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sannies Jack HererJack Herer is a premium sativa strain that has probably won more Cannabis Cups than any other strain. Because of its long flowering period of 12 to 14 weeks it is most often grown for private head stash and not for sale.

After growing Nirvana’s Jock Horror which was their take on this three way skunk, haze and northern lights cross, I decided I wanted to grow the real real. The high from Jock was very clear, uplifting and energizing like the original Jack Herer strain but the taste was lacking and yield was much lower.

The original Jack Herer is available from Sensi seeds only as standard beans and frankly the price they are asking is ridiculous. But Sannie’s Seeds has Sannies Jack which is much more reasonable in price and available as feminized or regular seeds.

sanni jack colaSannie has great gear and is a real deal breeder and smoker. He began with hundreds of  Sensi Jack Herer seeds and from there selected the best plants. Over the years he has stabilized this strain while maintaining its special taste and high which by many accounts is something Sensi has not done.

So if you must have the original gear from Sensi be prepared to spend over $20 a seed otherwise you can get the same strain for $5 a seed from Sannie.

Sannies Jack Herer Grow – Why 12/12 From Seed

I am going to be growing this Jack Herer strain from seed with a 12/12 lighting schedule only. Sannie recommends a short veg period of only a week or two, otherwise this plant may get too big.

However, I have been researching 12/12 from seed and it appears a viable way to grow. Most sativas are equatorial so they never get much more than 12 hour of natural light. Spees Hendriks who goes by SpeeCees is a pioneering Dutch cannabis grower and breeder who has been growing this way for over 30 years with fantastic results and you can check it out here.

By growing this way, plants naturally develop a large central cola and minimal side branching. Since 85% of a plants weight is in the main cola and side branches generally produce airy buds anyway, this seems the natural way to grow. Why fight nature by lollipopping or scrogging. When grown this way a sativa’s open structure will allow lower branches to produce quality bud.

This system will produce smaller plants and lower yields per plant but by eliminating the veg period you will produce more harvests. Think of this method as a SOG that uses seeds instead of clones. You must grow from seed for this to work. If you use clones your plants will likely turn out too bushy and lower branches will be fighting for light.

So this system should work well for long flowering sativas. I am less sure how well it will work for indica strains. I will be testing it though in my Jackberry Grow. In addition to Sannies Jack, I will also be growing Jackberry f4 which is an indica dominant plant.

My Jack Herer are fem seeds but I will be starting to grow standard seed so that I will be able to grow and save my own seed. Otherwise this method could get kind of expensive. Besides that would allow me to do some selection and get seed from the best plants. I am also considering raising my own fem seeds which would make it even easier to select and grow only from the best plants.

Here’s Sannie Jack At One Week

All five feminized seeds germinated. They are being grown in  Canna Coco and fed Canna Coco nutes at 3 ml gallon. Also giving supplemental cal mag with General Hydroponics CaliMagic. They were germinated on a paper towel and put under a 150w hps at 12/12 as soon as they cracked open. They are healthy green in regular light.

jack herer seedlings week 1

Sannies Jack Herer At Week Two

My plants are growing well and were transplanted into 1 gallon containers. They are under a single 150w hps at this time. Growth has been very compact considering this is a sativa dominant strain. Plants are starting to develop some secondary branching at the lower nodes. These would make excellent clones I think. Since I am running straight 12/12 I would need another place to do this though. Anyway here’s this weeks pics:

Here is an overview shot. Growth has been uniform with healthy, stocky plants.

Sannies Jack Week 2

Here is an side shot showing the start of some side branching. So far node spacing has been very tight.

sannies jack week 2 side view

Sannies Jack Herer Headed Into Week Three

Cowabunga! My Jack ladies have done some serious growing this past week. Structure is great with good node spacing. If I want I could take clones from the bottom nodes in a few days. I haven’t seen any pre-flowers yet but I expect it wont be long now.

sannies jack week 3 side view

sannies jack week 3 top view

Sannies Jack Headed Into Week Four

What a difference a week can make! My Jacks are growing and stretching like crazy. They have had preflowers and I expect them to start flowering real soon. The plants shot up to over 16 inches tall and are still growing. Every day I have to raise the lights on them. They are developing a really nice open branch structure too. Here’s this weeks pics.

Sannies Jack Headed Into Week Four Sannies Jack Herer Headed Into Week Four 

Sannies Jack Week Five

Lots of growth with a nice open structure. Light penetration to lower buds should be good but I will probably remove branches from some of the lowest nodes. I have to raise the lights every day. My girls were transplanted into 3 gallon pots a few days ago.

The plants are ranging in size from 30″ to 36″ tall. The node spacing is shortening and the stretch is almost over. I am seeing white pistils showing on some of the branches and it shouldn’t be long before the plants are in full flower. I have installed netting to help support the plants and depending on how much more they grow, I may add a second net above the first one.

Here’s this weeks pics:

The leaves are healthy green, the brown is distortion from the lights

Jack herer 001

Jack herer 002

gorilla grow tents

You can see here that one of my plants is a monster, towering over the others

Jack herer 003

Jack Herer Weeks 6 and 7

This is actually weeks 1 and 2 of flower initiation. The canopy has gotten thicker and lower branches are pushing up towards the netting.

jack herer week 7 and flowering getting heavier

I super cropped my largest plant to even the canopy up. The plants are starting to get sticky and have a piney smell when touched.

week 7 the second week of flowering

Sorry the picture quality isn’t that great but I hurt my back and couldn’t really get a full angle pic. The stretch is over but the colas will continue to grow for about a month and I will probably put in another layer of netting to support them. Right now the plants are about 36″ tall so they should finish somewhere around 40 to 48″ tall.

