Cyco Nutrients – Cyco Platinum Series Pro Kit Review

Not many people have heard of Cyco nutrients here in the US, and there aren’t a lot of reviews for it either.

I am going to be testing Cyco nutes out and just bought the Cyco Platinum Pro Kit because I think it is important to run a company’s whole line to make a valid judgement about it.

Why Cyco Nutrients?

Well my go to nutes were Dutch Master Gold although I never ran the full line. Dutch master no longer makes it though. I heard they were bought out but at any rate they now have a new 3 part line and I cant source it locally.

I tried the whole line of Canna Nutes and honestly I wasn’t that impressed. PH was very stable but the plants just did not look that good to me. So I am looking for a replacement.

Cyco is an Australian company and their Australian version has PGRs in it. But the US version does not have any PGRs in it at all. There was some bad press in the past about this and some products were pulled from the shelves here but that is no longer an issue.

I have heard good things from growers that have used Cyco and some say it is better than Canna and cheaper too.

Cyco Nutrients - Cyco Platinum Series Pro Kit Review

So I bought the Cyco Platinum Pro Starter Kit and should have it in a day or 2. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, Cyco launched a few new products that are not in this kit. They are Cyco Suga Rush and Cyco Platinum Series Supa Stiky. This actually completes the line with a solid bud sweetner and booster.

I will be testing this nute lineup on some Dark Plasma from Ocean Grown Seeds so the results should be interesting. Dark Plasma is a cross of Forum Girl Scout Cookies x Obi Wan OG Kush.

It’s Here

So my Cyco nutes arrived today and I mixed up a bunch for my Dark Plasma girls. The nutes are easy to pour from the container which I like. I was struck by how clean they are. Veg A&B are mostly clear with one bottle having a slightly greenish tint so not much dye is being added.

cyco nutes feed chart

I am still working on fine tuning the mix. Just recalibrated my TDS meter which was about 60 ppm low. I was shooting for 11- 1300 ppm but came up with 960. So it seems following directions wont make a mix that is too hot.

I think if I use 4 liters to the gallon when I mix instead of the actual 3.79 I should be right on the money.

Cyco Nutes PPM Readings

I did some research on Cyco nutes ppm readings and it looks like they are using the truncheon scale and not the .5 scale for their ppm readings which explains why they seem so high.


Here is an EC and PPM conversion chart I found online.

I always used the Hanna scale but I actually found using EC eliminates a lot of confusion.

With my system I should never go above 1.4 EC or 700 PPM and only during peak flower. 600 – 650 ppm is just about ideal.

When I take the numbers into account their feed chart is just about spot on at 1.4 EC or 700 ppm on .5 conversion scale while the truncheon scale shows 980 ppm.

It is actually about 1.1 or 550 ppm without the Grow XL which is added at the end of veg.

For a while I was thinking that either my nutes were watered down or their numbers were artificially high so they would sell more nutes.

Just ordered the Suga Rush and Supa Sticky so I am ready to rock. The girls were flushed earlier and just got their first feeding. Its probably my imagination but they seem a bit greener to me. They were starting to get pale and show some yellowing/interveinal chlorosis. Here they are about 6 hours after being fed:

Dark Plasma in veg starting cyco nutes

I have had to reveg these clones and a few have a ways to go to catch up. I am going to veg them about 2 more weeks and then flip. I added the Grow XL this week because it is supposed to cause stretch and some of these girls will benefit while others will get pinched back a bit.

First Week Of Cyco Veg Nutes

My Dark Plasma has been on the Cyco nutrient line for a full week now. They have been run at 800 ppm and pH of 5.9.

I am happy with the results so far. The pH has stayed stable at about 5.8 -5.9 and there are no signs of any deficiencies.

This is the first time in a long time that I have not needed to add any cal/mag. Growth has been very good. I have 2 small DP girls that I wanted to give a chance to catch up. The other girls have been topped and trimmed to keep their size down in the meantime.

I am still undecided if I will run the smaller ones but I should know during the next week of veg. Some of these girls could be flipped right now and I am tempted to do it because they have very good branching.

Dark Plasma Vegging on Cyco Nutrients

You can see the smaller girls on the left. They are healthy but way behind because they took longer to reveg. They are in double rows and numbered 1-4 from left to right.Dark Plasma Vegging on Cyco Nutrients Day 7

The branching is very good on most of these girls and I think they could be flipped right now. They would be twice the size if they were not trained and deleafed. I want a lot of light in the centers to encourage branching and any leaves below 2 feet will be removed in flower.

