Vegging Cannabis With Cheap 165 W LED Aquarium Lighting

Lately I have been vegging cannabis with cheap LED aquarium lighting. The lights I originally used were 165 watt LEDs from LightTimeTunnel and cost about $90.

They were made for coral so there is a lot of blue spectrum. This is really good for cloning and vegging because it promotes short stocky plants. Today they are more expensive and about $150 but they are also better. My old ones used 2 plugs, one for each channel and the new ones only use one.

What I really like about these is there is a white and some mixed spectrum LEDs and a blue channel and both are dimmable so you can really adjust the spectrum. They have a built in timer and come with a remote too.

165W LED Aquarium Plant Light Full Spectrum From Lighttimetunnel On Amazon

If you want a grow light with a built in timer and a remote you might consider the VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control 165W LED Aquarium Light. It is more expensive but I think the quality of the light and the 90 degree optics make it a bit better and give a little more par too.

VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control 165W LED Aquarium Light On Amazon

Before I go into more detail on these LED aquarium lights I thought you might want to first see the kind of results they produce. Bear in mind that I grow OG and OG hybrids which are quite stretchy so these are not short squatty indicas. I would guess these plants would be as much as 3 times taller under fluoros.

There are lots of LED lights you can use for vegging cannabis but most dont offer this blue spectrum and level of control ability especially at this price point.

Some Results Vegging Cannabis Under Aquarium LEDS


What You Should Know About LED Grow Lights

First you should know that I own 3 of the 165w LightTimeTunnel lights and 2 of the Viparspectra timer lights. These lights work great for vegging cannabis.

I  feel it’s important to clarify what I mean by cheap. Cheap refers only to price. These lights are not cheaply made and do the same job as name brand leds costing 2 or 3 times as much. I have had no problems with any of these lights and have some for well over a year.

There are many cheap LED grow lights that offer an all around spectrum and some do offer a separate veg and bloom spectrum. My experience has been that even in veg mode they have too much red in them which leads to needlessly taller, stretchier plants. That is why I veg with aquarium LEDS with predominantly white and blue lights.

You should be aware that white light is not pure white. That is how it appears but it is actually a mix of the full spectrum.

Also the optics make these lights more intense and because of that they can lightburn plants even though they give off little heat.

Finally because these lights are not in a reflector like a traditional HPS they have much less spread. So you will get much better coverage with a few smaller wattage LEDs than one big one.

Many smaller growers, myself included, have height limits and yet want the yield a longer veg time can produce. If that’s you aquarium LED lighting can be a great tool to control plant height.

I should mention I only use these lights for vegging cannabis. They are white and blue with very little red so I don’t think they would be very good for flowering, but then I’ve been wrong before.

I have a small 2×4 tent I use for veg, seedlings and clones and I have 2 of these hanging in there because one only covers about 2 square feet.

For flowering I use HLG quantum boards. The HLG 650R can replace a 1000W HPS with much lower wattage. They are a “white” LED light and are exceptional. Here is a grow under their HLG 650R

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