Cinderella 99 X JackBerry

I am in the process of testing a new cross I have made. I crossed some Cinderella 99 X Jackberry male.  Actually it was some old pollen I had saved and not very viable so I only got one girl. This is a picture of the first plant. She is not quite ready in this pic. I raised two of these as a trial. Unfortunately  pics of the second plant just before cutting were lost but not the harvest.

Cinderella 99 X JackBerry


Here  are pics of the 2nd Cindy x Jackberry being trimmed up. This plant yielded 42 grams or 1.5 ounces. Buds were rock hard and had good trichome coverage. She was definitely ready and was cut at 42 days. She would probably take longer in soil.

Cindy X JackBerry 7


Cindy X JackBerry 1

Cindy X JackBerry 2

Cindy X JackBerry 3

Cindy X JackBerry 4

Cindy X JackBerry 5

Cindy X JackBerry 6

Cindy X JackBerry 7

Cinderella 99 X JackBerry Smoke Report

When I first tested this bud I did a quick dry right after harvest  it had a very piney menthol taste on steroids. It was very thick and coated the inside of your mouth. I was going to name it El Pino.

But when I tested after drying and curing that taste was totally gone. It is now more fruity/perfumy, resiny and still very thick but quite a nice taste.

The high comes on immediately unlike Cinderella which takes about 10 minutes to really hit you. It is clear headed but the Blueberry side of the Jackberry comes through and mellows it. There is some body but not too much. I would call this a neutral smoke, good day time weed but one that wont get you all wound up and tweaked out.

I will do some more work on this strain because I consider it a keeper. Buds are harder and tighter than  Cindy 99 and she is a bit easier to clone, although Jackberry is not an easy cloner either. Yield is decent enough. Since I don’t have a male to use right now. I am considering another Jackberry grow to find one. But most likely for now I will self her and see what comes out of that. There may be some purple phenos in that crop which would be cool.

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