 looks like it will have the best yield but is a bit later than these two.

Cindy 99 33 days in flower plant #3I will have to grow them out from clones too before making any final judgements. I have heard that some plants don’t express themselves fully from seed and can actually be more potent when grown from clones.

I am looking forward to this because although Cindy appears to be really fast from seed, the yields don’t look huge, but they are 12/12 from seed so without any veg time I am not surprised.

Here is a bad pic of plant #7 – my photographic skills suck and my camera is old and needs replacing.

Cindy 99 33 days in flower plant #7

Here are some clones being started in my RainForest. All these cuttings were at the start of flowering when I took them but they have all revegged at this point and I have started taking cuttings from them.

Cindy 99 clones in RainForestI think it’s funny that the three plant #1 cuttings are the largest, since it was the smallest plant from seed. Goes to show, you never can tell right up front what a plants potential is.

I have a feeling that growing these girls from cuttings will be a whole new ball game with lots of surprises along the way.

Cindy 99 clones in GH RainForestThey will eventually go into an 18 site aeroponic unit that I am building so I am hoping they don’t get too much larger than the ones grown from seed.

It’s Harvest Time For Cinderella 99

I made a mistake counting days in flower because I started counting from when the plants were actually starting to flower. Breeders usually start counting from when the plants are flipped to 12/12. This doesn’t really work well if you are growing 12/12 from seed though.

So if I start counting from when preflowers start to show I need to add at least 7 days to this. That makes it about 40 days and right now I am at day 47 of flowering and these girls are ready to come down.

Plant #1 has been ready for at least a week and plant #6 was a few days behind it. Trichomes have gone from clear to cloudy and last night I spotted an amber one. For my smoking preferences I want them right now before they develop any kind of body buzz. I want that energetic sativa THC rush.

I have been test smoking these buds all week  and they are ready. I know it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it! I really can only test one plant a day objectively. I want to find the most potent girls.

So far #1 and 6 actually went a bit too far. I can feel the indica influence in them and their growth pattern is more indica dominant than the rest.

This is some strong weed. I am not smoking a lot to test them, probably a bit less than half  joint and I have built up a tolerance over the years. Plant #7, more sativa dominant, kept me really high for over 4 hours. The other2 I tested lasted about 3 hours. I have 2 more sativa doms to test and next up is #3. She’s a sweet smelling girl but so far has the most resinous buds.

Smoked # 3 and 4 and was not disappointed. These are some nasty girls. The high lasts 4 hours easily and then there are several hours of  buzz to keep you going. Plant #4 kept me high almost 8 hours total.

The all have a fruity pineapple smell which I hear intensifies as they cure. Number 3 and 4 have what I call an evil pineapple smell. It’s fruity, kind of fuely and there’s another smell kind of like bad meat. Not rotten, but like if you left hamburger meat in the fridge a little too long and it has turned brown and has a kind of sharp, acrid smell from the lactic acid breaking it down.

There is no crash on these. After 4 hours the high starts to wear off and you are left with a very pleasant buzz after that.  Plant #4 was the strongest producing a trippy , visual and up high that is still clear headed. You can still get things done on Cindy and while she is up, with little to no body she will not have you on the edge of your seat.

This is some awesome smoke, although it lacks the speedy up high the original breeder claimed it has, which will probably make some people happy but personally I enjoy that.

Cinderella is not for light weights. Regular tokers will really enjoy her and although I haven’t tried it yet, I get the feeling that smoking a whole joint by yourself could get scarey for some and may take you higher than you want to go. All these plants are creepers and it takes 10 to 15 minutes for Cindy to hit you full force. It is very easy to overindulge because the smoke is very smooth and goes down easy and before you know it you’re really toasted.

Cinderella 99 Harvest Pictures

Here is a pic of C99 hanging up and partially trimmed. The nugs are not huge but they are dense and solid and full of resin. Cindy was pretty easy to trim because there isn’t a lot of leaf and also because her resin is more oily than sticky.

