Green Planet Nutrients 3 Part Badass Nutes Grow Journal

I made the switch to Green Planet Nutrients a while ago. I can only say I wish I had done it sooner. This will be the first full grow journal with Green Planet running in both my grow closets.

The last grow in here started out with New Millenium nutrients but I was not happy with how things were going so I switched to GP3 Part about 4 weeks into flower. The results were absolutely amazing.

But dont take my word for it here is some GG4 that just finished up.

And here’s some pictures of my GG4 harvested on day 60

Green Planet Nutrients Grow Journal Day 1

Well now I am starting a new grow in closet #2 running only Green Planet. The strains are Death Bubba, Black Banana Cookies, Biker Kush and Tropicanna Cookies. I explain everything in this video below

If you want to know more about one node and flip training you can go to my article here:

If you want to view my other current grow it is here:

I am running the same nutrients with another Death Bubba, GG4 and SFV OG. It is about a month ahead of this one.

Green Planet On Day 7 Running In Recirculating SIPs

I just switched this grow closet over to a SIP growing system and I am recirculating my Green Planet nutes in it. PPMs and pH have remained stable.

These plants had some issues in veg with a partial lock out or some kind of deficiency. They have pretty much come out of it in flower.

The SIP or sub irrigated planter is a grow system being used by home gardeners but not for cannabis. It is a system that relies on wicking or capillary action to water the plants.

While I did not invent it, nor am I the first to grow weed with it, I do believe I am the first to set up a recirculating sip.

If you are interested in trying a SIP or finding out more about them go here:

Green Planet Nutrients are affordable and work great. I like the 3 part because it gives you more flexibility in your feeding program. The Massive really brings results but you do need to use a lot.
If you dont want a 3 part there is MediOne for soil and people report great results with it.

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