Week 8 – Grow Room Updates And Happy Jacks

This week I made an important update to my grow room. I upgraded my lighting to a 1000w HPS system. My plants now have about three times the lumins they had before which I am sure they will love. It is so bright in my closet that I need to wear sunglasses when I go inside. Otherwise when I come out it feels like I have been staring at the sun and all the colors are off.

I will be upgrading my fan to 6″ to accommodate the extra heat being produced because my 4″ fan can’t ventilate fast enough. So all the old lighting is out and once I have the fan out I will have enough gear to start a second tent for clones or mother plants.

The Jack Herer has not grown much in height but the buds continue to grow and fill out. The plants have a nice piney smell when touched but so far odor has not been much of a problem for me. I haven’t decided if I want to prune these but I may thin some lower branches over the next few days. My original idea of growing 12/12 from seed meant no pruning and just focusing on the main cola. But Sannies Jack is a vigorous selection and there are quite a few side branches, some almost as tall as the main colas , but some quite a bit lower down may not do much and should probably be removed.

Jack Herer Week 8 There’s a lot of light and it’s hard to get a good pic because my cameras screen is washed out by it.Jack Herer Week 8

 Here is one outside the closet looking in. My crappy pics really don’t do these girls justice, I’m afraid.

Week Nine And Growing Strong

My plants are growing well and flowering continues. The colas are starting to fatten now and lower leaves are starting to yellow as the plant moves nutes to its flowers. Again pics don’t do these plants justice and I will try to get some better pics soon.

sannies jack herer

Weeks 9 -11 Jack Herer Almost Ready

My Jack Herer plants are now nearing maturity. The colas have finally stopped growing and have filled out nicely. Leaves are turning as plants shuttle nutes to the buds. The buds are very large , plump and hard. Colas are about the size of a quart Gatorade bottle. I haven’t been able to give these plants the best of care the last few weeks because I spent time in the hospital. I had a friend water them for me but he is not a grower so they weren’t fertilized and my HPS was also a bit too close to the plants during this time. So I am not expecting a maximum yield by any means but it still should be good. The trichomes are starting to get cloudy so I expect to chop these ladies within the next few days, which will be right about 12 full weeks of  flowering.

jack herer-Weeks 9 -11 Jack Herer Almost Ready

  Nice big buds on these colas which should bring good yieldWeeks 9 -11 Jack Herer Almost ReadyHard to get good pics with a 1000w HPS going so these really don’t do these plants justice

Week Twelve – Harvest Time

Well the girls are ready to harvest. One thing I noticed from hand watering my coco is that when plants are ready they stop using as much water. These ladies are definitely done and depending on where you count initiation of flowering from this could actually be week thirteen. Here is a last look, just before harvest with top netting removed.

jack herer just before harvest

Here’s a pic of my bad girls getting strung out. Pretty sticky and nice fat colas.

sannies jack herer curing after harvest

Here is a comparison shot with jackberry on top and sannies jack below

sannies jack herer compared to jackberry

I will be back soon with some bud shots and numbers for the yield these ladies produced.

Jack Herer – Final Yield And Final Thoughts

Just finished trimming up my Jack Herer plants and final yield for my 5 plants was 397 grams or a tad over 14 ozs. My best pheno yielded 4 oz, the next best 3 ozs and the rest were above 2 ounces. Best plant 112 grams and worst 60 grams so there was quite a difference in yield between plants.

I was hoping for 4 oz per plant and final yield of 20 ozs but a lot went wrong with this grow due to health issues. During my two hospital stays the plants received only water and no nutes and I am sure this affected yield. Also during this time and while in flower the plants grew too tall and they were stressed by being too close to lights. Not only were they too close but they blocked the fans airflow making the situation even worse. The leaves tacoed badly and were actually brittle and crisp at harvest.

The good thing is I found a good pheno and the plants yielded fairly well considering the hell they went through. The stress affected the high too. The plants were very sticky and had a nice piney lemony smell to them. The weed I sampled had a very pleasant cerebral sativa high but the potency was lacking. This is definitely not the breeders fault but my own. I will probably make hash from them.

I will be growing Jack Herer again and this time things will go much better. I would definitely recommend giving Sannies Jack Herer a go. It is an easy to grow, high yielding strain provided you don’t bake it like I did.

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  1. Happy Jack says:

    Hey there. You haven’t made any posts about this Jack Herer Grow in a while. By now you should have your yeild. I’m really interested in an update.

    Also interested in how you might go about procuring your own seeds…

    How many plants you use for that, and how you determine the sex of the seeds, how you keep them apart…

    I’m not a grower — yet — but plan to be and I really like the sound of this strain. And, you’re right, buying the seeds all the time would be expensive, so I’d need to know about how to generate your own fem seeds.

    My name is 1/2 right. My email is 100% right. ;o)

    • Steve says:

      Hey sorry bout the posting but I have been in and out of the hospital twice in the past month. The plants are still not ready yet but are getting close. I’m guessing the end of the first week in July. I will try to get some updated pics up soon. I don’t raise my own seed right now because of space issues but its not hard. You don’t need to keep the seeds apart at first. Males are usually bigger and start to flower sooner. At that point you would separate them. Normally it’s a 50/50 ratio between sexes. If you are just starting I would recommend buying feminized seed for my grows. Colloidal silver or silver nitrate are used to make fem seeds. There’s plenty of info online about doing it but it takes time to produce male pollen and by the time you have it your females will probably be done flowering. So unless you already had a male mother plant to flower before the grow, you will probably have to save the pollen for the next crop. Jack Herer is a great strain, you will love growing it, it is a heavy yielder and is considered to be one of the top 10 strains of all time.Hope this helps.



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