So why grow something you are going to cut off anyway? I think the plant is better off putting its energy into growing tops that will flower.

Last Week Of Veg

Heading into my final week of veg things are looking very good and I am very happy with how Cyco is performing. No burn, lockout or deficiencies anywhere, just healthy vigorous plants. PH has remained pretty stable this week starting at 5.8 and ending at 6.0 which is a great range for coco.

Cyco Nutrients and some healthy Dark Plasma girls

I will be adjusting my feeding levels so that flower starts off at about 1.0ec/500ppm or 1.1ec/550ppm, gradually ramping it up to 1.4ec/700ppm at bud set. Then I will keep there for 1 or 2 weeks depending on if it’s a 8 or 10 week strain. Then the last 4 weeks I will start to drop it down to plain water for the last 2 weeks .

At least that’s my plan. So right now I am at 750 ppm and I will drop it a bit before starting to flower. I already made the mistake of running too high last grow with Canna nutes. I was feeding like I was in hydro and coco needs a gentler hand for best results.

I don’t like making the same mistake twice. My plants look much better than my grows with Canna so I am really looking forward to seeing what these Cyco nutes can do in flower.

Flowering With Cyco Nutrients

So I am now flowering with Cyco Nutrients and so far everything is looking on point. Here is a picture of first flowers starting at the beginning of day 14:

There are a lot of young flowers and they are stacking together closely so there should be good cola development and a nice yield.

I am feeding at 800 ppm and will continue at that level until week 4 or 5 and then begin to drop off from there to about 300 just before flush.

My only issue has been keeping the pH adjusted. It is stable but it wants to stay at 6.2 – 6.3 which is really too high for coco.

There are several reasons for this problem. My tap water is only 30 ppm but the pH is almost 9.0. If I used my RO water it tests at 7.0 and this problem would disappear most likely but it takes so long to make that I just use tap.

The other main reason is I am not feeding full strength because this is a continuous recirculating drip system so I am only running at half strength so the nutes are less acidic.

The fact the nutrients are being recirculated may also be a factor as well as the fact that silica and Recharge both have high natural pH.

Either way it is not a major concern because I am in the habit of checking pH daily anyway and it only takes a few minutes to correct the situation.

Cyco Nutrients Full Feed

I have decided to change my feeding schedule midway through week 2 of flowering. I have been running at about 800 ppm until now and have upped it to 1300 ppm.

Plants were looking good with no deficiencies but looked a bit hungry to me. I also noticed that with a lighter feeding schedule some of my buds were not filling out like they should. This is true regardless of the nutes I used.

I thought a lighter feed would be better in flood and drain and result in less salt build up. I continued it with my drip system thinking constant feeding would work better with lower ppms.

Dark Plasma Day 20 Cyco Nutrients Full Feed This is Dark Plasma on day 20 about 24 hours after changing feeding levels. She is stretching and working up through the trellis.

Not the best pic but she is stacking nice and nodes are fairly tight.There are a lot of buds and I want to make sure they have enough nutrients to size up well.

Once I mixed everything at full feed levels (12ml each A+B) and added the rest of the line my ppms and pH were spot on with the feed chart at 1300 ppm and pH was at 5.7. Today it was down to 1240 ppm and pH was 5.9. That ppm drop tells me I had some hungry girls!

I always say less is more but there is such a thing as not enough. I was talking to and old experienced grower who told me he always runs at 12-1500 to be sure the plants are getting everything they need. I was basically running the same nute strength that I was in aeroponics.

I know there are someĀ  growers who never run above 800 ppm but it did not work for me. My plants are greening up and vigor has increased. My pH is where it should be and only rises when nutes are used up. Before it really stayed pretty much the same and pH was always rising. So I am a happy camper and I think my plants are happier too.

Dark Plasma Day 32 Lowering Cyco Nutrient Levels

Growth has been good and the stretch is over. Things are stacking up pretty well. Node spacing varies between phenos a bit but overall it is fairly tight.

There have been no signs of tip burn or nutrient deficiencies. One plant did show some clawing and was probably a lighter feeding pheno. I gave her a flush and have lowered my ppms to 750 this week and will continue to drop them over the next 2 weeks and then it should be time to start flushing.

My guess is these will go 60 to 65 days. I have heard of some growers taking them at 56 days but I doubt mine will have fully matured that early.

