CWP 24-7 Nutrient Monitor Review Effortless pH And PPMS

Read my CWP 24-7 Nutrient Monitor Review if you want to know what’s going on in your reservoir at a glance and find out how this nutrient monitor stacks up.

I purchased this from Amazon a couple of years ago and just bought a 2nd monitor for my other grow closet. The product name has changed to Rose City 716572 Nutrient Monitor but is the same unit. Here is what it looks like:

CWP 24-7 Nutrient Monitor Review

As you can see there are 3 main parts to this meter. It also comes with a generous amount of calibration solutions and a jewelers screw driver to adjust it.

The instructions are very clear and easy to understand and it is very easy to assemble. One sensor is attached, the other screws on and the power pack plugs in to the monitor.

The pH probe ships in solution because letting a probe become dry can affect its accuracy. Everything comes well packed in its own box.

CWP 24-7 Nutrient Monitor Review

My experience with this monitor has been 100% positive which is why I did not hesitate to buy a second one. Currently it is about $185 and cost about $40 more now than my first buy. Prices sometimes go down at times but the trend for most things is ever upward.

I have found it to be very accurate. I recalibrate about every 6 months but it has stayed dead on. When I first bought it I was a bit apprehensive because most other monitors like Blue Lab were quite a bit more but it has turned out to be a good purchase.

I got tired of always replacing hand meters. Either they break, stop working or refuse to recalibrate. So when I brokeĀ  my current pH pen after replacing a rather expensive one that would not recalibrate the year before… Well I just said enough!

The cheap yellow pieces of shit for sale on Amazon are a joke and everything else was as pricey as the one I bought at my hydro store. Why? Because I had a broken bulb on the previous one and needed one in a hurry. Bad place to be LOL.

So I decided buying something that lasts like this monitor would actually be cheaper in the long run. Plus you can know what is going on in your reservoir at a glance so if something should go south you can catch it and fix it right away.

I grow with hydroponics so I consider this an essential piece of equipment. At first I thought this was for lazy growers who dont want to check their reservoir but my opinion quickly changed. If something goes south and your plants suffer you could lose far more than the cost of this monitor.

Replacement pH Probe And PPM Electrode Available

The probes are replaceable. The ppm/temperature probes should last for many many years. The pH probe is glass and breakable. So if you accidentally break it you can order a replacement probe. These probes generally dont last as long as the ppm probes.

Mine is still working perfectly after 3 years. You probably wont need either probe but it is nice to know they are readily available.

What I Dont Like About The CWP 24-7 Nutrient Monitor

This unit is pretty easy to calibrate but because it is a true scientific instrument the adjusting screws are a bit hard to calibrate. It doesn’t take much to go past the calibration point or below it. So I do wish the adjustments were not so fine and it was easier to find the sweet spot. Honestly though it just takes a bit of patience.

The mounting hardware was crap basically. The monitor was designed to hang on small screws set into another piece designed to anchor in drywall. I was mounting on a wood wall and split one insert tapping it into the hole I drilled. So much for Plan A. I did manage to hang it by substituting a small scaffolding nail I had hanging around for the broken piece.

Final Verdict CWP 24-7 Nutrient Monitor Review

I recommend this product wholeheartedly. If you are growing in hydro you really should not be without a monitor. There are more expensive monitors with more bells and whistles and maybe a few cheaper ones. But if you want a good basic monitor for your grow the CWP 24-7 Nutrient Monitor can’t be beat.

With that said the price on this has gone up and the price on some Blue Lab monitors has come down due to competition. If you dont mind spending a bit more the Bluelab BLU27100 Guardian Monitor features push button calibration.

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