Gorilla Tents Lower Cost Lite Line 2×2.5 For Cheap

With their new Lite Line Gorilla Tents are more affordable than ever before. Cheap tents can collapse creating a fire hazard or ruining your crop. Why risk it when you can get a quality grow tent for just a little more?

If you don’t have a lot of room but still want to grow weed this is the perfect sized grow tent because you can fit it just about anywhere even in places with low ceilings.

Lower Cost Gorilla Tents The New Lite Line 2 x 2.5 x 5’7″

Gorilla Tents Lower Cost Lite Line 2x2.5

The Lite Line Gorilla tents still have great Gorilla tent quality but at a much lower price.

But these tents were designed for people who want a quality grow tent but are on a tighter budget.

Still super heavy duty fabric, still has windows and a tool pouch, still miles above the competition.

You can still extend the height of this tent too!

Honestly the only difference is that the frame is a bit lighter weight and there is no infrared shielding.

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