Here are some lights out pictures at day 32:

Cyco Nutes And Dark Plasma Reset On Day 37

The Cyco Nutrients have been doing a great job. Trichome development an stickiness are off the chart and the smells are fantastic! Unfortunately I am having issues with the Dark Plasma that are not nute related.

Still not sure but these girls may have hermied on me. This is something Girl Scout Cookies is known for and it is half of Dark Plasma’s genetics.

Bud development and stacking were going along great when I started to notice browning pistils on some of my phenos and there was no stretch, just rock hard little nugs with brown hairs.

I did some research and found that is a sign they seeded. No seeds showing yet but its early. So I decided to move all but 1 plant out and brought 4 new ones in.

I have a nice Cookie leaner that I left because it is stacking and growing. The Jawa Kush also seemed OK so it stayed. So I reset the rest of the room with the same Dark Plasma females.

The only real change is there are 6 plants now instead of 8 and the 4 dark plasma are at day 17 instead of day 37. They are still on Cyco nutes and my evaluation will continue.

I am still fine tuning my feeding. I overfed these girls for sure. When you look at the color difference between the new plants and the older ones it’s unmistakable. So I will be feeding a lot less than before.

Currently feeding is at 640 ppm and pH 5.8 and wont go any higher. Drip feeding is 15 seconds on every 2 hours with lights on. Hopefully plants will not hermie this time.

While overfeeding may have played a factor, it might just be genetics because I have heard finding seeds in GSC is fairly common. At any rate I don’t blame the Cyco for this and those plants were loaded with well stacked buds and had some of the best, dankestĀ  smells I have ever run across.

cookie phenoYou can clearly see the color difference between these 2 identical plants. Wont be feeding as much from now on.

Cyco Nutrients Day 47 Everything Is Finally Stable

My rest Dark Plasma is doing well and everything is finally stable. The Cyco nutrients are working just fine and have been all along. It was just a question of dialing my system in.

The sweet spot for me was setting my drip system to 15 sec on and 2 hours off and only running during lights on. I am also recirculating in coco instead of running drain to waste and I think that definitely changes things.

So my reservoir was set to 600 ppm and a pH of 6.0. And it has remained stable at that level for over a week. I just add back about a gallon of water each day to replace what the plants use.

Dark Plasma may not have been the ideal strain to test these nutes. It makes small buds and is not a heavy feeder. If 600 ppm seems low to you remember that plants are being fed continuously. The smart pots fill the container with roots and so everything a plant needs is right there on the roots. No need for them to forage and not much of a buffer once the pot is full. Here are a some pictures:

You can see some tip burn and much darker green color on the older plant. If you decide to run Cyco nutrients I would only run it half strength or maybe a bit less.

Here is a pic of a 25 day old Dark Plasma bud being fed Cyco nutrients at 600 ppm. You can see how healthy it looks. No need to feed more.

Cyco Nutrients - Cyco Platinum Series Pro Kit Review-Dark Plasma Day 25

Here is my Girl Scout Cookie pheno on day 52 fed on Cyco nutrients. She will be chopped in a few days. She was overfed so been flushing her out and she’s starting to fade. New nutes, new system, new strain = learning curve. But still awesome buds. The ones moved out are plumping up to but this strain makes small, hard nuggets for buds.

Dark Plasma Harvest And Beyond With Cyco Nutrients

My first batch of Dark Plasma was harvested and the rest will be harvested in 2 weeks. Everything is dialed in now and there have been no deficiencies, lock outs or other problems. My pH has also been stable.

Harvested buds are good quality. Sticky and hard. Taste and smells are good. Bud size was pretty small and yield was nothing to write home about.

This was probably not the best strain to showcase Cyco nutes with if you were looking for big colas and chunky buds. Will probably not grow this strain again because of its low yield.

I had one Jawa Kush stuck in back where it was hard to get at. It was neglected and it was short and never made it to the trellis. It was the stickiest plant in the room and it made some pretty decent buds even though it was not taken care of properly. Here is a mix of pics from this grow:

You can learn more about Cyco nutrients on their website

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  1. I have been using the cyco Platinum Series for couple months and cannot say enough good things about it every plant I have is beautiful green and healthy. Coco Rocks.

    • Hi Suzanne. Yeah I like it too. No deficiencies or lockouts and no cal/mag needed. My plants unfortunately are having issues not related to the nutes. Still must say the smell, stickiness and trichome development are unsurpassed.

      I have been growing in aeroponics for years and just switched to coco. I know it is supposed to be easier but there definitely has been a learning curve with coco.

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