Dutch Master Nutrients Review

Here is my Dutch Master Nutrients review and I will be running a new grow testing these nutrients out.  I used their Gold Line with great success when I was growing with aeroponics but they became increasingly hard to find.

With so many nutrient lines out there you may be asking why I am choosing a lesser known company like Dutch Master? Read on and find out why I am using their line.

Also please know I am an affiliate for Dutch Master. I only promote products I use or strongly believe in. If this product does not perform as expected I will stop promoting it! So expect a honest Dutch Master Nutrients review.

Dutch Master Nutrients are available from the companies website. Therefore if you choose to use them you will need to think ahead a bit and order things before you run out.

Why Do A Dutch Master Nutrients Review?


Well the short answer is I want some nutrients that work and no heavy metals or other stuff my plants dont need. I explain more in this video:

A bit of background on Dutch Master. They were an Australian company and seemed to drop off the map for a bit. But now they are back as an American company with the Dutch Master Commercial Edition.

Dutch Master Nutrients – A Bit Of History

Dutch Master® nutrients is a family owned and operated brand of specialty fertilizers originally launched in Adelaide South Australia in 1998 by sole founding owner Craig Gribble. At that time, Craig was also the owner of the worlds largest, hydroponic-specific, drive-thru retail gardening stores (20,000sf each) and also Australia’s largest wholesale distribution operation. After establishing his first North American distribution operation in Vancouver Canada in 2003, Craig began to roll out his Dutch Master® products to excited gardeners across Canada and the United States, followed soon after in 2006 with sales across Europe.

In 2015 Dutch Master® manufacturing was established in Chicago at an ISO 9001, 14001 and 13485 certified medical manufacturing facility, using pharmaceutical grade ingredients finely filtered to 0.5 microns, to provide the cleanest possible fertilizers that are free of unwanted heavy metals, PGR’s and pesticides. Stringent freeze/thaw and long term heat tests of all products were performed guaranteeing growers of absolute consistency in a product resulting in the worlds highest quality, plant-specific fertilizers! This translates across to consumer confidence because they know that Dutch Master® grown plants are the cleanest, healthiest flowers available today! Dutch Master Nutrients Review

Why Dutch Master Nutrients?

Our mission at Dutch Master Nutrients is to provide domestic and commercial growers with the most cost effective, easy to use, cutting edge, plant fertilizer technologies available. Through our in-depth research and development program, our primary scientific focus is on both the health of the plant and the health of the consumer.

  • Established brand, trusted since 1998
  • Manufactured in an ISO certified facility
  • Filtered to 0.5 microns – the cleanest fertilizer on the market
  • Zero unwanted heavy metals with reports available online
  • Base nutrients contain carbs, vitamins and aminos
  • Buy direct online for the best possible prices
  • Volume discounts, wholesale prices and free discreet shipping

I had great results with their basic A+B line without using any additives and at the time it was clean enough to run without clogging my misters.

Recently I was using another brand of nutes and they changed the formulation of one of their products. It killed 3 of my plants and damaged the rest. It really pissed me off and made me wonder is some of these companies even test their stuff.

So I started researching what goes into our nutrients and I was shocked! I wont mention the company but it was recommended I try this. 1250 ppms of zinc, really? Levels like that will not only give weed an off taste but can cause a commercial grower to fail a test for heavy metals or other contaminants.

Do you want these nutes?

Capture 1
Or Dutch Master Nutrients

Capture 2

Do You Know What Is In Your Nutrients?

Are you into heavy metal? No not the music, but things like arsenic, cadmium and lead? These heavy metals are absorbed by your plants and you can’t flush them out. So, you are smoking or eating them and absorbing them yourselves or poisoning your customers.

And if you are organic guess what? Heavy metals are present in bat guano, rock powders etc. Dont think because something is organic it is safe. Arsenic is an organic naturally occurring mineral too.

Today they are manufactured in Chicago by Fuji Film in an ISO certified facility. This represents good manufacturing practices at the highest level. More info at on this at  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Organization_for_Standardization

The big takeaway from all this is Dutch Master Nutrients are the cleanest available.

Dutch Master Nutrients Product Overview

Dutch Master nutrients are a 3 part nutrient consisting of a micro, grow and bloom. They have 3 formulations. Aqua Feed is for DWC, NFT and Aeroponics. There is a Coir Feed for coco growers and a Media Feed for growstones, hydroton, rockwool, perlite, promix or soil. I will be running their Media Feed.

They state not to use bloom boosters but instead use their aggressive feed chart. The nice thing about a 3 part system is that you can tailor your nutes to your growing situation and you dont need separate veg nutes. They offer a complete line of additives that can be added to your reservoir or and doubles as a foliar spray.

They have a pH Up and down. Also a cal/mag supplement. Sila-Guard, Trich-XL, Saturator and Zone are specialty nutrients that deserve more detailed information.


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