Grow Tent Yield Get Kickass Growth In A Hydroponic Grow Tent

Want to know more about grow tent yield and what a grow tent can do? You are not alone. Growing marijuana in a grow tent is a proven way to increase yields because you can control and dial in your growing environment.

Many people want to know what kind of  grow tent yield to expect from a tent  they are thinking about purchasing.

This is only natural as good grow tents like Gorilla Tents are not cheap and you want to make sure your investment will pay off.

Buying a good grow tent is a wise investment that will allow you to control every aspect of your grow.

Grow Tent Yield Get Kickass Growth In A Hydroponic Grow Tent

A Few Words About Grow Tents


First a word of caution. If you are thinking about buying a grow tent make sure you spend the money to get a good one. Do not be tricked by low price models you see on line as the zippers will soon fail making them worthless. Remember you get what you pay for.

Read Gorilla Grow Tents Worth The Money Or A Scam to find out.

Second if you are thinking of building your own, don’t. I have a homemade grow tent that I started out with and it can not compare. I am handy and had all the materials and tools on hand except for the panda film. It is very hard to make a homemade grow tent leak proof.

gorilla grow tent venting detailIt’s hard to provide intake and exhaust vents and it is hard to make a light proof door. You don’t want any unwanted light entering during your flowering cycle.

Yes it can be done, but in the end you really wont be saving that much and you will have a second rate product. I am going to upgrade to a 5 x 5 Gorilla Grow Tent and get rid of my old one.
By the way, Gorilla has updated the size of their 4 x 4 and 4 x 8 tents to 5 x 5 and 5 x 9 to allow an actual 4 x 4 and 4 x 8 growing area inside the tent.

What Kind Of Grow Tent Yield Can I Expect?

It is impossible to give a definite answer because every situation is different and every grower has different skills. But there are some guidelines you can go by.

Grow Tent Yield Get Kickass Growth In A Hydroponic Grow TentThere are several factors that will affect your grow tent yield. Remember a grow tent is not magic. It is dependent on the inputs you provide.

As a general rule an experienced grower, who has things dialed in and with the right strain will achieve 1 gram per watt and some do get more.

In a 4 x4 grow tent with a 1000 watt HPS light you should be able to achieve 1000 grams. A pound is 453.5 grams so you should be able to yield about a kilo of weed if everything is perfect. This would be an exceptional grow tent yield and very few achieve it.

In order to reach this goal you must provide good temperature and humidity control inside your tent and pick the right strain to grow. All strains are not created equal, some are naturally high yielders and others are more stingy with their buds.

If you are a newer grower, or are growing a strain you’re not familiar with 1/2 gram per watt is a much more realistic estimate. That is still a pound of weed and considered a good grow.

The number of plants will also affect grow tent yield. More is not necessarily better. Crowding can lead to problems with light penetration and disease. I have seen growers pull 2 lbs out of a 4 x 4 grow tent with just one plant using a long veg and a scrog, so sometimes less is more.

Training can greatly affect yields also, as can growing medium and nutrients you use. If you are growing hydro or in coco and use good quality nutes, a high yielding strain and provide good light penetration you should be able to achieve high yields like this inside your tent.

Video Shows Why Gorilla Grow Tents Will Give The Best Yield

Gorilla Grow Tents Are The Strongest, Thickest And Tallest

If You Are On A Tight Budget And Need A Cheap Grow Tent

I realize some people want to grow their own weed and dont have a lot to invest in grow equipment. Some may decide growing just isn’t for them after a few tries and therefore dont want to spend a lot up front unless they decide growing is something they will like doing.

My advice is spend the money on good equipment. A good grow tent yield is much better than a bad one. If you decide to quit it is much easier to sell good equipment.

A word of warning here. Smoking weed isn’t addictive but growing it is. I really want to encourage everyone to give it a try but also be aware there is a learning curve and maximizing your grow tent yield will tale time..

A tent is a great way to make a room within a room and will make it much easier to control your grow environment. A cheap grow tent is better than no grow tent. Chances are most people wont have a dedicated space to use as a grow room and setting up a large space is much more complicated and expensive to set up.

If you are on a really tight budget and don’t want to invest in a Gorilla grow tent there are cheaper alternatives of course. You will really need to do your homework before buying one of these.

There is a lot of variability between these tents. Some will barely get you through a season and others may last years. If they have bad light leaks this can definitely mess up your grow tent yield.

Look for a strong frame so your lights and carbon filter wont come crashing down on you or your plants. Also look hard at the zippers because if they fail your tent is pretty much useless. Good luck and happy growing!

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  1. First off, if you do not have enough brains to build a great grow tent; you do not need to be growing marijuana. You will get caught, the police are going to catch your dumbass. Second, if you are going to grow do not get HIGH, the plants deserve your full attention and sobriety, being able to focus and think clearly will keep the plants healthy and you’re ass out of jail. If you lack the brains and are not of strong will to be sober during growing, just dont do it. I do not feel like paying for your housing via the feds or state taxes.
    That is the best advice I have for you would be cannabis horticultural folks. Yes i did say stay sober during growing months. Why not be sharp? MJ deserves the respect.

    • If you are not lucky enough to live in a state where growing is legal consider moving if growing is that important to you.

      I am sober when I tend my girls, in fact I am straight most of the time because I would rather grow weed all day than smoke it all day.

      I consider weed a sacrament and it loses that if you are always high. Pretty soon high becomes normal and nothing special.

      Some folks are not handy, others cant afford to buy some equipment and try to make it, and others have money and are short on time. Growing weed costs money. If you want to build a tent fine but if you are doing it because you cant afford to buy one maybe it’s time to find another hobby.

      I decided to buy a grow tent because after looking at the cost of the materials it was almost as much as buying one. A grow tent can be a sound investment that can pay you back tenfold.

      You are very judgmental and condescending so maybe you should smoke a bit more and grow a little less! A joint only lasts a few hours, surely there’s time before bed and you will still be sharp in the morning and hopefully a bit more mellow.

    • Stereotype much? I’m high pretty much all the time, it’s my natural functioning state at this point. Just because you’re a lightweight and become compromised when you smoke doesn’t mean others suffer the same problem.

      Also, it’s spelled “your” ass out of jail, not “you’re” ass out of jail.

      If you don’t have the brains to figure that out then maybe you shouldn’t be growing.

      • Hey GoFY! Never noticed the you’re thing. Ha Ha. Actually the reason I started my own website was to share without having to put up with the haters and trolls that frequent most forums. Funny thing is my site has been up for years and Jarvis or Jarvass is the only hothead I have had on here. He either is on bad drugs, needs drugs, or has serious mental health problems that need treatment. I debated deleting his comment but decided to let it stand and speak for itself.

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