Jackberry Grow Journal

nice cola on this jackberry donkey

This is my Jackberry grow journal which is 12/12 from seed and growing along side my Jack Herer Grow. Both varieties came from Sannies Seeds. I am trying an experiment with growing plants 12/12 from seed. Sannies Jack is a sativa dominant strain but I wanted to see how an indica strain would respond so … Read more

Jack Herer Grow Journal

Sannies Jack

Here is my Jack Herer Grow Journal for all the world to see. It was one of my first grows and although I had some personal health issues during this grow it still turned out pretty decent. Yield was good but could have been better but the smoke was an incredible sativa high with some … Read more

Nirvana Jock Horror Grow

Jock Horror End Of 5th Week Flowering

So here is my Nirvana Jock Horror Grow. I will be updating it as I go along. First here is Nirvana’s description of the strain. Of course designed to sell seeds but independent research confirms it is a kick ass strain of weed. Nirvana Jock Horror is a three-way marijuana hybrid of Northern Light, Skunk … Read more