Coronavirus Weed And You 2020 Weed And You. So are you ready? Covid 19 is going to change how we live our lives for some time. Coronavirus spreading rapidly. Things are changing for us all and that includes weed lovers. We need to practice social distancing and sorry but passing a joint from 6 feet away does not qualify.CORONAVIRUS WEED AND YOU

Coronavirus Weed And You – What You Should Know

First the supply side is changing. Pot shops will be closed down and the black market will grow. Because we want to limit personal contact now is a great time to start growing your own weed if you aren’t already.

Besides the personal satisfaction of growing your own you wont have to do business with black market dealers or pot shops gouging prices on the mediocre weed they usually carry. How To Grow Your Own Weed – Growing Elite Marijuana Review – How To Grow Weed Indoors (

Secondly most of what you need to grow can be found on Amazon so you can avoid running to the hydro store which in all likelihood is closed or soon will be.

Please go to my Amazon influencer page and from there you can get to the main site through it by clicking any link on the page. Most grow shops will be closed so get grow supplies there and even groceries. I will earn a small commission if you buy through this link:

While we practice social distancing we still need to keep in contact with each other through phone, texting and social media because isolation is bad for the human soul.

Since sharing smoking gear is a no no maybe we should be sharing medibles instead. How about a masked cookie sharing with a few friends?

Please take this seriously. You may be young and think it wont hurt you. But you could get really sick. Worse you can pass it to someone in a high risk group. You dont want to kill your grandma or grandpa do you?

Coronavirus Weed Update

Things are getting crazy and this is not going to end for quite a while. I wanted to do an update on the last video. I am hunkered down with my plants. Most everything I need is at hand. However I will run out of CO2 and when that time comes I dont plan on trying to refill my tank.

If we are lucky we will start to see infections start to decline by the end of April but I fully expect this situation to continue into summer before we see any real semblance of things returning to normal.

Important Takeaways

First off, there has never been a better time to grow your own. Many of you are not working so anything you grow means more money in your pockets and less for the pot shop or dealer. How To Grow Your Own Weed – Growing Elite Marijuana Review

Wear a mask! The CDC says you only need one if you are caring for someone who is sick. I think they are saying this because there is a shortage of masks and you will deprive health care workers of them. Even a bandana or homemade mask is better than nothing. People are spreading this even before showing any symptoms. So protect yourself and others by wearing one when you go out.

Physical distancing is the only weapon we have at this time to stop the spread of coronavirus. But dont socially distance yourself! We need social contact with friends and family. Use texting and phone calls to keep in touch. Use Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms too.

Try to stay home as much as possible. You really should only be going out for groceries or medical supplies or short periods of exercise by yourself.

I recommend getting home delivery for these items as much as possible. You can order a lot of things you need and even grow supplies from Amazon but please be aware things will take longer to arrive so think ahead. That’s my take on Coronavirus Weed And You

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