This SOG grow journal will feature Death Bubba in a sea of green. After many years of growing large plants I have made the switch to growing in a SOG.  There are many advantages to this especially for smaller grow spaces which I will detail in a bit.

Here is a Death Bubba on day 17 from another SOG grow journal. It is from a mixed grow and you can see it here.

Death Bubba on day 17 from another SOG grow journal

This is the original GML Death Bubba and comes from BC. Most everything else is a renamed fake. It is shorter than most of my strains and has a tall columnar shape rather than bushy so I feel it would be a good choice for a SOG. More info on the GML Death Bubba strain is available here:

About My SOG Grow  Journal

First a few basics about my grow. I am using a 2 x 4 flood tray and running flood and drain in it. There are 15 plants in 6 inch net pots filled with growstones. The tray is flooded for 3 minutes every 4 hours and I am running my nutes at 900 ppm to start.

The plants are rooted clones and after a few days of veg and getting them acclimated to stronger light they were flipped to 12/12.

Lighting is a double ended Gavita. The 6/750 Flex can run from 400 to 825 watts. It is the only Gavita designed for grows with lower ceilings and the only one that can run on 120 volts. Click the image to see it on Amazon.


SOG Growing – Advantages Of Sea Of Green

Sea of green is a great system and especially suited to small grows or limited ceiling height. Dont get me wrong here, it is great for larger commercial grows too. No matter what size your grow is you can limit veg time and increase turnover time.

For many years I grew large plants because I believed they would yield more. While this is true in a sense it requires longer veg times and that is expensive. The idea of a SOG is to get a smaller yield from each plant but by increasing planting density you can get the same or better yields.

When you are flowering you are making money but long vegging times cost you money and delay flowering. With a SOG there is little to no veg time. Two weeks would be about the max. Remember the goal is small plants with an even canopy, Plants will veg and stretch for about 2 weeks even under 12/12 lighting before they start to flower.

Because plants are smaller there is much less shading and very little popcorn buds to deal with. In a properly set up sea of green we are focusing on single colas and everything gets even light. Ideally the canopy is short so light can easily penetrate to lower parts of the plant.

I used to worry about plants getting to close to the light even with 8 foot ceilings but not any more! Big plants produce lots of secondary shoots too. These need to be removed or spread out under a trellis to prevent over crowding and shading. Both these issues are a thing of the past thankfully.

SOG Disadvantages

No system is perfect and they all have their pros and cons. While the plants are small and easy to manage you need a lot of cuttings for sea of green. This will most likely mean keeping large, healthy mother plants to provide you with cuttings.

This method is meant for clones. There will be too much variation in size and pheno type with seeds. Seeds will also take longer than clones.

If you are not good at cloning this probably is not a good method for you.

Starting My SOG Grow Journal

Here is the start of my Death Bubba sea of green. I have 15 freshly rooted clones in a 2 x 4 flood tray. They will be flipped to 12/12 soon. Just want to give them a few days to get used to stronger lighting and start digging into the grow media,


Things are moving along. There is variation in plant size. They were flipped within a couple of days of rooting. Plants that rooted first are twice the size of those that rooted a few days later.

Ideally all plants should be the same size which produces an even canopy and this is the whole idea behind what a sea of green is designed to do.

I need to take a lot more clones than I need and only flower the best. I also would like to be more consistent in my cloning. It is an art.


I just added 3 Cinderella 99 to this sea of green. Since I have a few really small Death Bubba plants that are not going to yield very much adding a few more plants should help with yields.

C99 is a fast maturing plant so I am hoping everything will finish at about the same time. She is very potent and frosty too. Not a large plant and can finish in 8-9 weeks so fingers crossed. These are seeds I made from my C99 BX that I grew many years ago but I have never grown so I am really looking forward to what they will do.

Day 28 Death Bubba And Cinderella

Things are looking better than expected and the C99 should be flowering very soon. Most of the Death Bubba has made it through the screen and looks good. Not a perfect grow by any means but there is a full screen at least.

Day 35 Death Bubba And Cinderella 99

The C99 is flowering nicely. Not sure exactly when I put them in but it is less than 14 days probably 10-12. Guess I forgot to write it down.

The Death Bubba is doing well but with a lot of variation in size. It is very important to have equally healthy vigorous clones because there is no veg time. So they need to take off and grow immediately or you wind up with an uneven canopy and reduced yield.

Death Bubba And C99 Day 35 Pictures


Here we have some Cindy 99 at 15 days. She comes from some selections I made with Mosca Seeds Cinderella 99 BX-1. I needed to compensate for 3 Death Bubba clones that were not doing well so in she went.

She seems to be a good plant for a sea of green although the bottoms need to be cleaned up in my opinion. She does not get very tall either, maybe 3 feet here and she was vegged a bit before she went in.

You can see from the video that she is a very fast growing plant. The buds and the stacking are really fast for only 15 days.

The breeder says she only takes 52 days. I dont know if I will take her that early because she is a very racy sativa and it might be good to let her mellow a bit.

Death Bubba Day 38 C99 Day 21 Calcium Deficiency

After a recount I found it was day 38 and not day 42 as I thought. It is day 21 for the C99. Things are going pretty well but I found signs of a calcium deficiency on the Death Bubba.

There is no such thing as a calmag deficiency. You can have calcium deficiency alone or magnesium deficiency alone and often the 2 will occur together so people say its a calmag deficiency. But they are different nutrients.

In my case the purple stems common with magnesium deficiency were absent. My leaves had typical dead spots common to a calcium deficiency but they also were curling and dying. Because of this I mistook this for nutrient burn. Check out the video below to see how I diagnosed calcium deficiency and treated it.

More Death Bubba And C99

This grow was not going the way I expected and I knew the results would be far from what I expected. I did document most of it, painful as that was.

The Death Bubba buds were great quality although yield was way off. The C99 was in my opinion garbage and I may not even trim it up.

Frost production was way off especially on the Cinderella. I think the room was too warm and the Gavita, although a great light was just not well suited for my closet grow. I will be replacing it with 2 HLG 300 R Specs over time and as money allows.

Death Bubba SOG Grow Journal Harvest

So about a week ago I posted some bud shots of my last grow from my other closet and mistakenly called Tropicanna Cookies Death Bubba. It did not look right but the pots were labeled Death Bubba. So I felt you guys deserved to see some real Death Bubba bud shots.

I discovered root aphids in this grow and am taking steps to correct it. These plants were stunted and while the Death Bubba turned out OK the C99 did poorly.

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