C99 Hanging and Drying

Not sure on the yield yet but would guess between 6 and 8 ounces. Plant #9 on far left thought it was a tree and had to be scrogged. Probably the highest yielder but it took up 3 spots. I haven’t smoked #5 or #9 because I don’t consider them keepers as they grow more stem than bud.

Will be back with dried bud shots and final harvest weight soon, probably in about a week.

Cinderella 99 Yield And Summary

Well the final yield for my Cinderella 99 grow was 203 grams or 7.25 ozs. Average yield was about 20 grams per plant. Plant #9 was huge and took up 3 spots and had to be scrogged so even though it had the highest yield at 75 grams it averages out to much less. Because of its extremely long internodes it is not a keeper. Neither was #5 with the lowest yield of 15 grams. This plant also had long internodes. Both #5 and 9 showed extreme sativa growth pattern.

Plants #1 and 6 showed a more indica growth pattern and were short at about 24 inches tall. They actually were on the low end as far as yield goes. I was surprised because #6 had excellent bud to leaf ratio and lots of buds.

The best yielder by far was #7 at 37 grams. It was medium in height at about 30 inches and will probably be the one I will want to work with.

Plants 3 and 4 were clearly sativa dominant and about 36 inches tall and although they were not the best yielders at 20 g each they had the best high in my opinion.

I enjoyed growing Cinderella 99 and plan to continue working with her. I am thinking about some possible crosses with her. I did have some old Jackberry pollen around and it looks like it was still viable so I will hopefully have a few C99 x Jackberry  hybrids.

While I am waiting on seeds to ripen, I have clones in my RainForest of all the plants except # 5 and 9. It has taken longer than I expected for them to root and grow because the cuttings were taken under 12/12 lighting and had to reveg. I will be moving them to a homemade aeroponic system shortly.

Cinderella 99 is a good plant for indoor growing. She’s not too big and easy to manage for the most part. She also does not give off strong odor which I like. She is fast and the smoke is very,very good. The nugs are not large but pretty solid for a sativa type plant but I think the yield is a bit on the low side. If you want monster colas you will be disappointed in her.

Although she does smell like pineapple I found some of the descriptions of her smell and her high to be exaggerated. It could be the strains I have or it could be that these are really F2s and some of the original F1 potency has been lost along the way.

That is why I will be growing from clones and giving her some veg time this time around. I want to see Cinderella at her fullest potential.

Here are a couple of bud shots from this harvest. Sorry but my camera is old and does lousy macro shots.

C99 Bud Shot


Cinderella 99 Bud Shot bagged

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  1. Nice grow guy I like your set up! Did Cindy in
    2003 and had a 35 day plant that oozed resin unlike any other. Later my male only 1 of 4 had that sweet pineapple smell I took out of my flower room and cut him then he revenged and came up a grapefruit smell. Put him back in flower room and dont u know he grew a ribbon branch and threads. The ribbon was almost 1 inch wide and only 1 mm thick! Anyhoo the ribbon and threads developed pistils and he seeded himself. I collected 20+ beans that were deformed like a hard cased sprout with the tail. On the next grow sprouted and had one hermie and 2 fems! The selfed seed plants grew the prettiest sativa looking plant i ever seen with TINY thin leaves that if u look at it u coudnt see it almost transparent with very sativa flowers and the same gf smell and taste. Going to try and in breed this selfie. Btw only flower 100% enhanced MH cause of crystal production.
    I am an original “guerilla” grower here in none other than Wash DC Rock Creek Park! for 7 yrs in row but came inside cause the foxes ran me out of my 18 yr old “spot” , and now the deer are like thugs in this camp! Check it deer crossing signs now dot DC! Man!
    Good fortune on your grow! Peace

    • Thanks for stopping by. Good to see someone noticed. Cindy is some awesome weed. The resin on my plants is oily and not sticky like most others. I can’t really say any of mine are pineapple but they are fruity for sure. Maybe smell will change as they mature. Wish I had a pack of the originals but think Mosca did a pretty good job on these.

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