Hydrofarm T5 4ft 8 Tube Grow Light Review

T5 grow lights are great for getting seedlings off to a fast start and even vegging and this Hydrofarm T5 grow light is one of the best on the market today. This is the HydroFarm FLP48 Designer shown below.
hydrofarm t5 grow light

My Hydrofarm T5 FLP48 Review

I bought this Hydrofarm grow light from Amazon to put in a 2 x 4 grow tent that I use for cloning and vegging. The package arrived  about 5 days later in good condition.
Here is a picture of my Hydrofarm t5 grow light hanging in my Aviditi grow tent that I use to root clones. It’s not a bad little tent for the price but the 2′ x 4′ dimensions are outside  measurements.

hydrofarm grow light

You can see the light is angled. Fortunately this light is not a full 48 inches long so it fit that way easily but it is exactly 24 inches wide so I was able to make it fit by hanging it on an angle. The plants grow great under it and don’t seem to mind a bit.

I do want to mention it is not shipped stealth so you can see the box but it doesn’t really concern me much. There are lots of uses for t5 fluorescent grow lights besides growing weed.

So I figured if anyone asked I would just tell them its a plant or aquarium light. But I thought you should know this.

The light arrived unbroken and very well packed although it was a PITA removing all the foam spacers protecting the bulbs but I am glad they did such a good job because none were broken.

The reflector on this is top quality, very shiny and reflects the light very well. That’s the first thing you will notice when you unpack one of these.

I must say these Hydrofarm grow lights are solidly built with a heavy duty powder coated steel frame. They weigh about 35 pounds too.

The light hangers are preinstalled for you and I used a set of yo yos  so I could raise or lower it easily.

The Hydrofarm t5 light has two switches on the front so you have the option to run 4 or 8 bulbs. One switch controls the 4 outer bulbs and the other the 4 center ones.

They come with a 10′ power cord and you can also daisy chain 3 of these lights together if you want to run more than one unit.

These lights are very bright, much brighter than I expected which is probably due at least partly by the quality of the reflective material used. They are rated at 432 Watts and put out 40,000 lumens.

Final Verdict On The Hydrofarm T5 FLP48 4ft 8 Tube

I highly recommend this Hydrofarm grow light if you want to raise seedlings or clones. It is definitely bright enough to veg with or even flower although 6500k would not be ideal for that.

I will mention this light is powerful and it does give off a fair amount of heat. I have it in a 2 x 4 grow tent and it just fits. But the heat issue is partly because the tight fit helps trap the heat. I am sure it would be much more manageable in a slightly larger space.

There are cheaper alternatives, i cant vouch for their quality though. But here are a few:

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